Maximizing the 50% off AirBnB Amex Offers Promo

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Yesterday I wrote about an extremely lucrative Amex Offer where you’ll receive a $50 statement credit on a $100 or more transaction at AirBnB. And the best part of this promotion is that it is available via Twitter so you can register EVERY SINGLE American Express credit card you have! Twitter hashtag: #AmexAirBnB.

Based on my own research and many readers comments (thank you!), I was able to put together a list of various ways to maximize this offer and even make some money!

  • Purchase AirBnB gift cards: The terms state that gift cards are INCLUDED so a $100 gift card purchase should work. With that being said, a few readers have tried it and did not receive the “Congrats!” Amex Offers email right away. Many times, those emails do not come and it takes a few days to trigger the credit, so I would not yet be concerned. Assuming purchasing gift cards do work, which it should, this will allow you to purchase multiple $100 AirBnB gift cards to use on a more expensive house rental. This method will allow you to save $50 for every American Express credit card you have! And if the gift card happens to not trigger the statement credit, do not claim the gift card and it will be credited back to the method of payment in 90 days. Some things to note:
    • It looks like it does not allow you to redeem a gift card you purchased for yourself. So you’ll need to create another AirBnB account to send yourself the gift card.
    • I’ve personally never used AirBnB, let alone used a gift card to pay for a rental. I am receiving mixed comments on whether or not you can use multiple gift cards for a rental. From the look of it, the gift cards can just be saved to your account and the balance is taken out of your total. AirBnB terms. Also, when I reached out to AirBnB on Twitter I was told that it is possible to use multiple gift cards on a single rental, and that “each time you receive a gift card, all you credit will be combined.”
  • Resell the AirBnB gift cards: If you have no use for an AirBnB gift card, you might be able to  resell them.This is an eGift card and it does look like many sites do not allow the resale of AirBnB gift cards. So I am not sure there is a good resale option, but you can always do Craigslist.
  • Create a AirBnB listing: You can always “rent your own listing”. I cannot vouch that this is not against AirBnBs terms, but it’s an option. I created a dummy listing just to see how it works and it looks like I need to charge $88/night to get to the $100 minimum (it actually ends up costing the renter $101). On the $88 the host receives as payment, they will be charged a 3% fee, so $2.64. This means you (assuming you are the renter and the host), will pay $101, receive $85.36 from PayPal, and earn a $50 statement credit from American Express. This nets you with a $34.36 profit per eligible American Express credit card. Of course though, you will have to pay taxes on the amount received from AirBnB during your yearly taxes so take that into consideration. There also might be a better way to do this, but I have zero experiencing hosting an apt with AirBnB.

Remember, if you are new to AirBnB, you can also get a $20 credit by signing up through a referral. Find a friend who is already an Airbnb member! This is only valid for rentals of $75 or more, it will not work on a gift card purchase, but should work when you go to redeem those gift cards.

If you have any ideas to maximize, feel free to comment down below!


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