Radio Silence from IHG’s “Surprise” Promotion

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Over the past two weeks I’ve written two different posts on the IHG “Surprise” promotion: 1) Spend $46 and Earn at Least 47,000 Points; and 2) Preparing for LOTS of IHG PointsOver the course of these two weeks I’ve received many comments, tweets, emails, etc. about the promotion so wanted to give you all a quick update on where we stand today.

Recap of the Promotion…

The quick recap of this promotion is with every stay (after your second stay) you will receive a link to earn 1 of 16 different prizes. And better yet, you actually do not even need to complete a stay for the promotion and can instead mail in an entry form! Everyone will win at least something and the minimum prize is 500 points. Ultimately you are allowed 94 entry forms and if you win the minimum prize all 94 times this results in 47,000 points. That means that is the minimum number of points you’ll earn, but you can always earn more (including free nights, vacation prizes, etc.). I highly suggest reading the two prior posts to learn more about the promotion if you want to take part.

No Communication from HelloWorld or IHG…

This promotion is ultimately being run by a third-party company called HelloWorld. So the email you’ll receive to claim your prize is actually being sent out from HelloWorld and not IHG. The terms of the promotion say you’ll hear from them within 5 business days of receiving the entry form. The promotion started on Sunday November 15 and I know that is when many people (myself included) dropped off multiple envelopes in the mail. Assuming even a slow mail delivery system, we should have heard from them by now. Let’s say then received the mail in the correct department by Friday November 20, that means the five business days would have spanned across November 23, 24, 25, and 30, December 1, 2, and 3. I am assuming that Thanksgiving and the day after thanksgiving were not business days. With it being approx 7 business days thus far, I went ahead and emailed HellowWorld two days ago. Their form says I’d hear back within 48 hours, but unfortunately it has been more then that. I also emailed my contact at IHG and still nothing from her either. So as of right now, it has been radio silence on the communication front.

Will You Receive Your Points?

Honestly, I have no idea. I typically do not take part in mail-in entry promotions, so have no idea what happens if they receive an overwhelming number of responses and way more than anticipated. I personally sent in 10 entry forms the first day, and am holding off on buying stamps and sending in any other forms. I have also finished about 50% of the rest of the entry forms and am holding off completing those as well.

FAQs About the Entry Forms…

I’ve been receiving a bunch of questions on how to fill out the 3×5 piece of paper and envelopes. All I can say is since no one has received any communication, those details are still TBD. All I can say is that the T&C state that the 3×5 piece of paper must be hand-written and doesn’t specify about the envelopes. Readers who take part in these types of promotions often stated in the comments that typically all envelopes need to be hand-written as well (based on prior experience with other promotions). Many readers are also inquiring if you need to write out the labels for the information required (i.e., name, date of birth, etc.). And again, unfortunately that information is still unknown as we have zero reports to go off of.


I am really really really hoping that we hear by the beginning of next week at the latest. I also am really hoping I hear back from HelloWorld soon too. Fingers crossed that all goes as planned!

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  1. I wouldn’t sweat it yet. I was doing a similar promo for another, unrelated thing starting a few weeks prior, and I just got my first codes yesterday. I’m sure this one will come through soon enough.

  2. I have sent in 3 mailings of 6 each 11/16 11/19 11/23 and have heard NOTHING. What gives?

    IHG also has another promo that HelloWorld is administering. After a stay I receive an email to review the hotel and once completed I am entered to win 25,000 points which would be awarded each seek, over a period of months. But when you look to see who has been awarded those in prior weeks HelloWord, says all winners will be announced at the END OF THE promotion.

  3. I sent in all my 90+ before Thanksgiving and also haven’t heard back from anyone. Fingers crossed I didn’t waste my time and ~$55. I hand-wrote the address on the envelope and the information on the 3×5 cards (no lines). However, I did not write the labels on the cards (i.e. “Name”, “Address”, “Day Phone”, “Evening Phone”, etc)

    • I also did not write out the labels, but it shouldn’t matter and be quite obvious. Also haven’t heard. I have about 40 cards left to do, but I guess I could white out the address on the envelopes if this doesn’t go through for anyone. At this point, might as well send the rest and hope for the best, though.

  4. I got an email from IHG saying I’d won 1,000 points for this promotion, but they haven’t posted in my account yet. I have, however, stayed a night at an HIE since this promotion started, so I’m guessing that’s why I got the email.

  5. Thanks for posting this. I was wondering what others ‘ experiences have been. I sent out my first batch well over 5 business days and have not Received anything.

    I did write out the labels for the data such as name, phone number, etc. I used unlined notepads and I did handwrite the envelopes.

  6. I also sent in about 1/3 of mine prior to Thanksgiving.

    I’m not a “sue them!!” Kind of guy, but isn’t a lawsuit kind of inevitable in this case if they advertise a “contest” and then fail to fulfill their part of the bargain?

  7. I sent in 20 so far on day 1 and no response. Yes a class action would be exciting against IHG and then the termination of my IHG account for anything they deem would probably occur, LOL. Waiting by my email box for my entries .

  8. I sent in 10 the first day, and just received 2 email entries a few minutes ago. I won 500 and 1000 points, so it looks like they should start coming in soon.

  9. sent in 10 envelopes on 11/16. Hand wrote all of the 3×5 index cards with just the information and printed all of the envelopes. This morning just received two entries for the web promotion. Waiting to see if the other eight will post. Have the other 84 waiting to send if it works. Of course, only got the 500 points each entry

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