Preparing for LOTS of IHG Points!

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UPDATE: My PR contact at IHG (the one who initially let me know about this promotion), wrote back to me saying “Yes, they will win something each time.” Keep in mind though it is a third-party running the contest, so rules can always get lost in translation too, but I am going to assume the best and assume she is correct. 

Last week I wrote about a way to get 47,000 IHG points for only $46. It is part of the IHG “surprise” promotion where you don’t actually have to stay at an IHG hotel to win a prize! In my opinion it is an awesome opportunity to win some free stuff from IHG without having to put out much money or even leave your couch!

The terms are vague and do not specify whether or not you are guaranteed to win a prize on every entry. In my prior post, there were many statistics that people included in the comments section on your chances of winning based on the odds listed in the terms. I sort of believe you will win the minimum prize of 500 on every entry, but not 100% sure. I do have an email out to the IHG PR representative to find out more about this, so will keep you posted once I hear back. You can check out the full terms of this promotion here.

First off, I suggest reading my prior blog post to fully understand the promotion if you decide to participate. If so, here is how you can go ahead and prepare.

Items to Purchase:

  • Purchase at least 94 3×5 notecards. I made sure to get the ones without lines to ensure I fully followed the directions. The terms specify 3×5 so makes sure they are not any bigger or any smaller. Contests like this are very strict with rules. I personally purchased these ones on Amazon for $2.29, although there are way more then I need, it was only $2.29. While you can get a 100 pack at Staples for slightly cheaper and use a card that gives you 5x points (i.e., Chase Ink cards), I was not going to go to the store to save a few pennies.
  •  Purchase at least 94 envelopes. The terms do not state anything about the size of the envelope, so any size that a 3×5 piece of paper fits in should work. I purchased these ones on Amazon for $6.99. I actually couldn’t find them cheaper at Staples online, but I am sure you can, especially since you can opt for some cheap envelopes. I wanted to find envelopes where I didn’t have to lick 94 seals!
  • Purchase 94 stamps. This will cost you $46.06. Using a Chase Ink card at an office supply store will get you 5x points on this purchase!

Filling Out and Sending In Entry Form:

  • Sign up for an IHG Rewards Club account number if you do not already have one.
  • Register for this promotion!
  • On the 3 x 5 piece of paper, handwrite the following information:
    • Full Name
    • Complete Mailing Address
    • Day Phone Number
    • Evening Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • IHG Number
    • First 6 Digits of MasterCard
    • Date of Birth
  • For the envelope, it does not specify that you must handwrite the address, however, it does state “use of any automated system to participate is prohibited and will result in disqualification”. That can be interpreted as a computer printing out labels. It is up to you whether or not you want to print labels or possibly be safe and just write it out on all 94 entries. The mailing address is:
    • IHG and MasterCard® Priceless Surprises® Promotion, c/o HelloWorld, Inc., P.O. Box 5996, Kalamazoo, MI 49003-5996
  • Every envelope can only contain one 3 x 5 entry card. This means you must write out and send in 94 separate envelopes.
  • The promotion does not begin until November 15, 2015, so I personally would not put them in the mail until then. Any entry that is stamped with a prior date could potentially be disqualified.
  • Once your entry is received, you will receive an email within 5 business days from the contest administrator inviting you to play the game.

Even if you win the lowest possible prize every single time, that means you’ll earn 500 points per entry, thus 47,000 points if you submit the full 94 entries. There is also a chance that a few of those entries might earn you a bigger prize. For the bigger prizes, you can win at max 1 prize from the top giveaways (2016 Paris Tennis Tournament Package for 2, 2 different trip packages to NYC, Trip package to Orlando, $2,500 gift card, 1 million IHG points, Bose®Sound Touch®120 home theater system, an adventure package, Sony package,Bose®Wave® SoundTouch® music system IV), and 5 prizes from the 2nd tier giveaway (IHG free night, $50 MasterCard, 5,000 points, 2,000 points, and 1,000 points). There is no limit on the number of 500 point prizes you can win.

In my opinion, this is definitely worth it and something to do while watching TV tonight. I value 47,000 IHG points at around $235. So this is the minimum you’ll gain and you could always potentially win one of the big prizes! My total cost is $55.34. And I expect it to take around 2 minutes per card, so about 3 hours. I am actually only going to send in a handful of cards to begin with to ensure they are accepted prior to wasting time/money on the rest. I’ll probably send in 10 cards to start off with on Monday morning.

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  1. Just an FYI, there have been several posts on other blogs outlining how it is not a guaranteed 47,000 points. The odds are 1:1.18 which isn’t a lock at all to get 500 points each entry.

    • @Blake – You are correct, the odds are 1:1.18. With that being said, there is a chance you can win another prize which means that the odds would not be 1:1. If that was the case that means you’d win the 500 points prize and not any other prize on every entry. While I have not gone through an entire statistical analysis, I believe the .18 takes into consideration the other prize odds too.

      • The term states that the odds of winning 500 points are 1:1.18, NOT THE PROBABILITY. So the chance of winning a 500 points award for each entry is actually only 1/(1+1.18)=45.9%. Assuming all 94 entries only win the basic 500 points, the expected wining is only 94*500*45.9%=21573. Of course one could argue that each of the 94 entry has a shot in winning the “big” reward, but considering the 3-5 hours of work this is definitely not a no brainer for every one to jump into.

        • @Jeffrey – I get your point and hopefully IHG and the contest provider can help answer our questions. I’ve contacted both of them. Even if you win only half the time, I still am going to enter. And that is why I am only submitting about 10 cards to start with to see how it actually works.

        • The reply to Blake is the correct interpretation of the reported odds. The .18 does account for the fact that bigger prizes can be, and most likely will be, won by submitting entries. A win of 1000 points, 5000 points, a trip to Paris, etc. counts as a “loss” of 500 points, so you do not have a 1:1 (a/k/a 100%; a/k/a 1 out of 1 entries will win…) chance of winning 500 points.

  2. I bought my 3×5 notecards at Dollar Tree, they are 200 for $1 there. I am using the side with lines so it is more readable, I am planning on sending in 5 per day to space them out a bit. I had hand cramps by the tenth card!!!

  3. You said that it does not specify that you must handwrite the address. So what are you going to do yourself? Also have you thought of getting one month trial membership of Will that be cheap?

    • @caveman – I will be handwriting them. Personally, I haven’t had the time to look into a trial at While I LOVE to save money, unfortunately I don’t have the time to save a few bucks with this promo.

  4. I have been working on mine and my husband’s entries for the last week or so. He is always a game player and always willing to switch credit cards whenever i tell him. There is no way he is going to sit down and fill out 94 index cards with this information. Honestly, he is too busy working.
    He just leaves this up to me. That is ok! I hope we all win some points from IHG!

  5. I couldn’t find anything in the Terms on whether the cards have to be ruled or blank. Is there such thing? About a week ago I bought a pack of 200 cards. Are they good to use?

      • In the world of “sweepstaking” there is actually a difference of card and paper.. if it says paper.. you have to get 3×5 paper not the index cards. Not lined. Some companies don’t get so technical others do.

  6. I guess I didn’t realize you had to have an IHG credit card. I would guess the first 6 digits are the same for everyone. Would anyone mind posting those?

    • @Duane – You don’t need to have an IHG credit card. Technically just a Mastercard. You can google it and find numbers easily.

  7. I am all in for games like this. With tips from people here, I am planning to look in to 3X5 cards at Dollar Store. Look into membership
    And try to see if I can hire someone to do this writing on task rabbit. I will send some ‘testers’ on the 16th and see the acceptance level.Once comfortable I will post a gig on TaskRabbit or Craigslist and see how it goes.

  8. Personally I find the envelope addressing to be worse than the card. Could they have made it longer with c/o, etc? As far as printing address labels and my concern is in the T&C “Use of any automated system to participate is prohibited and will result in disqualification”. It will be interesting to see what your source says about this. I could do a test batch with address labels, but does “disqualification” mean you are disqualified totally or is just the entry that is disqualified?

    • @TellulaBlue – Personally I’d write it twice identifying one as day and one as evening. I’d say they’re more likely to toss it our for a perceived omission than they are to notice and question the same number.

  9. Just to be clear, You have to have a IHG Mastercard to enter the promotion or just a Mastercard. I noticed in the rules it stated IHG and Mastercard. I probably have the answer; however, i don’t have the IHG card.


    • @TWilson – There is a limit of 1 prize from Group A, 5 prizes from Group B, but no limit to the prizes from Group C (which is the 500 point bonus option).

    • @Jessica – I didn’t purchase from Amazon, will be purchasing from the post office. I am actually waiting to ensure the first batch I send goes through properly prior investing the money.

      • Does Staples not sell stamps? Looked up on their website, but couldn’t find it. I was thinking of stopping by at staples this afternoon to pick them up, but if staples doesn’t sell them i will have to stop by at USPS before it closes at 1 pm today.

    • Yes, those are overpriced. A book of 20 stamps should only be $9.80 wherever you buy it. And Staples sells stamps so you can even 5x points on your Chase Ink CC.

  10. Must you address the envelopes EXACTLY as they ask? (i.e. including the “R” registered trademark symbols after MasterCard and Priceless Surprises)

    • @Andrew G – I am not 100% sure. Sometimes these contest rules are pretty strict. But can always wait for a few weeks once we have reports from other people who submitted.

      • You have mentioned several times about confirming they are working. I did not see where or how they are going to notify you of the status of your entry. Is this in the rules?

    • dangit! i bought a pack of Avery 3×5 cards on amazon and was about to print 94 of them out. i also planned on just stamping the card (like a postcard) and not using envelopes. i am glad i read all this first. ugh how annoying! i guess i’ll wait to see what people report back on. card vs paper…..blank vs lined. this is nuts!

  11. There is an offer for 2,000 Mypoints with I used my free postage for the envelopes. They give you $5, then two $10 credits come in the Welcome Pack. Just an FYI for anyone wanting to add to the effort for your trouble.

  12. on the 3X5 card, did you write “Name” then your name next to it, “Complete Mailing Address” then your address next to it, etc? Or did you just write down your information without specifying what it was?

  13. Based on my calculation, and the assumptions made in the edit, the expected value from this promotion, if you mailed in all 94 entries, is 63,955 IHG points. Seems worth it if all the assumptions are correct.

  14. Another former “sweepstaker” chimes in–

    I used to spend 7-9+ hours a day entering sweepstakes. It was a full-time job for which I received part-time rewards but hey, I was a stay-at-home mom and anything was better than nothing. (BTW I also sold/still sell used items on eBay and eBay is definitely the easier of the two).

    Like someone else mentioned, sweeps RULE are VERY STRICT and you are expected to handwrite everything, to NOT use metered mail (stamps only) and include address on envelope exactly as stated, including a TM or R copyright sign.

  15. I didnt think about envelopes being postmarked before the 15th. I just dropped 50 envelopes in the mail yesterday (the 13th) with the assumption theyll get there Monday and no one will be there the 15th (Sunday) to receive them. I sure hope I’m right.

  16. I just realized I spent enough billable time reading this post and all the replies that I could have made enough to buy the points. Oh, well. My comment is now costing me money.
    I’ll skip this idea and wait to buy more points on sale.

    • baaahahaha so true! the time we are investing for 45-60k IHG points is nuts. the points are only worth ~$320-$420 and some of us will spend more than 3-4 hours once all is said and done.

  17. The Mr. (USPS carrier) commented that perhaps since the max is 94 entries (AKA one per day), it may need to have a different postmark per entry. And Sunday is a non-delivery day, so no postmark. What do you think? Is the bulk mailing going to work?

  18. And who knows HOW long the actual game participation will take? All we know is that each handwritten letter will get us one chance to play the game.

  19. Any opinions on using address labels for the return address? I have a billion of these and it would save some time. Or are people not even putting a return address on the envelope?

  20. Section 6b says:

    Limit: Each entrant is eligible to receive up to ninety-four (94) Game plays during the Promotion
    Period, regardless of method of entry. Multiple entrants are not permitted to share the same
    email address.

    So, you have to have 94 email addresses as I read that. Are you kidding?


  21. You guys are providing me with a big ROTFLOL. This promo benefits the post office! Makes me long for the pudding guy and Wendy’s promo from 12-14 years ago. At least that provided a tangible return.

  22. Better get your cards mailed soon before IHG changes the rules again. Seems the terms and conditions are no longer accessible. Did anyone save a copy?

    “The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

  23. Does the information need to be hand PRINTED (that is in uppercase letters) or lowercase letters would be fine? I wrote everything in uppercase except my email address and only realized it after mailing in the envelopes.

  24. Spent about 4 hours this weekend with my wife doing this (only did for 1 account so 94 entries). I was like what the heck the minimum we could get is 47k points with the potential (probably very little odds like the rules say but hey why not?) to get a lot more. It’s more money then I would earn at my job 😛

    Keep in mind these contests are federally regulated as far as I understand and so they have to honor the entries for non-purchases (which is essentially what this is). They have to make it tedious like this so prevent people from easily doing it but they can’t stop you if you do it 😉 I’ll let you guys know what happens…all 94 mailed out this morning.

    Oh and by the way, don’t try to save $8 on postage by buying discount postage on eBay 😛 The eBay discount postage is basically old stamps dating back to the 70’s mostly and so they are all non-stick (old fashioned lick and stick)….that stuff we now know was cancerous so I just dipped my finger into water and wet them that way…but doing that 300 times (because they are not 49 cent 1 piece stamps) was a sticky mess and took a lot more time than the $8 I saved…save yourself an hour and pay the extra $8 to get the traditional forever stamps 😛

    • I haven’t yet either and I was wondering the same thing? I live about an hour out of Kalamazoo where they are shipped they should have been received by at least last Wednesday. More than likely Tuesday so we shall see what happens.

      • @Mike – I haven’t received anything yet either. If I remember correctly, the terms stated they will respond within 5 business days. Assuming they received it Wednesday, that means we should hear back tomorrow. If not, my assumption is they are closed Thursday and Friday so we won’t hear till next week.

        • I sent them 10 index cards as a test just like you way more than “5 business days” ago and still haven’t heard anything, I still have a pile of index cards I finished writing just sitting on my desk…=\, I hope this works!

          • @Brandon – Unfortunately no one has heard anything yet. With that being said, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt as I believe they’ve had about 5 business days on the dot. I am assuming the department received them last Thursday, which makes the Wednesday before Thanksgiving business day #5. My assumption is thanksgiving and the day after thanksgiving were not business days (as well as the weekends). So hopefully we will hear something Monday.

          • Alright, we’ll I’m crossing my fingers cause I’ve filled out so many of these damn cards >.<

            Good thing I didn't buy those stamps yet!

  25. Has anyone gotten IHG account stolen yet? My account was hacked last weekend. I do not know if it is coincident.

    BTW, Where is IHG Customer Care from? I do not think they are US based. I was asked twice where are you calling from. When I told her my area code, operator said, no, which country? ok, 001. it must be US.

  26. Sent 5 entries out on 11/16 (from FL) and have had no response from IHG. I’m starting to suspect that the company handling this contest may be asleep at the wheel.

    • Yeah same here. I sent mine from Michigan, I’m about an hour away from kalamazoo. post master informed me they should have been received on the 17th since it went right to the PO box.

      My dealings with IHG haven’t always been positive in the past anyways so this just adds icing to the cake for me. I wish I had someone to talk with about the issue. Anyone have any contacts inside the company we can talk with or complain to?

  27. Anybody heard anything. nothing here on hte entries I sent in on the 16th. So much for the 5 day response time from receipt of the entry.

    • Well now it the 11th of December and still no response to the 35 letters I sent on 11/16. Glad to see some people are getting responses.

      • On 11/18, I mailed 5 out (all handwritten – labeled “Day/Evening Phone #”, “IHG #”, and “MC #”), and still have not received anything.

        I’ll keep you posted if I receive the emails. Please do the same. Cheers!

  28. Mailed 6 out on Nov. 16 and haven’t heard anything yet. Have dropped a couple in the mail on different days since just so “if” I get a response I don’t have an overload in my inbox to deal with. Not mailing anymore until I get some type of response from the contest

  29. Are you guys writing each “title” on the line as well?

    Day Phone Number: XXX-XXX-XXXX

    or just flat writing a phone number two times? Just curous.

  30. I sent in several letters and like everyone else I have received nothing, If you look at the terms and conditions, that is a clear violation of what is promised. So why? My personal theory is that this is done because by the time they honor their promise, the prize pool will be substantially depleted. Thus, they say no purchase is required, the truth is they all but insure that those that purchase gain the bulk of the prizes. HOW SLEEZY!

  31. Just got one email. I sent in 14 envelopes the first day. Maybe they’re now processing and sending 1-by-1? I won 500 IHG points. It says I will get a 2nd email on how to get those posted to my account.

  32. Just wanted to report that I sent in two entries on Nov. 15 and today during lunch, my husband and I both received the email saying “You qualify for a Priceless Surprise®!”
    Dear LINDA,

    Success! You have qualified to play for Priceless Surprises, from IHG® Rewards Club and MasterCard®. Now it’s time to open the elevator doors & see what’s waiting!

    Each floor holds a chance for a Priceless Surprise, like:

    a private helicopter tour over NYC
    VIP access to the Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented by MasterCard
    1 million IHG® Rewards Club bonus points
    and even more unforgettable surprises

    Choose your floor here.

    See you soon,

    IHG® Rewards Club

    Upon choosing the floor (one through six), my husband received 2,000 IHG points. He picked No. 5 BTW. Then I went and picked No. 6, I received 500 points. Neither has posted to our individual IHG accounts yet. After seeing the amounts, it said check your email for instructions on how to redeem your reward.
    Pretty excited about this so I am going to go ahead and send it the rest of the entries.
    For some data points: My husband’s entry had a handwritten address with a mailing label return. Mine had an addressed label and a stamped, inked return. Both were put on lined 3 X 5 cards purchased at Dollar Tree.

  33. Mailed 6 entries in before it started. Printed envelopes on computer and used my mailing machine on stamps. Mailed 10 more, but handwritten and used posted stamps. Received all 16 enries by email today. Won 500 on each except one where I won 1000. Hope everyone else received theirs too!

  34. I mailed in 10 entries on 16Nov and yesterday (04Nov) got 9 emails. Of the 9 email entries I got 7-500 points and 2-2000 points. So it is taking longer than the 5 days–but it does say “5 days from receiving” them. . . . so it they have a ton of entries it may be taking them days before “receiving” them. Please note that I did not label every line–ie Name: John Smith etc. But I did label “day” and “evening” for the phone numbers even tho they’re both the same. I also labeled — “IHG #” and “MC #”.
    I hand printed everything on LINED note cards and plain envelopes.
    Not sure why only 9 of my 10 first entries were acted upon. Maybe one didn’t make it?

  35. Hi,
    Just saw this offer… is it still going? When is the deadline to submit the cards? thanks for the information

  36. Sorry, me again, I registered with IHG but did not see this offer… any ideas? What I saw were offers for hotel stays. thanks for the information.

    • Mail in however are:
      All mail-in entries must be handwritten and must be postmarked by February 15, 2016
      and received by February 22, 2016

  37. Hi everyone,
    Had a question, probably very silly one… When handwriting the info on the card do I say: “IHG # xxxxx” or simply write the IHG number? And “Daytime tel: xxxx” or just the daytime tel n. And under the eve tel. N.?
    I know, very silly question…

  38. Mailed in 10 envelopes on Nov. 17, 10 on Nov 19, and several later on. No answer whatsoever, so I stopped working. I handwrote all the envelopes and cards, but used an return label on envelope. Would this be a ‘game changer’?

    • No. I had return labels on mine.
      It’s obvious, at this point, that the company managing the promotion is taking a lot longer than the 5 days stated in the contest rules to respond.

  39. I’m starting to get nervous as I haven’t heard anything yet. I did start after the first date allowable – but I cannot remember by how many days. I’m a lil worried because while I did hand-write the cards I did not do so for the envelope. I suppose I’ll know the outcome in a few more days . . . breathe deep Randy.

    • I sent out 5 on 11/16.
      I received 3 email entries on 12/04.
      Each entry was good for 500 points.

      There have been others that stated they printed the envelopes but still received the email entries.

      In my opinion, I think the company managing this promotion is understaffed and not able to process the mail-in entries in a timely manner.

    • Randy–don’t despair yet–I mailed 10 entries in on 16 Nov and didn’t hear until 04Dec. and of the 10 entries — I only got 9 email replies, so next batch was 11 entries all hand written. On 07Dec I mailed in 5 entries with hand written info inside and computer printed envelopes — as a test. . . will wait and see what all the outcomes are but I believe someone above posted that she sent in one test entry with a computer printed envelop and got a response/entry back. . .Good Luck to all!

  40. Sorry to say, my IHG mastercard was hacked over the weekend (i.e. MC fraud detection spotted two online transactions that they, thankfully, terminated after contacting me).

    It’s not possible to draw a direct correlation between this contest (I mailed in 9 cards/envelopes on Nov. 16-20) and me being hacked, but I have to say it’s very suspicious (someone else on this blog noted that too had been hacked).

    I still have not received a contest email, despite following the contest rules exactly as requested and along the same lines as some on this blog have said (who have received contest emails).

    The contest rules ask you to include the first 6 digits of your IHG credit card. In hindsight, this seems like a risk.

    I’m not claiming the contest is fraudulent; it appears some have been awarded points. I’m just sharing my experience with you.

    • @John – My husbands IHG Mastercard was hacked this weekend too and he has yet to participate in this promotion (to my dismay). Including the first 6 digits of your cc # on the form will in no way be able to identify you and cause fraud on your credit card.

      • I don’t love putting down my D.O.B for security reasons, I don’t like including my Day and Evening Phone numbers because it’s a lot to write down 188* times, but I don’t mind writing my 6 MC digits cuz there is zero risk to it….

        *(sending in for me and partner).

        • My wife’s IHG MC also was fraudulently used yesterday. But I think there is no correlation because she did not do this promotion (I did) and when you apply for this promotion you put the first 6 digits which is IDENTICAL to everyone with the same card…those digits just identify that it is an IHG mastercard nothing else. They are not specific to your card. And your name/DOB is not enough to hack you they still need SSN.

  41. Mailed my 35 letters on 11/16 and just got 30 email responses today. After playing the game I got one 5000 point win, a few 2000 points and the rest were for 500 points. Total on 30 entries was 24500 IHG points. They must just be really backed up and its taking a lot longer then the 5 days they promised. But I’m mailing my other 64 entries today, and maybe a couple extras for good measure. I think I might even send in for my wives account too.

  42. I sent a message to Hello World early in the week asking for clarification on how the points won in the contest will post to my IHG account. In the prize email you receive it mentions something about “watching your email for more info on claiming your prize”. Alluding to a second email. It appears from their reply, there will be no second email.

    “Thank you for your email. Our team has confirmed that all accounts will be credited within (6) weeks. We sincerely apologize for this miscommunication, and any confusion it may have caused.

    Please be assured that our team is working to update the language on the win screen to reflect the (6) week time frame.

    We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding. Have a very happy holiday!

    Best regards,
    HelloWorld Customer Care


    • Hopefully they have no idea what they are doing and the points will post after Jan 1 and will be qualifying points (like master-card purchases) and not bonus points, and we will all soon have Spire status.

    • So much for 6 weeks, points just started posting to my account today, and they are not qualifying.
      Dec 28, 2015 | Other | MasterCard Priceless Surprise Reward
      5,000 pts.
      0 pts.

  43. Has anyone else not received emails for any of their entries? I’ve sent 40 thus far, at various times, with the earliest being 11/23. I haven’t gotten one email yet.

  44. I sent 20 entries within the first couple days of the promotion. I haven’t received a single email yet. Since that was ~40 days ago, I’m thinking this was a fraud.

    • Be patient its real. I sent in all 94 on November 23rd and today I received 28 entries via email. I contacted them last week to ask why the delay and they said they are extremely backlogged but promised to get all the entries processed (and in chunks not all at once). So it will come just be patient as much as it sucks 🙂

  45. I sent 10 cards in November as a test and got two e-mails on Dec 4th. I sent the rest of the 84 cards in plus a bunch of others for my parents’ accounts and have not heard back at all. Is there a number or e-mail I can contact them through?

    • Hello World has clearly dropped the ball in its administration of this sweepstakes. The rules clearly state that;

      “once your mail-in request is received, you will receive an email within five (5) business days from the administrator inviting you to play the game and you will Once you receive an email inviting you to participate in the game, click on the link found results will be instantly displayed”.

      Not withstanding the numerous typos, IHG and MasterCard are now in breach of their own contest rules. I believe that the states all have laws governing these types of sweepstakes, and if a company violates these laws they can be held financially liable.

      My guess is, the people responsible for this promotion at IHG and MasterCard are completely unaware of how Hello World Inc. is handling it.

  46. Sent in 44 pieces in November – and waited – . Dec. 17 came 1 entry, followed on Dec. 31 with 20 entries. Jan. 7 received 8 entries. Total points 21,500, mostly 500 pts, Now I am waiting, as everyone else, for the rest of my entries.

  47. I sent all 94 entries at the same time in late November and just received 77 emails today. Results:

    0 x 2
    500 x 70
    1000 x 2
    2000 x 2
    5000 x 1

    Total of 46,000 points. Assuming the last 17 entries are received and I win 500 points each, I’d end up with 54,500 points.

    As an aside, when you get 0 points (you lose, essentially), the background is the Eiffel Tower in Paris (leading you to believe you won a grand prize trip to Paris). What a cheap shot. 😉

      • @djp – If you already hit the maximum you are allowed from category B and you win another category B prize, they are having it go through as 0 points.

        • So, something kind of bizarre just happened – at 3:59 AM Tuesday morning (today), I received 3 more emails from IHG (bringing my total to 80). When I got to the office, I tried each email in succession and lost all three times. Not quite sure what’s going on there. I highly doubt I’d be so lucky as to hit a category B prize three times in a row, so I wonder why I lost all three times. Anyone got any plausible ideas?

          • @John – There was a glitch in the system. Did you receive an updated email stating this and the number of points you earned?

        • As I stated in a post on 19Jan–all 19 of my entries ended up with the Eiffel Tower and no points showing as awarded. I don’t THINK I hit the maximum
          in Category B as I had only recvd 10 entries prior and 8 were 500 points and 2 were 2000 points. (others have posted that they recvd more) So what gives? If you can enlighten us/me–it’d be my appreciated! Right now I have a
          about 55 entries in and recvd or pending. . . .I won’t waste my time or monies if I don’t get at least 500 points per entry. . . . thanks for any into.

  48. I saw the commercial for the H&R block $1000 a day sweepstakes and looked up the alternate entry. And, mailing a 3×5 card to Helloworld inc. in Kalamazoo, Different PO box but same address. How are they going to respond to those entries? The H&R promo only last 30 days and it’s been taking way over 30 days and they still haven’t responded to the IHG entries?

  49. Today I got 19 entries “back” in emails. ALL 19 entries ended up with
    the Eiffel Tower and 0 points and the words: Play again daily! — HUH?
    Seems like the lowest prize isn’t 500 IHG points anymore–it’s ZERO!!!

    • same here I received 16 and all of mine showed that I had won nothing. I got the Eiffel Tower but I didn’t win the minimum 500 points. I didn’t even get to play all 16 because over half of them said* we like your enthusiasm *…said I didn’t have any plays left

      • Same, They have changed the game in midstream. Today’s priceless surprise emails were 4 for 4 losers. Since the stated odds are 1:1.18, this and especially Robs resultof 16 losers is not statistically possible.

      • Yes–I got an email stating that I will receive 500 points for each email entry. Today (22Jan) I got
        another email and also received 500 points for that one. Today’s entry stated that the points would
        be deposited in 2-3 weeks.

  50. Alright everyone, calm down just a little. I called IHG and they stated it was a computer glitch. This did take a little time but I received 3000 points for the 4 entries I received 0 emails for. They stated I won 3 500 pointers and 1 1000 pointers. They instantly deposited them into my account. I also stated the odds of winning were 1-1.18 according to their official rules. They were very polite and helpful. However, I am a spite elite ambassador so I don’t know if they played into it or not. I still have 75 entries out there so we shall see!

      • Update: I didn’t even have to call IHG. They emailed me a.few hours ago and said I received 8000 points for my 16 plays, 500 each. Appears whoever said it was a glitch and worry was spot on. Thanks!!

      • I would wait 24 hours maybe to see if you get a result like Rob, but my answer would be “yes” because that is what happened to me. I recevied 3,000 points on 4 entries. So I am guessing I was supposed to receive (2) 1,000 winning pieces and (2) 500 point entries. But, if they gave me extra points just for calling and the hassle of it all, I will take that too!

  51. Received email
    Thank you for your participation in the IHG and MasterCard® Priceless Surprises® Promotion! It appears that you may have accidentally received a message that you did not win when you played the game today. Please be assured that you have won the following prize:

    500 IHG Rewards Club Points

    Our system indicates that you should have won this prize 4 times, for a total of 2,000 IHG Rewards Club points.

    We apologize for any miscommunication with the promotion and thank you for your continued support of the Priceless Surprises promotion.


    Prize Fulfillment Services

  52. I entered all 77 of my entries and each time it says I’m supposed to receive an e-mail…no e-mails and I don’t see any points being credited to my IHG account…

    • @scott – they aren’t sending follow up emails just depositing the points straight into your account. they say within 6 weeks you’ll receive the points.

  53. Quick update – today my wife got 63 emails. After today’s “glitch,” (read: we changed the coding on our promotion and now you’re only going to get nothing or 500 points) in contrast to my success, she won 500 points every single time, except for 4 losses. So, for the exact same number of tries that I had, she won nearly 10,000 points less in total. I’m guessing today’s “glitch” was related to IHG and Hello World changing the back end coding to tighten up how many higher end prizes they hand out. Regardless, still not a bad deal for the price of postage and a cramped hand. I wonder what all these points will do to award room availability………

  54. Update: After posting a reply a few minutes ago, I checked my email and had 5 entries into the promotion. The game worked fine, and all 5 entries earned 500 points. Seems like the glitch has been fixed for now.

  55. I received my entry emails yesterday and after clicking through each one there was a message that I was to receive a follow up email with instructions on how to claim my prizes (all in the form of points). I have not received any follow up emails and the points have not automatically posted to my account. Has anyone else received any follow up emails or seen their points post automatically? If so, what was the lag between winning and any subsequent action?

    • There is no follow up email. That was verified through Hello World, by me, a while back. The points will show up in your account, eventually. Like every other aspect of this promotion, it takes weeks.

    • The ones I received earlier said I would receive a follow up email but the ones I rec’d yesterday now tell me the points will post in 2-3 weeks. Oddly enough, the ones that say I won 1000, 2000,5000 points are the ones that said I’ll receive an email and the new ones I only won 500 points and say in 2-3 weeks!

      • @Alisa – The ones that have come out in the past 24 hours seem to be saying that points will post in 2-3 weeks. Ones prior to that didn’t state anything. Fortunately they updated the wording.

  56. I’ve sent in 70 entries.
    I got back 4 prize entry emails… 3 x 500pts, and 1 said “thanks for your enthusiasm but sorry”.

    The company managing this promotion didn’t respond in a timely manner, and has ignored 66 of my entries, and now the promotion is almost over. There’s no way they will keep processing entries after the ending date this week. What a scam… and there’s no way to hold them accountable, because it’s a giveaway.

    • I had to contact them for 7 of my entries. They apologized and sent the emails about 2 days later. The entry date is February 15th but the contest goes through the 29th I think.

      • Hi, Duane.

        How did you go about contacting them and what did you say? That you sent in all 94 entries, but only received e-mails for X? I’m missing 4 entries myself.

        Thank you.


        • I contacted them at

          Here was my email –


          I sent 7 entries into the IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion in mid December, and never received any of my emails. I had previously contacted HelloWorld about this promotion, and they said all back logged entries should be processed by January 20th. Is there any way to see if I had been sent any entries?

          Duane Haas
          IHG# XXXXXXXX”

        • Don’t worry I got your 4 entries, I mailed 94 letters and took forever but i got them all and I had 4 hotel stays which i got entries for do a total of 98.

        • they send the same link each time for you entries.
          go back and try the link again, they may of updated the account but not sent the email.

  57. Not sure if anyone is still monitoring this post but I want to say

    A HUGE THANK YOU to DealsWeLike for tipping me off to this promotion.

    I just booked 2 nights at the InterContinental Davos Switzerland entirely based on the Priceless Surprises promotion!!

    It took many emails to get all of my points and I also was lucky to win a free night at any IHG property, but now that it is all done and reserved I am freakin’ stoked! For just the cost of a handful of stamps, I’ve got about $700 worth of hotel!!


  58. I also want to add my thanks. . . we’ve enjoyed 2 nights already using our points. Just finished up with contacting IHG Rewards Club to follow up on the entries sent in but were never “processed”. It took 2
    calls but I got 12 entries added to my account (that took 10 days) and then a second call got 6 entries added
    to my hubby’s account immediately via a supervisor. Again a BIG THANKS to Deals We Like. . .we REALLY liked this one!

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