Everything You Need to Know About Your Current Marriott and Starwood Status, And Earning Status in the Future

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Last week was the big announcement regarding the future of Marriott and Starwood. One of the questions many folks had going into this announcement was how elite status was going to be affected – both for those who have already earned it as well as how to earn it going forward. So here is everything you need to know!

Earning Elite Status in 2018

For both Marriott and Starwood members, there are two different ways you’ll be able to earn elite status in 2018:

1. Earn elite status under the CURRENT requirements.

You have until December 31, 2018 to earn status with today’s requirements. But, you will not be able to combine stays with both Starwood and Marriott to earn the status. To earn under the current requirements, you must stick to only Starwood properties to earn Starwood status and only Marriott properties to earn Marriott status.

Current Starwood Requirements:

This is great for Starwood members as you’ll be able to earn status based on stays and not solely on nights (going forward you’ll only be able to earn status based on nights).

  • Gold status = 10 stays or 25 nights
  • Platinum status = 25 stays or 50 nights
  • Platinum 50 = 50 nights
  • Platinum 75 = 75 nights
  • Platinum 100 = 100 nights

*Remember, both Starwood credit cards give you 2 stays and 5 nights towards status. If you have both cards that equals 4 stays and 10 nights towards status. This benefit can still be used for earning status in 2018.

Current Marriott Requirements:

The main reason you’ll want to earn Marriott status with the current requirements is because of the way they are matching your earned status with the new status requirements. With the current requirements you’ll be matched to a higher status at the Gold and Platinum level.

  • Silver status = 10 nights
  • Gold status = 50 nights
  • Platinum status = 75 nights

*Remember, both the Marriott Premier credit cards give you 15 nights towards status.

2. Earn elite status under the NEW requirements. 

On August 1st, the new status requirements will come into place and all stays with BOTH Starwood and Marriott during the entire 2018 calendar year will count towards earning this status.

  • Silver Elite status = 10 nights
  • Gold Elite status = 25 nights
  • Platinum Elite status = 50 nights
  • Platinum Premier Elite status = 75 nights
  • Platinum Premier Elite 100 status = 100 nights + $20,000 qualifying spend at Marriott and Starwood properties

This is great for those that stay at both Marriott and Starwood properties throughout the year and are not able to earn status at one individual chain. It also will allow you to be more of a free agent throughout the year and stay at either chain.

Matching Elite Status

Once the program transfers over to the new program in August, you’ll be matched to a new elite level.

Starwood Match

  • Starwood Gold = Marriott Gold Elite
  • Starwood Platinum = Marriott Platinum Elite
  • Starwood Platinum 50 = Marriott Platinum Elite
  • Starwood Platinum 75 = Marriott Platinum Premier Elite
  • Starwood Platinum 100 = Marriott Platinum Premier Elite

Marriott Match 

  • Marriott Silver (current) = Marriott Silver Elite (new)
  • Marriott Gold (current) = Marriott Platinum Elite (new)
  • Marriott Platinum (current) = Marriott Platinum Premier Elite (new)

You also have all of 2018 to earn status under the current requirements (as described in the section above) to then be matched to the new status levels.

Earning Lifetime Elite Status in 2018

I think what I am most happy about is how they are dealing with lifetime status. Those who have already earned lifetime status in both programs will maintain their status and they are actually giving a big bump up to those who have already earned Marriott Platinum Lifetime status! They are also allowing you to continue to earn lifetime status under the CURRENT requirements as well as under the NEW requirements coming in August.

1. Earn lifetime status under the CURRENT requirements.

You’ll have until December 31, 2018 to earn lifetime status under the CURRENT requirements. Similar to earning regular status though, to earn lifetime status with Starwood, only Starwood hotels will count and to earn lifetime status with Marriott, only Marriott hotels will count.

Current Starwood Requirements

While the number of nights required to earn lifetime status with Starwood isn’t that high, having that many years of elite status might be the challenge.

  • Lifetime SPG Gold = 250 nights and 5 years of elite status
  • Lifetime SPG Platinum: 500 nights and 10 years of Platinum status

Current Marriott Requirements

To earn lifetime Marriott status under the current requirements are quite high and earning status under the new program will most likely be easier. With that being said, if you earn Marriott Lifetime Platinum prior to the end of the year, that will transfer to Marriott Lifetime Platinum Premier and will be the only opportunity to earn this lifetime status. Going forward only those grandfathered in will be able to hold this elite status – there will be no opportunity to earn Platinum Premier Lifetime status under the new requirements. Also, earning Lifetime Gold status will lock you into Lifetime Platinum status come August.

  • Lifetime Silver = 250 nights and 1.2 million points
  • Lifetime Gold = 500 nights and 1.6 million points
  • Lifetime Platinum = 750 nights and 2 million points

*Remember that all points earned count towards the points requirement. This includes points earned from hotel stays, points earned from credit card spend, purchased points, points transferred to you from another account, and points transferred from another program such as Chase Ultimate Rewards. Points transferredrom your Starwood account will NOT count towards lifetime status.

2. Earn lifetime status under the NEW requirements.

You can also earn lifetime status with the NEW requirements being put in place. The requirements are actually fairly generous and they will COMBINE your current lifetime progress with both programs! This is great for those that have stayed at both Marriott and Starwood properties throughout the years. Many folks will be pleasantly surprised that they reached lifetime status due to the programs combining!

  • Lifetime Silver Elite = 250 lifetime nights plus 5 years of elite status
  • Lifetime Gold Elite = 400 lifetime nights plus 7 years of Gold Elite status or higher
  • Lifetime Platinum Elite = 600 lifetime nights plus 10 years of Platinum Elite status

As mentioned above, there will be no way to earn Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status under the new requirements, so if that is important to you, try to earn it by the end of 2018 under the current requirements! When the programs combine I will automatically earn Lifetime Platinum Elite status, however, I am actually working on earning Platinum Premier Elite under Marriott’s current requirements. I am only 11 nights shy so will definitely earn those prior to December 31st!

Matching Lifetime Elite Status

If you’ve already earned Lifetime status in one of the two programs or if you will earn it under the current requirements by the end of December 31, 2018, this is how your current lifetime status will match to the new program.

Starwood Match

  • Starwood Gold = Marriott Gold Elite
  • Starwood Platinum = Marriott Platinum Elite

Marriott Match

  • Marriott Silver (current) = Marriott Silver Elite (new)
  • Marriott Gold (current) = Marriott Platinum Elite (new)
  • Marriott Platinum (current) = Marriott Platinum Premier Elite (new)

So there you have it! Everything you need to know about how status will work going forward! If you can lock in your status this year, that will most likely be the best situation. But being able to earn status by combining both Marriott and Starwood stays will work out quite well for many folks!

What will be your earning status strategy this year? And what about your lifetime strategy?

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  1. I registered for the road to Marriott platinum challenge early this month . I have till July 31st to complete 7 stays which I will do . What happens August 1st? Also do I still have Marriott platinum or platinum elite until February 2020 or has it changed?

  2. Does it mean that if I have 2 yrs of Marriott gold status with 137 lifetime nights and 8 yrs of spg platinum with 490 nights I’ll be automatically lifetime platinum in the new program after 1st August ?

    • @Tj – You will definitely have lifetime Gold but not sure about lifetime platinum since your Marriott status was gold. Although they are bumping gold up to platinum for revaluation status by sure if that includes lifetime requirements. Let me find out from my Marriott contact and I’ll get back to you.

  3. I am at 1.6M points and have over 800 nights at Marriott (currently Lifetime Gold). When I read the material that Marriott has released it seems to indicate that Starwood points WILL count when accounts are combined in August. I have earned over 200K points in the Starwood program. I’m counting on these points pushing me over the 2M point threshold for Platinum (200K SPG x 3 = 600K MP). The merger FAQ states: “… In addition, when you combine Rewards and SPG accounts we will combine your lifetime activity across both toward Lifetime Elite status in the new combined program…”

    I understand that my Starwood points don’t count today in my lifetime MP points balance. But, I’m praying those points count in August. Where have you heard “…Points received from your Starwood account will NOT count towards lifetime status….”?

    • @Tim – If you want Lifetime Platinum (which will match to Lifetime Platinum Premier) you need to earn it under the CURRENT requirements which does not combine your Marriott and SPG lifetime qualifications. Under the NEW requirements Marriott and SPG will be combined but you’ll need to qualify under the NEW requirements. The new requirements require you to have 10 years of platinum status, so if you have that then you’ll receive lifetime platinum.

      • I will have lifetime platinum because I am Lifetime Gold in the Marriott program.
        I am interested in Lifetime Platinum Premier
        The FAQ regarding Lifetime status says: “In August, we’ll have three Lifetime Elite tiers, each with its own nights and Elite tenure thresholds. Once you achieve a Lifetime Elite tier, you’ll never go below it, and your points will never expire. If you have previously achieved Lifetime Elite status in Rewards or SPG, we will honor that Lifetime Elite status in the new program (see below). In addition, when you combine Rewards and SPG accounts we will combine your lifetime activity across both toward Lifetime Elite status in the new combined program. Members will have until year-end 2018 to complete stays in order to achieve the Lifetime Elite status thresholds to be grandfathered in at the previous thresholds for Rewards or SPG.”

        What do they mean when they say members will have until the end of the 2018 to be grandfathered in under the previous thresholds? The way I read this I have from now until the end of the year to add 400K points to my MR account. I understand that SPG points don’t count now. But, the FAQ seems to indicate they will count come 8/1. If I earn 400K points after 8/1 in the new program will I receive Premier?

        • @Tim – You have until December 31, 2018 to earn lifetime platinum premier under Marriott’s CURRENT requirements – 2 million points + 750 nights. That means only Marriott stays will count, NOT Starwood. Come August 1st you can combine your lifetime qualifications from marriott and starwood to earn lifetime status under the new requirements, but you will not be able to receive lifetime platinum premier with the new lifetime status chart.

  4. Marriott will count EITHER your pre-integration nights separately with the old rules, or post integration rules with combined nights. Under both, you’d qualify for Lifetime Platinum, it remember that is what MR is calling their 50 night level instead of gold.

    Combining the nights after won’t help you as platinum will the highest attainable lifetime level after August 1. If you want to get lifetime platinum premier, you’d need to get 2 million uncombined points by Aug 1. Otherwise, MR will only grant plat premier to those who qualify on a yearly basis.

    • @303traveler – To earn Platinum Premier you have until December 31 by earning the current Marriott lifetime requirements – 2 million points + 750 points.

  5. I am just short of getting SPG Lifetime Platinum status this year as I am at 9 years and 591 nights with the program today. (188 nights with MR total) I am trying to figure out if I need to earn SPG Platinum status this year with the CURRENT SPG system (with SPG stays/nights only) to get Lifetime or if the following will apply:

    1. I end the year with 50 nights total in BOTH programs (I will have 45 with SPG and 5 award with MR) thus giving me Platinum this year under the NEW rules of reaching 50 nights.
    2. If I get Platinum under the NEW rules this year, does that qualify as the 10th year I need to get lifetime? Again this is the last year I need to complete 10 years.

    I am so confused!

    • @Christian – You have until December 31st of this year to earn Lifetime SPG Platinum under the CURRENT rules. So if you earn Platinum status this year at Starwood that will get you Lifetime Platinum status, and therefore will transfer over to Marriott Lifetime in.

      To earn under the NEW rules, you’ll need 600 nights combined and 10 years of Platinum status. So to earn Platinum status under the NEW rules you’ll need to complete 50 nights (as you mentioned) combined between SPG and Marriott. That 50 nights will earn you Marriott Platinum status. So that will give you 9 years of Platinum at Starwood and 1 year of Platinum at Marriott for a total of 10 years. And then with the 50 nights that will put you above the 600 nights required for lifetime Platinum.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Do you have any clarifications regarding those who received Marriott Gold from the Starwood Gold match? There are rumors that they will differentiate Marriott Golds who achieved it via the actual requirements vs. who achieved it via the Starwood Gold match, and these groups would be mapped differently in the new program (MR Gold from SPG Gold match = SPG Gold = MR Gold in new program vs. MR Gold from Stays = MR Plat in new program).
    Thanks in advance!

    • @Ben – That is correct. So if you earned Marriott Gold from the status match due to having SPG Gold, then they will take your SPG status into account, not the status earned solely from the match (meaning Marriott Gold via SPG Match will not earn the future Marriott Platinum).

    • @Susan – I am still trying to get the info from my Marriott contact. 3 emails later, but he says he is still looking into it.

  7. I am still very confused with the new implemented combined SPG and Marriott program. I have 9 year of SPG Platinum and 1 more to go by this year. I have clocked 29 stays till now but probably short of 33 nights for Starwood. Can I clarify the following:

    In the event I could not clock the remaining 33 nights to meet Lifetime SPG Platinum but still qualify for SPG Platinum the following year (2019). Will I get a 10 Year Platinum status recorded as in the NEW combined program or just still stay at 9th Year and need 50 nights for the program? Of course, I understand that I have to clock 600 nights for the new program.


  8. I have achieved my Platinum Status at SPG in March 2018, through a challenge. Now that the programs have been merged, I have 78 night in 2018 and I am Platinum Premier Elite member. I am not able to find anywhere when my status will expire and talking to a very weird SPG service contact on the phone, she told me it would expire end of this year. This somehow does not make sense to me. Could it be true?

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