How I am Maximizing My Amex Offers…. And Earning $825 Along the Way!

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It seems like the end of the year always brings some unbelievable Amex Offers where I am literally able to make hundreds of dollars just by being an American Express card member. Between my husband and I we have 11 American Express credit card and just received $825.89 back in statement credits over the past few weeks! All of these transactions were purchasing gift cards that will be redeemed within the next few months for purchases I’d be making anyways.

All of these offers expire within the next 6 weeks (and most by the end of the month) s so make sure to take advantage before they end! Unfortunately, some are targeted and some have already hit maximum enrollment. But, if you’ve already registered you are good to go!

Newegg: Spend $200, receive a $25 statement credit (expires 12/31/2016)

We have 10 cards eligible for this offer. While Newegg sells many popular gift cards, such as Hyatt, American Airline, Carnival Cruises, Home Depot, etc. they also sell Vanilla eGift Cards. A $200 gift card has a $9.95 transaction fee, so after the $25 statement credit it will cost $184.95. This is a $15.05 money making deal for all 10 cards. While I personally could have gotten a bigger value with other gift cards that do not tack on a transaction fee, right now I’d prefer a flexible gift card that I consider being the same as cash. Related blog post

  • Statement credit received = 10 x ($25 – $9.95 fee) = $150.50 Spend $100, receive a $20 statement credit (expires 12/31/2016)

Again, we have 10 cards enrolled in this offer. This offer is for purchases at only, NOT in-store purchases. Staples sells a ton of merchant gift cards online and from time to time there are discounts on gift card purchases as well. For this offer, I personally purchased one $100 Target gift card, two $100 Whole Foods gift cards, and two Home Depot gift cards. With my remaining 5 cards I’ll be purchasing $100 Visa gift cards. These gift cards come with a $6.95 transaction fee, which means after the statement credit I’ll be walking away with a $13.05 money making deal. I only wanted to purchase merchant gift cards for stores I knew I’d be able to redeem right away and then preferred the flexible gift card that I consider to be cash for the rest. Related blog post

  • Statement credit received = (5 x $20) + (5 x ($20 – 6.95 fee)) = $165.25

BJ’s Wholesale Club: Spend $100, receive a $25 statement credit (expires 12/31/2016)

I have 9 cards registered for this offer. While BJ’s sells other merchant gift cards at a slight discount, I purchased regular BJ’s gift cards to use during future shopping trips. I am all about shopping at wholesale clubs (although I do prefer Costco), but am happy to shop wherever I save money! There is a BJ’s Wholesale Club about 20 minutes from where I live and will probably spend all the gift cards purchased after about 3 shopping trips. Related blog post

  • Statement credit received = 9 x 25 = $225

Office Depot: Spend $100, receive a $20 statement credit (expires 12/31/2016)

Unfortunately I only have 1 card registered for this offer. This offer is for in-store or online purchases. I purchased $100 worth of Shell gift cards as there is where we frequently fill up for gas. This gift card will be used probably within the month! They sell many other merchant gift cards as well or Visa gift cards.

  • Statement credit received = 1 x $20 = $20

Sam’s Club: Spend $100+, receive 20% back, up to $1,250 (expires 1/31/2017)

This offer is also extremely limited and unfortunately I only have it on one of my cards. With this offer you can receive up to $250 in a statement credit, which is pretty amazing! Quite honestly, this is probably one of the best offers of the year and I am bummed that it didn’t appear on more of my cards.

While Sam’s Club sells merchant gift cards at a discount, i.e., Disney, I do not have any Disney plans in my immediate future, so I opted for MasterCard gift cards. You can purchase a $500 gift card that comes with a $4.94 fee. I purchased two $500 gift cards and one $235 gift card. After the 10% statement credit, you’ll pay $999.85 for $1,235 worth of gift cards. The gift cards can then be used at any merchant that accepts MasterCards.

Other options to maximize involves purchasing Disney, Southwest, and just regular Sam’s Club gift cards that can be used at Walmart. Related blog post

  • Statement credit received = $249 – (3 x $4.94 in fees) = $235.14

Cell Phone: Receive a 10% statement credit on your cell phone bill, up to $30 (expires 1/31/2017)

I only have this offer on one of my cards, but I went ahead and prepaid my bill for $30 on my targeted Amex credit card. Even though the American Express credit card is not the card that is auto-billed, I was able to set up a pre-payment for this card and those funds will be used for the next statement or two. This was an extremely easy offer to take advantage of and triggered the statement credit immediately.

  • Statement credit received = 1 x $30 = $30

So with all of these statement credits, my husband and I made $825.89. And there might even be a few opportunities to make some more money depending on a few purchases over the next few weeks. Other offers that are on our cards that we might take advantage of include: Delta, Hayneedle, Macy’s, Best Buy and ExxonMobile. With the Delta offer, purchasing a gift card should trigger the statement credit, but I need to look into it a little more. And I am currently looking to purchase a new computer, so the Best Buy offer might come in handy. But if I take advantage of those offers, which it won’t be “money making opportunities”, it will provide savings on purchases I’d be making anyways.

Hopefully many of you were able to take advantage of these extremely lucrative offers as well! And fingers crossed there are some more good ones to come soon! Feel free to comment below with how you are taking advantage of these offers and any other ones you received.

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  1. For Sam’s Club, the offer is 20% , which is what you used in your calculation but you said 10%. Did you buy the MasterCards in separate transactions and still have success? Do they work as PIN debit cards at Walmart?

    I have this offer on two of my cards…I think I might buy $750 Sam’s Club GC + a $500 MC and see how it goes, then make another trip to Sam’s later…

  2. I guess I’m pretty stupid because I can not find any gift cards sold at Office Depot online except their own and iTunes. Perhaps they only sell gift cards in store?

  3. I’m confused about the amount of money you purchased at Sam’s Club. Why not the full amount? Did you just run out of money?

    • @Randy – I purchased $1,235 in gift cards. On top of that I paid $4.94 three times equaling $14.82. That means in total I paid $1,249.82 which is only 18 cents shy of the $1,250 maximum.

      • I think I missed the “two” $500 cards. Got it now – thanks. We’ve got the offer on two SPG cards – and I’ll max them out – but boy do i miss the days of easy liquidation. Thanks again.

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