Earn a Bunch of FREE Marriott Points

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With this Twitter and Instagram promo, you can get a bunch of free points (I think approx 350 although not 100% sure). While these points won’t get you close to anything, you never know when all these easy breezy free points will add up and ultimately get you to that free night hotel you’ve been looking to stay at. Also, to get these free points takes about 2 minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 2.56.16 PM

First: Claim your 100 Marriott points. Connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts and follow @MarriottRewards and @GaylordHotels. You’ll get 25 points by connecting each social media account to each Marriott handle (i.e., 25 points for connecting Twitter and following @Marriott Rewards and another 25 points for following @GaylordHotels). So if you only have Twitter or Instagram so you can still get half the number of points. Connect here.

Second: Tweet #MRpoints and #MRRedFest to get 25 points per tweet (you can tweet up to 10 times). I am soooo sorry for all the tweets a few minutes ago (for those that follow me!). I cannot get my Instagram account working, so I am not sure if this is 250 points for just twitter, or if you can get the 250 points for Instagram (thus getting you a total of 600 points).

Reports show that points post instantly, although it is not showing up on my account. It has only been a few minutes though, so I’ll give it some more time.

Thanks to Angelina Points for detailing out this free point promotion!


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    • @LJ – Great question. Definitely DO NOT put your Marriott number in your Tweet. I’ll look into it and get back. I believe when you connect you need to include your email address or Marriott number possibly. I connected awhile back so cannot fully remember.

  1. My points showed instantly (and I got email confirmations instantly as well). However, it is not clear to me whether these points extend the expiry of my pre-existing balance. Any ideas?

  2. I have the answer to my question and it is not good 🙁

    “The following activities do not count toward maintaining an active status in the Marriott Rewards® program:

    Gifting or transferring points
    Receiving points as a gift or transfer
    Earning points through social media programs, such as #MRPoints”

  3. It may well say this but my acuity shows up with and * and my expiration date HAS been extended.

    You shouldn’t believe everything T&C’s say, what they say and what they do are fairly frequently different.

    • I would be careful with the extension date due to social media. I believe MR just changed their rules to exclude social media extending expiration.

      • My point is that regardless of what their rules say in this case (and in fact a number of cases) this particular social media activity HAS extended the extension date. Each to their own but for me, I give much more weight to what people do over what they say they will do!

        This does seem variable, many (if not most) social media activities don’t count but enough do for my expiry date to keep being extended, more than one per month works. Who knows, maybe they are incorrectly coded, frankly who cares if it does have that effect.

  4. 350 points is NOT worth selling your identity to a business so they can market to you even more than they already do, in your personal life, and target your friends as well, and analyze your behaviors through targeted spying. NO WAY would I do what Marriott is asking.

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