Three Minutes and 15,000 Club Carlson Points!

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Most of us are already well aware that the massive changes to the Club Carlson credit card are coming in about 4 weeks. The last night free benefit on award stays is going away. Quite honestly, this was by far the best benefit of not only this credit card but out of all the other points and miles credit cards, assuming you enjoy staying at Club Carlson properties. As I’ve stayed before, this was one of those “too good to be true benefits” and I am not surprised that they finally caught on and decided to end the benefit. I will say though, kudos to the marketing department to give customers an amazing benefit to lure them in.

With that being said, both my husband and I have our own separate Club Carlson credit card. While I applied for the credit card when it was initially launched back in January 2013, my husband applied for the card the day prior to this change being announced! When he applied, the marketing material still stated the free night benefit. Actually, if you go to apply today, you will still see the free night benefit listed and no indication that it is being removed. Pretty false advertising in my opinion.

We were both disappointed, to say the least, that they were removing the benefit and decided to call US Bank to inquire about some compensation.

My phone call results: I called first and the representative told me that while she wasn’t able to do anything she could put me in touch with a supervisor. I explained my disappointment to the supervisor and she gave me one of two options. I could either, 1) Close my account and she’d refund the annual fee, or 2) Give me 7,500 bonus points. I opted for the points, said thank you, and that was that. My call took a total of 1 minute.

My husband’s phone call results: After I called, I think forced my husband to make the same phone call and prepped him on what to say. He said his piece to the representative and she ultimately said, “sorry, there is nothing that can be done.” Fortunately, I was right there and mouthed in the background for him to ask for a supervisor. The supervisor came on the phone and viola, he was offered the 7,500 points. He was not offered the option for his credit card to be closed and the annual fee refunded. His call took about 2 minutes, if that.

Within three minutes total, we were given an extra 15,000 points. Pretty good for simply picking up the phone! I’ve read other reports where people were offered only 2,500 points, so if you call and that is all you are given I highly suggest asking for more.

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  1. What number did you call? I tried the number on my credit card and my club carlson gold membership card and they didn’t offer me anything.

  2. If you’re not offered anything after speaking with a supervisor, I guess you could ask for the retention dept. I plan to cancel in protest after earning my 30,000 bonus.

    • @asar – I said I just paid my annual fee a few months ago and am disappointed that I am not getting all of the benefits that I paid for, such as the free night on your last award stay benefit. I then asked if there was any compensation that could be given due to the sudden change. The women immediately said that she has been getting a lot of complaints over that benefit going away as well and gave me those two options that I put in the blog post. I asked if she had any idea why, and she said they found out at the same time we found out and isn’t sure. The supervisor I spoke to knew exactly what benefit I was referring to and was more than happy to compensate.

  3. I got 25k bonus and $75 refund after filing complaint against the bonus award night benefit being removed. Paid the fee in Dec 2015.

  4. I was on hold for 20 minutes (called at lunch… my mistake) after I asked for a supervisor. I was immediately offered 7,500 points, which I took, and then explained all the “other” benefits. Thanks for sharing, Jen!

  5. $75 refund and 25k bonus cos i wasted $75 and hard credit inquiry too becos the main benefit listed was ” BONUS AWARD NIGHT EXCLUSIVELY FOR CARD MEMBERS & ENJOY THE BENEFIT AFTER PAYING $75 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE”

    The rep told me she received similar complaints and 75k and 25k is max they can do and they offered the same to others as well. I took it and will cancel when the next fee is due.

  6. I got my $75 annual fee refunded back in two days with no problem. After hanging up I thought to myself that was way too easy I should of asked for more than the annual fee. Oh well, I wait till next year to negotiate or cancel the card.

  7. Correct on above post it is “$75 refund & 25k bonus” Not 75k and 25k.

    don’t accept the 7500 points, they are refunding your $75 fee and giving your 25k points after CFPB and BBB complaint. they sold you this card for hard inquiry and $75 fee for many benefits and main was bonus award night benefit after paying $75 fee

    • @Dan – Who is CFPB? I just called US Bank and said a friend was able to get their annual fee refunded and 25,000 bonus points. They stated that 7,500 points was the highest amount they are giving.

  8. @Dan, did you call to get $75 refund and 25K additional points? If so, which number did you call? I just applied the card in April and just received the card yesterday. Would they be able to give me the same offer?


  9. @Dealswelike

    Don’t mind me saying this but do you really not know what CFPB is? please google search the 4 words. you know BBB right?

    Also, BTW, don’t know know the do not call rule?

    • @dan – going through these comments super quick while trying to get another blog post out! Thought you meant it was a Club Carlson or US Bank number you called, so wasn’t sure what you were referring to.

  10. you file BBB and CFPB complaint to get your $75 refund and 25k points.
    if they reject, reply back in same complaint and make a case.

    • I filed a CFBP and BBB complaint and was only offered the 7500 points. They said I could have the annual fee refunded if I closed my acct but that was the only possibility. Kinda pissed…

  11. Hi all,

    I was offered 7,500 points about 3 weeks ago but my account does not show the points posted yet. How long should I wait? Were points posted to your account immediately?


    • @Tuyet – I believe my points were credited the same day, but when I called today regarding my parents account they did state it would appear on the next billing statement, so not sure.

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