Making Money on Your Hilton Credit Card!

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Hilton offers two American Express co-branded credit cards. I want to show you how you can earn statement credits on both cards respectively that will actually allow you to make money just by using the card on purchases you’d be making anyways!

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If you’ve been keeping up on this blog for awhile you are probably well aware by now that I am a huge fan of making free money through the American Express statement credit offers, otherwise known as Amex Offers. These promotions typically require you to spend $X amount of money at a participating merchant to get $Y amount back as a statement credit. Since these are “American Express” offers, you can only use an American Express credit card to be eligible for the statement credit. Both of the Hilton credit cards listed below are American Express credit cards and are eligible for these offers. And you are able to receive the statement credits on multiple cards!

While I might be an extreme case since I take advantage of these offers quite often. I personally have received $915 back in statement credits over the past 23 months with just ONE of my Amex cards! With the Amex statement credit offers alone that means I average about $450 back a year (for that particular card)! This allows to me to justify the annual fee (if there is one) and “earn” money on top of it! So for the no annual fee Hilton credit card, any statement credits earned will be an added bonus and for the Hilton card with an annual it will allow you to make up the annual fee, plus potentially more. I personally have the no annual fee Hilton card and I love that a no annual fee not only gives me some benefits, but also helps me save money on purchases I’d be making anyways!

To check your savings to date, log into your account, go to “Account Home”, at the bottom of the page on your cards information click “Offers For You”, and select “Savings”. Even through I’ve been participating in these Amex statement credits since 2011, my SPG card is only tracking back to April 2014.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.16.17 AM

While I love the American Express credit cards for many other reasons, taking advantage of offers to make extra money through statement credits is great! For the Hilton annual fee card it also helps with a piece of mind knowing you aren’t paying so much to have a card that you aren’t 100% sure whether or not the benefits will outweigh the fee.

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  1. Did you keep track of how much money you spent to “make” $915 in 23 months? When offering discounts, money back offers, and rebates the mentality “I would have spent the money anyway” is loved by all.
    Maybe a little sarcasm, but I do like your blog.

    • @fathiss – I already wrote a blog post a few months ago detailing out the money spent vs. the money “made” if you want to read it. While I didn’t go back 23 months, I did do a few months to show how it was all money that would have been spent anyways. For example, a lot of times I am able to use the statement offers to purchase gift cards at a participating merchant for another merchant, i.e., Amazon – which I use all the time!

  2. I agree with Mike’s sentiments. Apparently AmEx thinks I’m a high roller ( I don’t know why since they can see my past purchases).. all my offers have been very high end stuff and crappy.. like Hugo Boss, John Varvatos, Marissa collections, Maison Burk, Porsche design.. ummm yeah… no.. Where are somethings that I can use.. Petco… Cell phones.. Best Buy… you know.. us regular people..

    • I think the easily useful ones have become highly targeted.Guess we’ll see if Amex offers sticks with this less useful trend of limiting incentives to newcomers long term. They may be reeling it back due to the abusive folks with 99 AU’s on their accounts or it could just be better economic conditions means less desire by their partners to offer deals.

    • I agree with you Juno. I am getting the same high end offers for stuff I would never even consider buying. High end stuff that has extremely high percentage markups, stuff that would not be a buy even at 80% off. Bring back the gas discounts at Shell, Walmart, etc.

  3. This is bait and switch. Title suggested there is something unique / Hilton specific Amex offer. but this was just general post with same ol information with new offer that everyone is writing about.

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