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Two weeks ago I wrote about a new American Express statement credit offer where if you spend $20 at Sam’s Club online, you’ll receive a $20 statement credit. A great offer, especially since it is available to everyone! A week and a half went by, and although I placed an order for a $20 Sam’s Club gift card, it still hadn’t arrived and the charge was completed dropped from my American Express account. Related blog post.

With that being said, my gift card arrived yesterday and I entered it into my account with no issues. Sam’s Club gift cards can also be used at Walmart and allows you to store up to 5 gift cards to use for future purchases. The $20 charge re-appeared on my account today and the $20 credit was also applied. Ultimately, American Express gave me $20 for free to use at Sam’s Club or Walmart and instead of making a purchase right away, the gift card will allow me to buy something at a later date. Unfortunately though, the gift card option (Sam’s Club or prepaid card) is not a great option as they now charge shipping.

Sams Club Amex OffersAs long as you have an American Express credit card, you can participate in this offer as well! Actually, you can receive the $20 statement credit for every single American Express credit card you have that you register for this offer. All American Express cards are eligible, accept corporate cards and Target REDCard. Even Macy’s and Bloomingdale Amex cards are eligible, for example! Also, all authorized user cards are eligible, unless it is a third-party Amex. For example, the American Airlines and Hilton Amex (by Citi) will not be eligible for authorized users to take advantage.

To register: 

  • Sync every American Express credit card you have with Twitter. If you have not already done this, follow the directions outlined in this previous blog post.
  • Tweet #AmexSamsClub from EVERY twitter account. I personally use TweetDeck to simplify my life as I am able to just send off one tweet and it registers all my accounts! This will register you for the Amex Sam’s Club promotion. Just make sure you receive the confirmation tweet back from @AmexOffers.
  • Make your $20+ purchase by September 30, 2015.

To trigger the statement credit, your total transaction must be at least $20. American Express doesn’t care what you purchase, they just see the final price on your statement. Here are some ideas though:

  1. Purchase Sam’s Club gift cards. Right now, the only available gift card amount is $50. Since the offer doesn’t expire until the end of September, you could wait to see if the $20 gift cards come available. Also, they just implemented a fee on shipping on Sam’s Club gift cards. So this option isn’t as good as it used to be. With the shipping fee aside, if you have multiple Amex cards, you can use two cards per transaction and ultimately receive a $40 statement credit. If you are not a Sam’s Club member, you’ll be charged a 10% surcharge (that goes for all purchases). However, if you have a California address for your account that is waived and you can still ship the item to another address/state. You can purchase a Sam’s Club gift card here.
  2. Purchase an American Express Gift Card: Purchase a $50 American Express gift card for $54.65 plus a shipping fee. After the $20 statement credit, this will cost you only $32.38 plus whatever shipping costs. You can then use the $50 gift card as cash at any merchant that accepts American Express. Or, if you have two Amex cards, you’ll receive a $40 statement credit, thus costing you only $12.38 + shipping. Either way, this will earn you free money, although you’ll be losing about $10 of the statement credit to fees!  You can purchase a Vanilla Mastercard gift card here.
  3. Purchase another merchants Gift Card at a discount: Sam’s Club (similar to Costco and BJ’s) sells gift cards to many other merchants at a discount. From what I see online, gift cards go anywhere for between 1% to 10% off. A few examples: Purchase a $50 UNO’s gift card for $39.98. With the $20 statement credit, the $50 gift card will end up costing you only $19.98, giving you a 60% discount. Or, you could purchase a $100 Southwest gift card for $96.98. With the $20 statement credit, the $100 gift card will cost you $76.98, about a 23% discount. If you do not have a Sam’s Club membership, you are not able to purchase eGift cards. From what I see, all merchant gift cards ship for free. For now at least – this could always change! You can purchase merchant gift cards here. 
  4. Purchase everyday items: Find $20 or $40 worth of items that you need anyways and use up to two American Express credit cards. You can search on here. This can be anything from diapers to printer ink to kids toys to folding chairs. Sam’s Club pretty much sells everything, so as long as you can purchase it online (and isn’t only available for in-store) then you can buy it and receive the $20 statement credit per card. I suggest to look for items with free shipping as you don’t want to lose a lot of the credit you receive to shipping costs.

Some things to note:

  • Use multiple Amex credit cards in one transaction: To maximize your purchase, you can use up to two American Express cards per purchase. You will need to add the two cards during the “Payment” process and selecting the two boxes to the left of the card. A popup screen will then appear asking you how you want to split the payment.

Sams Club Amex Offers

  • Sign up for a guest account with a California address. If you have a California address, you will NOT be charged the 10% surcharge. You can always have the item shipped to a different address than what is on your account.
  • If it is trying to get you to purchase a membership. You can always uncheck the box and the $45 charge will be removed prior to checkout.

Sams Club Amex OffersNow that Sam’s Club is charging on gift card purchases, I am going to purchase other merchant gift cards. They come with a discount to begin with as well! Starbucks always is a winner, especially since you can use their gift cards at Teavana too!

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  1. Who do you contact when you register & get the confirmation tweet, but don’t get credit on your statement?! Thanks!

  2. Not a good news.
    First they stopped issuing $20 GC and now they charge shipping charge.
    Any free shipping code?

  3. Can i split into 3 cards so each will get the $20 credit ? I am thinking to get the $100 Southwest egift card.

  4. My gift cards came in the mail and none of them are activated and I can’t figure out how to activate them

  5. Can i register more than one AmEx card with one twitter account to get the samsclub $20, or do I have to have two twitter accts?

  6. Where/what is the activation code? Luckily Sam’s emailed a reminder that I need to activate the card, but dang if I can figure out what number they consider the Activation Code.

    Can anybody enlighten me?

    • For the $50 card, Sam’s Club sent me a separate confirmation email with a link that activated the card. For the $20 card, no email from SC but when I called to check balance the card was activated.

  7. what i have to put when they ask me for my billing adress, i have put the same as the shipping address, and the issuer doesnt accept that.

    thank you

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