Giftagram 20% off for Cyber Monday! Combine with the Free Gift/Money Maker Promotion!

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UPDATE: Mid-day they changed the new member bonus to $15 instead of $20 so that will change the math below.

Last week I wrote about a way to combine two different offers to get a free gift via Giftagram and make a $5 profit. While this promotion is still running, Giftagram is offering a 20% discount on all purchases today only for Cyber Monday. This means you can purchase an even more expensive gift and get it ultimately for free! For those who do not know what Giftagram is: A pretty cool concept where you can send a gift to someone and you do not need to have their address. You just enter the recipients phone number and email address and they receive a message on how to redeem the gift that was sent their way.

While searching through the site I’ve found that some items are exactly the same price as purchasing them elsewhere while other items are significantly overpriced. But by combining these offers you can actually purchase something quite nice and make money!

Getting a $60 gift for free plus a $5 profit!


Offer 1: First, you’ll need to download the app Drop. With Drop you earn points after making a purchase at a participating merchant with your linked credit/debit card. Right now, they have a one-time offer after making a purchase at Giftagram. Make a $40+ purchase, receive 30,000 Drop points. But, right now for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Drop has some “Boosted Offers” where can you receive up to a 2.5x boost on the points earned. While there are only a few participating merchants, Giftagram is one of them and offering a 1.5x boost. Keep in mind while it lists an amount for tax, when you are actually charged there is no tax tacked on (that has at least been my experience, but it might depend on the item, store it is being shipped from, and where you live). 

The way I read it, it means that you’ll earn 45,000 Drop points after meeting the terms of the promotion (which requires you to spend $40 or more on your linked credit card). 45,000 Drop points is equivalent to $45 and can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards, such as Starbucks, Old Navy, Dunkin’ Donuts, iTunes, Amazon, Nordstrom, Whole Foods, etc. I always redeem for Amazon gift cards since I make purchases at Amazon all the time anyways and think of it as cash. If you are new to Drop you can sign up here or use my referral code ov7lj – feel free to leave your referral code in the comments section as well. FYI: Make sure you activate the offer prior to making the purchase! 

NOTE: I reached out to Drop to get full clarification on the 1.5x boost since it still says 30,000 points and not 45,000 points. Back in October it was only a 20,000 point offer and then in early November moved to a 30,000 point offer, which is a 1.5x increase, so hoping that this wasn’t a delayed announcement on Drops part. Although, after my post last week some readers contacted Drop and were told that the 30,000 points included the 1.5x offer. I took advantage of this offer over the weekend and have yet to receive any points so I am not 100% sure how it will be handled. IF it ends up being 30,000 points, then that still means you are getting $30 off the price. 

Offer 2: If you are new to Giftagram, which I assume most of you are, you can sign up with a referral code and receive $20 off your first gift purchase. That means you can purchase a $60 gift after the 20% Cyber Monday promo, get $20 off your purchase, and your final price of $40 will trigger the 30,000 bonus points + 1.5x boost from Drop. Since the 45,000 points is equivalent to $45, this means your $60 purchase will ultimately MAKE YOU $5 in gift cards! Assuming it is actually 45,000 points. Or, if you find a slightly more expensive item, you can think of it as $65 off your purchase. That is a great deal! Giftagram is only available for iOS devices – you can download it here and enter promo code JY248974 to get your free $20 – feel free to leave your referral code in the comments section as well.

Offer 3: TODAY ONLY, all items are 20% off for Cyber Monday. This means if you are trying to spend the least amount out of pocket as possible, find a $75 (or slightly more) gift, which will cost you $60 after the 20% promo. So if you purchase a $75 item, it will cost you $60, but the $20 credits will bring it down to $40. That $40 put on your Amex card tied to your Drop account will then trigger the bonus offer!


While there are not a ton of items for purchase through the site, you should absolutely be able to find something that works for you! I mean why not – it is ultimately free (as long as you consider one of those gift card options as cash) and you’ll get an extra $5 on top of it (hopefully!).

Giftagram seems to be a great place if you need to send a baby gift, engagement gift, client gift, birthday gift, etc. While I am not sure I’d use Giftagram too often, it does seem like a great place for certain types of gifts. I can foresee my husband using it often when he needs to send a client some sort of care package (and on an expense account!).

Anyone find a good buy?!

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  1. My referral code is ID252609. Thanks in advance if you use it! I went with the Diptyque Holiday trio set and it was a great deal!

  2. I use both Drop and Giftagram so I got this deal! Highly recommend Drop which can also be linked with the Carrot rewards app to earn points by using your step counter.

    Drop code: 0zpx6
    Giftagram code: EG265673
    Carrot code: elizabethg2345

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