Sam’s Club Amex Offers Update

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A few weeks ago I wrote about an AWESOME Amex statement credit offer where you could get a $20 statement credit with a $20 purchase at Sam’s Club online. That means, $20 in FREE money for every single American Express credit card you have!

So here is where I am at with getting the statement credit…. On May 4th I purchased a $20 Sam’s Club gift card. My temporary account address is in California, although I had the gift card sent to my address in New York. This allowed me to save the 10% fee that Sam’s Club charges if you are not a member. The $20 purchase sat as a “pending charges” until May 9th. At that date I checked my order online and it stated that the gift card should have already arrived – of course it did not!

On May 10th, I then noticed that the $20 transaction was no where to be found in my American Express account. It was not in my “pending charges” or “posted transactions. I called Sam’s Club to inquire and they said that they sent a message to the vendor to see when the item will be available. Then yesterday, in May 12th, I received an email that the gift card was shipped and according to FedEx I should receive it this Friday. However, still no $20 charge to be found on my American Express account.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.52.41 PM

It seems as though Sam’s Club filled more $20 gift card orders than they had available and it took some time for them to keep up with the demand. Now on Sam’s Club online the only gift card option is for $50. For those that haven’t yet used their Amex Offer yet, you can use two credit cards for the transaction ultimately getting a $40 statement credit ($20 per card) on the $50 purchase. They also sell gift cards to other merchants or American Express gift cards. Or, you can always purchase items that you actually need! To split payment, enter both American Express credit card numbers and check the box for both. Another popup box will appear asking you how much you want to put on each card.

I’ve heard reports that activating Sam’s Club gift cards is challenging, so I will be sure to update once my gift card arrives – if it ever does! I’ll also be sure to put a post together on how to fully maximize this offer once my purchase gets sorted out – you can check out my current suggestions here. The good thing is that you have until September 30, 2015 to make the purchase so gift cards will most likely come available by then. Just make sure to register for the offer now as enrollment is limited!

To register: 

  • Sync every American Express credit card you have with Twitter. If you have not already done this, follow the directions outlined in this previous blog post.
  • Tweet #AmexSamsClub from EVERY twitter account. I personally use TweetDeck to simplify my life as I am able to just send off one tweet and it registers all my accounts! This will register you for the Amex Sam’s Club promotion. Just make sure you receive the confirmation tweet back from @AmexOffers.
  • Make your $20+ purchase by September 30, 2015.

Feel free to comment below with your experience!

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  1. They are giving you $20 free, likely on multiple cards. You can buy anything in the store, and they are allowing you to participate even though you are not a club member.

    And instead of just shopping and buying some household items you need anyway, you have to screw around (and waste your own time) to take advantage. Wow.

    • @tony – SAMs club isn’t giving away anything for free. They are making the same amount regardless what you purchase. It is American Express that is giving you the statement credit. American Express is paying the same $20 regardless of what you order so it doesn’t matter. Purchasing a $20 Sams club gift card is still giving SAMs club or Walmart money.

      Not quite sure how I’m wasting my own time…

  2. Not sure what the issue is here –

    Registered 19 cards 5-1

    Ordered 10 vanilla visa which I can load in one shot at family dollar on to serve.

    Bought a SC membership

    All costs posted and gc should come today

    380 in credits -95 gc fees and SC membership = 285 cash profit

    • @mh – many people purchased gift cards and are having similar issues so wanted to point it out to those folks who have not yet made a purchase.

  3. I tried to get the $50 a few days ago and they were out…even the Vanilla Visas. I ordered a bunch of Amex $50 cards

    • @Maury – As long as they have different card numbers and you can sync them separately to twitter yes. It does not work for Citi Amex cards.

  4. @Mh, @ deals we like,

    I planning purchase visa gift cards across 8 cards I have this offer.. I see a caution note, but not sure what it’s. Can you please let me know before I use this offer.

    • @leslie – enter both amex credit cards as payment types then click the check box to the left-side for both payments. a popup screen will appear asking you how much you want to charge on each card.

  5. Is there any limit on how many cards you can use at one time to split the payment? Am I allow to get 2x$50 gift cards by 5 card?

    • @Patrick – You can only use two card types per transactions. So one transaction can contain 2 american express cards, 2 visa cards, 2 mastercards, etc. But since this deal only works with amex credit cards you are limited to 2 amex cards in one transaction.

  6. I’ll be curious to know when you receive your $20 GC if you end up getting charged. I’m in the same boat. Ordered 8 $20 cards, was only charged for 3… somehow the other 5 have dropped off. Shipping confirmation says Saturday I’ll receive them.

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