Approved Despite Chase’s “5/24”!

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Once December hit I was finally cleared for Chase’s “5/24” rule. I had been anxiously waiting for the day when I could finally apply for another Chase card! In November of 2014, I was approved for two credit cards, so once December 1st hit, I was brought down 4 personal credit card applications approved in the past 24 months. I was beyond happy as this then allowed me to a apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card and sneak in the $300 travel credit in 2016. Related postAs expected, I was approved and that was my 5th approved personal card in the past 24 months.

While I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be approved for any more Chase cards until April 2017 (fortunately I have 3 cards that I applied for in March 2015, so those will fall off soon!), I really really really wanted to apply for the Chase Ink Preferred business card as well. This card has an 80,000 point sign up bonus and some great perks. Related blog postA few minutes after I was approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, I applied for the Chase Ink Preferred. I wanted to do it on the same day, so I only one hard pull would hit my credit report and not two.


I assumed I’d receive an immediate decline, but was pleasantly surprised when I saw a pending application notification. That is extremely common with business cards since they typically want to find out a little more about the business. Instead of calling the reconsideration line, I just let this one play out on it’s own. I was pretty positive that I’d be receiving an application declined letter in the mail anyways.

Last night, I received a call from Chase regarding my Chase Ink Preferred application. They wanted to know more about the business. The gross annual revenue and profit for the business, the type of business, etc. I answered the questions and after a few minutes was told that I was approved. I must admit, I am pretty shocked. I am not sure if I was pre-approved for this card or if it is because I applied on the exact same day as the Chase Sapphire Reserve and as of that morning I really only had 4 opened cards in the past 24 months. My understanding is that this card does fall within the normal “5/24” rule, so I am not 100% sure how I got around it.

Once I hit the minimum spend I will be 180,000 Ultimate Reward points richer! Anyone else have any experience getting past Chase’s “5/24” rule by applying for multiple cards on the same day? Feel free to comment below with your experience.

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  1. I am something like 16/24 and have tried twice in branch when traveling to see if I was pre-approved in branch as an exception to the rule. No luck so far! My mom was 4/24 and of course had no issue getting the Reserve!

  2. I am past 5/24 and will clear next year. Anyway I applied for CSR and got approved online this late October, I am currently meeting my spend and applied for CSP and I was approved immediately as well. I got my CSP card yesterday and next year I will be 150,000 UR points richer. I just spent my $300 credit for a trip in asia and the credit just post in my statement.

  3. Hi there! I’m new to the points earning game and when I see posts like this just don’t understand what people do with so many cards. I have the Chase Sapphire Reserve and am just trying to charge every little thing on that to gain points. What’s the point of spreading purchases out among several cards, it seems like you’d never earn enough points to redeem for anything substantial? Plus the renewal fees. Please explain. Thanks so much!

    • So depends on the card but since you have the CSR you might want to get both the Freedom(5x rotating categories) and Freedom unlimited(1.5x). Then what you do is this

      If you can get 5x use freedom
      Else if you can get 3x(dining travel) use CSR
      else use freedom unlimited for 1.5x

      Then move all points to CSR and spend from there.

    • The object of the game is not to use the same card but apply for new cards, hit the spend requirements, get the bonus and move onto the next new card.
      Thats why 5/24 is so critical it stops you from getting too many cards within a 2 year time frame

      • Wow, u guys sound like experts! There’s so much to learn & to me, so intimidating. So when you’re done with one card, u don’t close it, correct? U just no longer use it?

        • One of the things that helps a credit score is having at least one card that you’ve held open for a long time. I have an Amex that’s been with me since 1972.

          I put everything on a card. If they don’t take cards (taxes, car payments[*]) I use Since I pay quarterly estimates, hitting minimum spend is easy. I do close cards at year (anniversary) end (put a note in your calendar; I’ve forgotten to check an open but not used card and not only had an annual fee, but also a late fee and a credit hit for late payment). I don’t mind the extra fee that Plastiq and the tax payment folks charge, but some here do.

          First and foremost rule: do not carry a balance. The interest charges wipe out the travel savings.

          [*] I bought a new car last April and they offered me an interest-free loan. I make payments via Pastiq and then pay the card in full every month. Otherwise I wouldn’t take the loan. Unlike most people, I save for a car then buy it rather than buy and pay it off.

        • @terry – it depends on the card and the benefits received. For example, the IHG card gives you a free night every year to use at any of their hotels. While I never use this card for regular purchases, I keep the card despite the $49 annual fee to get that free night. Some cards on the other hand have a large annual fee, such as $450, and for most people the benefits do not outweigh the cost so they’ll close them before the 2nd year annual fee hits.

    • @terry – many people sign up for the initial sign up bonus and then use the card that will earn them the most points depending on the purchase. Many cards also earn the same point currency. For example, there are many cards that will earn chase ultimate reward points and points earned from those credit cards can be combined.

  4. My 5th card dropped off in Nov sof on Dec 1 I applied for CSR and got pending, called reconsideration, moved credit around and got approved. Then I immediately applied for Ink Preferred, got pending, called reconsideration, moved credit around and got approved! Yay

  5. For the rest of us (me 28/24) the Platinum leak combined with Avianca was the poison to pick. That offered 100k+60k easy points. Had to replenish the United account with the SPG/Marriott to United promo conversion for 168k Marriott to 93750 United points. Need to find creative workarounds without access to CSR…

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