Marriott Changing Lifetime Status Numbers Overnight

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The Marriott and Starwood merger has been pretty much a disaster. The two programs combined on August 18th and still almost three weeks later, information is still not accurate. It also looks like Marriott did some sort of adjustment overnight last night and now numbers towards Lifetime status are very different then what they were previously in members accounts.

When I initially merged my two accounts, my new account showed me this:

Now, when I log in to my account, I am shown this:Somehow or another, my account was adjusted to show I have 10 LESS nights. While fortunately this does not impact me earning Platinum Premier Lifetime status come January since both numbers put me over the threshold, it is absolutely ridiculous that there is a disconnect. And I have no idea what the explanation could be. Ben from One Mile at a Time believes it might be due to them no longer counting nights earned through the SPG credit card, but in my case that wouldn’t make sense. Although his account was hit with a a 65 night difference!

For me, I really have no idea where the 10 nights might have come from. I have had both the Marriott and SPG credit cards (actually both SPG personal and business) for years, so my nights with those cards is well over 10 nights. If I had to guess I’ve probably earned about 180 nights towards lifetime status with the Marriott credit card and about 60 nights towards status with the two Starwood credit cards.

If you are trying to earn Lifetime status, absolutely sign into your account and check the numbers in your account now. Do they match what they previously had? If not and this will be detrimental to you earning the desired lifetime status, I suggest reaching out to Marriott asap. I cannot promise they will make any changes, but the more people that complain the better the chances are that they will [maybe] do something.

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  1. disastrous is an understatement!
    So I have/had SPG Lifetime Platinum status (over 1200 nights and 15 years).I also have had Ambassador for two years now. I’ve never had a Marriott Rewards account and no affiliated credit cards.

    Luckily I took screen shots just before the conversion – of all my SPG pages. (I learned that from the UA/CO merger debacle!)

    Before the conversion date – I had 74 nights with SPG YTD. After the conversion I had 64 YTD !?
    Before the conversion date – I had 5 Suite Night Upgrade Awards (+9 pending on upcoming reservation in November) After the conversion date I had 1 Suite Night Upgrade Award and NO pending for upcoming reservations. ?!
    Before the conversion date – I had 1,262 nights. After the conversion I had 1,292 ?!

    Now when I log on to SPG – I can’t see my Ambassador contact info anymore.

    I was told I would get an email after the conversion telling me my new loyalty Number – that never happened.

    This thing is all F%$#@& Up !

    I was told that there will be another big update on September 13 – we’ll see

  2. Yeah the same thing happened to me too. I thought maybe the new combined program would not count award nights toward elite qualifications. Because I should have been at 53 and the profile was showing 45. However, I just looked at it after reading your report and lo and behold it’s now showing 53!
    Slow progress!

  3. Epic Fail is an understatement !

    *Luckily I took screenshots of all pages of my SPG account prior to August 17th to serve as a backup in case things went south – I learned that from the UA/CO Mileage merger debacle.

    So…Before the integration date of August 17/18:
    I was a SPG Lifetime Platinum with 1,272 nights and 16 years Platinum.
    I had a total of 74 nights YTD
    I’ve had Ambassador service for the last two years and her contact info is on my SPG app & website.
    I never had a Marriott Rewards account
    I don’t have any affinity SPG/MR Credit Cards
    Prior to the integration date I also had 14 SPG Suite Night Upgrade Awards (5 +9 pending on upcoming reservations in November)
    YTD spending toward Ambassador service was $6,352

    After the integration date of August 17/18:
    I was a SPG/Loyalty Program Lifetime Platinum Elite with 1,302 nights and 16 years Platinum.
    I had a total of 64 nights YTD
    No Ambassador contact info is on my SPG app & website.
    I had 1 SPG Suite Night Upgrade Awards (and NO pending on upcoming reservations in November)
    When I sign in using the new SPG app – the info differed from when I did desktop sign-in.
    YTD spending toward Ambassador service is $10,279.

    When the integration was done – and I noticed the changes to my SPG account, I immediately contacted my SPG Ambassador and she was very thankful to see the screenshots.

    I thought maybe the award nights were no longer counting toward elite status (I had 10 nights on award in April). Unfortunately when I contacted SPG – they were not sure either. Apparently everyone both at Marriott and SPG are dealing with a brand new IT platform – not just the SPG people.

    Lo and behold – this morning everything looks where it ought to be:
    84 nights YTD (I’ve had 10 nights in stays since integration date)
    Lifetime 1,282

    Still no Ambassador contact info
    Suite Night Upgrades still show 1 in the bank (should be 5)
    But the 9 night award is pending for my November reservation

    I was told that there will be another BIG bug fix on September 13th….

  4. I am so angry with myself for not taking screenshots. I had actually thought of it and then got caught up with work and forgot about it. I’m STILL missing 10 nights from this year, 100k points, and probably 25 nights lifetime. I’ve emailed my Ambassador twice and all she can say is that it’s a known issue and they’re working on it. Yesterday I received an email to combine my accounts. NO WAY am I doing that until I get the right numbers… that will just be another way for thing to be lost and hidden.

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