Awesome Amex Offer for Google Express Shopping! Free Money to Costco, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, etc.

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For those of you that like taking advantage of the free money with Amex Offers, I have a great new offer for you! A few days ago, Google Express popped up (although targeted) where you can receive a $20 statement credit with a $50 or more purchase. I was targeted on only two of my cards and fully plan on taking advantage of this free money. Make sure to use the multiple browser trick to register for the same offer on multiple cards. This offer expires December 28, 2017. If you have no idea what Google Express is, read below.

What is Google Express?

Google Express is an awesome service, run by Google obviously, where they will hand deliver or ship purchased items from participating stores. Some stores include Costco, Target, Babies R Us, Kohl’s, Staples, Walgreens, Barnes & Nobles, Walmart, Whole Foods, etc. The exact stores depend on your location. I’ve personally been using Google Express for 3+ years and am obsessed with it! I started using it while living in NYC and am so happy that they expanded it where they now ship items from a central hub to allow those in the burbs to take advantage. While living in NYC, I was able to place an order and typically receive the purchased items within a few hours. It came in very handy for my Costco and Target shopping purchases! Now, being in the suburbs of Boston, purchases typically take a few days to arrive at my doorstep, but at least I do not have to leave my house!

With this service, you purchase your items directly through the Google Express site and you typically pay the exact price if you were to shop directly through that merchant. Although, over the past few months I have seen some pricing differences depending on the store, item, and location. It used to be that you were never overpaying for an item, but now it seems as though you still aren’t overpaying compared to the base price but maybe not getting the same sale price. Overall though, pricing is comparable and the convenience is great. Google Express also has amazing customer service! For example, I receive a bulk supply of baby crackers which an expiration date in December. There was no way we would be able to consume all the crackers and I felt like this type of item would have at least a 6+ month shelf life. I called Google and they immediately credited me for my purchase.

Maximizing this Offer

New members can also receive $10 off their first purchase and this CAN be combined with the Amex Offer- you just need to sign up through a referral link (this is my referral, thank you in advance for using it, but feel free to leave yours in the comments section as well). So if you make a $60 purchase, for example, you’ll really only be paying $30! You just need to make sure the final purchase price is $50 so it will trigger the statement credit which you’ll probably receive within a few days of your purchase. Remember, Google Express no longer charges a monthly fee, but their minimum delivery amount has increased with most stores requiring a $25 or $35 purchase for free delivery. The Amex Offer also doesn’t require you to spend $50+ in one transaction, you can spread it out over multiple transactions.

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  1. Google express is a terrible service. The items ship from Los Angeles, which has the highest sales tax rate in the country and that’s the rate they charge you no matter where you are.

    In addition, shipments are often late or don’t show up at all (but to be fair they are good about refunding)

    I found it to be too much hassle compared to Amazon. I don’t know how Google thought it could compete in this market with no advantage whatsoever over Amazon or Ali baba

    • @Sandy – I am so sorry it hasn’t worked out for you. I live outside of Boston and the items are sent from a facility close by, so I pay Massachusetts tax, which I’d pay if I went to the store.

      I personally LOVE Google Express because of the Costco option primarily. I used to love it even more when I lived in NYC and someone would hand deliver me diapers from Target that same day! But totally understand it isn’t for everyone. For me though, it is great.

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