Adding an Authorized User to Your Amex Account

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American Express Offers are one of my favorite ways to save (or even make) money at popular merchants. The great thing about these offers is that authorized users on Amex credit cards can take advantage of these offers as well! What many people do not realize is that authorized users can take advantage of these offers that are only available on When you sign onto your American Express account you’ll notice that all authorized user cards do not automatically show up. With that being said, those accounts can manually be added. Once added, all offers available to that specific card will appear just like any other American Express credit card on your account!

Steps to add an authorized user to your account:

  • After signing into your account, click on the “My Card” link on the blue bar

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 8.42.42 PM

  • All your current American Express cards will appear. To add another card, i.e., and authorized user, click the “Add Another Card” link.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 8.44.43 PM

  • Enter your card authorized card details and click “Continue”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 8.45.01 PM

After you add the card information, you’ll see this card on your account homepage. The best thing about this is that both the primary card member and the authorized card member can take advantage of their offers individually. So if there is some amazing offer available, BOTH people can receive the statement credit even though it is the same account essentially.

Enjoy saving money with these offers!

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  1. Funny you mention this. Mile Nerd has a link to a Reddit that has a link to get 2,500 SPG points by adding another user to your SPG account right now.

    The other unique feature with AMEX is that it tracks the addl users SS# which could be bad or good I guess.

  2. Thank You Very Much! I’ve been trying to figure this out. The only problem is that it gave my Better 1/2 a separate acct b/c the user ID required a ‘number’. On My Cards, it doesn’t show 3 cc’s (1 SPG 2 Hilton) but it does let me know underneath the primary is the AU added on.
    That being said, it also gave a separate credit line but shows that there is a payment due of $38, the same on my acct [and from my acct of course] but there hasn’t been a purchase made on the AU cc as of yet.
    I did help the AU to get back on track, credit wise. There is only a credit limit of $2,181. I would only utilize it for AMEX Offers.
    So I’m wondering how can I get this merged together, including the credit line w/out a pull (shouldn’t be)? Or should I leave it alone to help build their credit for other opportunities?

      • Hello. I was saying what these other fine people were saying. When you add the AU to your acct, another “separate acct” is automatically set up for the AU user, mainly based on like how DaninMCI said about the SS#.
        In other words, I had 2 cards originally. I added an AU (I’m supposed to get 10K Hilton pts for adding an AU) making it 3 cc’s. I followed your instructions. But in My Cards/Card Acct’s in my acct it still shows ‘2 cc’s’ but beneath my original Hilton cc is where it shows the AU cc via the drop down. It does not reflect that there are 3 cc’s in my acct.
        The AU cc merges w/ the rest, but not whereas you can see it w/ the rest when you sign in or whereas you can even control all acct’s from 1 page. The AU act is a whole separate entity w/ their own credit line, b/c like how you said w/ Crystal; the AU has their own cc#. My Hilton credit line is $7K, the AU has $2,181.
        I don’t know how it worked for you, but it didn’t for me. I’m hoping this is a bit more clear.

        • @mommafrica – I am not sure why it is showing under your Hilton account and not as a 3rd account. That is not how my added AU account shows up.

  3. I’ve just added my husband and son as AU’s to my Hilton card because I have just about depleted my funds on my Bluebird accounts and want to replace so I don’t miss out on Amex offers. When I did this with my Amex gold they received different cc numbers. Will their Hilton card numbers be the same as mine or different? Either way why not just set up separate user and passwords for their accts vs the way you suggested above.
    While I’m asking, would you happen to know if I could do direct deposits on my Bluebird acct?

    Many thanks.

      • Many thanks for the post and reply! Any chance you might know answers to the following?
        Either way why not just set up separate user and passwords for their accts vs the way you suggested above?

        While I’m asking , would you happen to know if I can do direct deposit to my BB acct that Amex is not allowing me to add funds to?

        • @Crystal – You absolutely can set up a separate user name and password. I prefer keeping everything on the same account.

          You can do direct deposit to Bluebird account.

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