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A little while ago I wrote a post telling readers to make your Radisson Aruba reservations now! Well… 10 weeks later and the reservation system is still working for this hotel. Better yet, there still has been no formal announcement that this property is actually being sold and who the new owners will be.

However, I’ve had email exchanges with two different employees at the Radisson – the Guest Relations Manager and the Reservations Manager. Both employees have told me the same thing: 1) The property is in the process of being sold; 2) They do not have any information yet on when it will be finalized; 3) They do not have any information yet on who will be taking over; and 4) All confirmed reservations prior to the turn over will be honored.

Now, while they both told me they do not have any information yet on the timing and the buyer, my assumption is they have an idea, but cannot confirm it to the public yet. And that is fine. I respect that. But, I am glad that I have in writing from two different Club Carlson employees that my future reservation will be honored. With that being said, there is no way in knowing whether or not the new owners will in fact honor the reservation. The Radisson Aruba can say all they want, but that doesn’t mean it will actually happen. But, since I have it in writing and if it is not honored, I will be sure to take it up with Club Carlson if need be. I am a big fan of this resort, especially since I was able to utilize the Club Carlson buy one get one benefits!

The irony of this hotel being sold (assuming it actually ends up selling), is that they are allowing reservations to be made all the way up through December 31, 2016. Although award reservations are no longer available even though there are regular guest rooms available, so I am not quite sure what is going on there. If they hotel knows it is being sold, then I am not sure why they opened up their reservation system so far in advance. Due to this, I really do hope that all reservations are honored, especially when this is a known event. Originally, speculation was that the sale would be finalized by the end of April, so either the scuttlebutt was incorrect, or there is a massive hold up on the resort being sold. Since there are no award nights available though, I do foresee a sale soon.

After doing some digging yesterday, it looks like there are two rumors on potential buys: RUI and Hilton. There is a website out there, but it definitely fake. I guess we will have to see how this one plays out. I am personally hoping that it doesn’t get sold for awhile so there is no issue with future reservations. But if it does, Hilton would be my pick over RIU.

Anyone have any other confirmed information?

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  1. RIU would be great. I had the same thing happen with a 6 day BOGO reservation at the Blu in St. Martin. RIU not only honored the reservation, but they gave me the full all inclusive package for free. It ended up being a heck of a deal. I have reservation sin Aruba for mid February which would be just enough time for Riu to convert this place to an all-inclusive 🙂

  2. Have points reservation for 8 nights over President’s week, 2016. I knew it was taking a chance but we like the Radisson Aruba. I doubt a new owner will honor points reservations that far out. Plan B is a Marriott hotel & air package to renew my Southwest companion pass.

  3. I have reservations there starting July 9th (less than a month away)— should I be doing something to make sure I don’t get screwed over?!

    • @Chance – Another reader said that a decision will be made on June 17. So I am not sure if there will be more information come then or not. Personally, I would probably make a reservation elsewhere as long as it can be cancelled. Since it is summer time you might be able to find a good rate at the Marriott or Hyatt. Again, I would just do it as a “just in case” backup plan, but ensure you can cancel if need be.

  4. We have been ardent fans of the Radisson Aruba Resort ever since our first stay, about 12 years ago. We have two Carlson Club credit cards, earning points with every purchase, with the specific purpose of using the points at the Aruba resort. I became ill in December 2014 and have just in the past week gotten the “OK” from my doctors to travel. (I was advised not to make reservations until I received medical clearance). I phoned Carlson to make the reservations on Friday, June 12, only to be told that the resort is no longer accepting points as payment. I spoke to no fewer than three different agents, none of whom could help. We have about 600,000 points and now will have to find other resorts at which to use them. Radisson does not offer very many Caribbean properties (Barbados…?). If we decide to return to Aruba, I’d rather stay at another resort (Hyatt, Marriott, for example) rather than pay the Radisson. To use a very trite phrase: “It’s the principle of the thing”!! Very unfair of somebody; just don’t know who~!! Extremely disappointing.

    • @Darryl – I am so sorry to hear that. I noticed last week they stopped having rooms available with points, even though there are standard rooms available. Did any of the representatives give you any explanation on why they weren’t available. If you want to email me, I can give you the email address of the reservations person directly at the Radisson Aruba. Maybe they can help?

      • Can I get that email pls?
        About to book a trip during thansksgiving and wondering if I can use my Carlson points.

          • Does anyone have an email address to inquiry?
            I thought I read somewhere they can be used up to Dec?

          • @Danielle – No more reservations can be made. However, existing reservations will be honored.

    • Darryl … why not check out the Radisson in Grenada. We are going for 10 nights over Thanksgiving. The reviews look promising.

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