Merge Your Marriott and Starwood Accounts to See Your Combined Info!

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Even though you might have linked your Marriott and Starwood accounts awhile ago, you still need to manually merge your accounts to see your combined info (your accounts will NOT automatically be merged). Right now, your Marriott account only shows your Marriott info and your Starwood account only shows your Starwood info. There is really no reason to hold off on merging your accounts and if anything it will be easier now for you to see all of your information in one spot. Not only that, once you combine your accounts, you might see your current status or lifetime status increase – and it is immediate!

Combining Your Accounts

You can pick whether you want to keep your Marriott or SPG account. You’ll notice that your SPG number has changed, so you can essentially pick whether you want to keep your existing Marriott number or new SPG number as your account number going forward. Really, there is no reason to pick one over the other, especially if you were active in both programs. If one account doesn’t have up to date information, then pick the other account.

  • To keep your Marriott number, merge your account here
  • To keep your new SPG number, merge your account here

When merging your accounts it will give you all your Marriott stats and Starwood stats to show you what is being combined. For each program, it lists out your total points, your nights towards status, your number of upcoming reservations, the amount of suite night awards you have, and the number of free night certificates. Once I finalized the merge, it automatically upgraded my lifetime status to Lifetime Platinum Elite. While I will actually earn Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite based on the requirements, my account will not be upgraded until January. We were told that those who earn Lifetime Platinum Premier status based on having 750 combined nights and 10 years of combined status will not see their account updated until January, which is totally fine.

Upon merging accounts, it also states what information you’ll see combined immediately and what information will take up to 48 hours.They are rolling out the merge option in batches, so you may or may not see the merge option when you go to merge your account. If you see the a “coming soon” button, just try back in a few hours to see if it will allow to you merge. Before you merge your accounts, however, I do suggest taking a screenshot of all your separate Marriott vs. Starwood info.

I personally have had an easy process with the Marriott and Starwood merge, but I know that hasn’t been the case with everyone. What has your experience been like? And what is your new status once you merge your accounts?

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  1. Thanks for the info. Like you I have been waiting to see the lifetime platinum premier elite to show up but now know I have to wait until January. Thanks

  2. “Please correct the following and try again.
    We are unable to process your request at this time due to an unprocessable condition. Please try again later”.

    I’ve been getting this when trying to merge for 24 hours. Tried starting at SPG and Marriott.

  3. Appreciate this explanation but can’t help but feel Marriott is out to screw us over. It has never conveyed this information to us and I doubt more than a small percentage of elites, let alone less frequent members, have a clue they need to do this, particularly after having gone through a similar matching exercise to status match. And when I try to launch the SPG web site it now defaults to Marriott and only shows previous MR Lifetime activity, which is almost nothing as I came from the SPG realm.

  4. “We were told that those who earn Lifetime Platinum Premier status based on having 750 combined nights and 10 years of combined status will not see their account updated until January, which is totally fine.”

    How is that totally fine to you?
    LT SPG Plat (750+ & 10+ years plat) maps to MR LTPPE.

    We are losing out on 3.5 months of:
    75% bonus point earnings, and, the 48 hour room guarantee.

    Unless we qualify at P75 now, then, we can have the “promised” benefits.

  5. <<>>

    Fail For Me:
    Can’t log in to SPG account at all without the NEW SPG number I guess. I took screenshot three days ago of my SPG account and points balance and my “old” number from three days ago does not allow log in to SPG anymore, nor my email address.

    Standing by to see if it’s just me before I call……

  6. I just did this merged into my Marriott account but I thought I was getting 3 points for each SPG point transferred, is this not the case anymore? It transferred instantly.

    • @Bonnie – Yes you should get 3x points for all SPG points. On August 18th, all SPG points were tripped so they should have already been increased prior to the merge.

  7. Logged into my Marriott account and a wizard popped up that walked me through the process of merging the accounts. Could not have been easier. I believe that is because I linked the accounts a few months ago.

    That’s because I always do what my daughter in law tells me… some of the time

  8. Be Careful! I finally was able to combine my Marriott and SPG accounts yesterday. I had a little over 100,000 SPG points that were supposed to transfer into a little over 300,000 Marriott points. Well, that did not happen, they transferred 1 to 1 so I only received a little over 100,000 points into my Marriott account and my SPG account was drained to 0. Called the rep at Marriott (after an hour wait on the phone) and she checked with Marriott IT, they said this was a “known issue” and they were working on it. Well as of today my 200,000 plus points are still missing! Good luck!

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