$25 Success with American Express Prepaid Card Bonus

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This summer we’ve seen some great free money promotions with the American Express Prepaid cards. In both June and August you were to receive a $25 American Express gift card when loading $200+ on the card at time of ordering (prior blog post), and in July you were to receive a $10 Amex gift card for $50+ loaded on the card. Unfortunately, there is no current promotion for ordering the American Express Prepaid card, however, read this prior post to see how to get 5x points by purchasing re-loadable cards and loading them onto your American Express Prepaid card.

Now, back to the free gift card promotion. The gift card was supposed to arrive 6 weeks after ordering the American Express Prepaid card and surprise, surprise, many people had many issues, including myself. While some actually received more cards then they deserved in the mail, most actually received nada. I let about 8 weeks go by from actually confirming my bank information and after I still hadn’t received my $25 gift cards I gave American Express a call (1-866-207-7970). I informed the representative that I ordered two cards and did not receive the $25 gift card per the promotion for either. She looked up my account and informed me that the gift cards had been sent weeks prior. I told her I never received them and with that she escalated the issue to the promotions department. She told me that if the gift cards did not come in the mail in a week to call back. Lo and behold, within one week the two $25 gift cards showed up in my mailbox!

I know many people had issues, so I strongly encourage you to give them a call. Free money is free money!

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  1. I was actually told over the phone that I was not elegible cause they had to be funded before the due date. However, recently I received $35 in Amex giftcards.

    • @Maury – I ordered mine on June 30th but did not fund them until a week later, thus after the due date. If you did not receive the correct amount (if it should be more than $35) I suggest calling and getting it escalated.

  2. Same here, after calling about only getting 3 $10 cards ( I got the max of 3 prepaid cards at $200 ea.) a week later I got 3 $25 cards in the mail.

  3. Glad you brought this up, reminded me to share my experience. So wife and I both got 2 cards each, and it took a looong time to get the gift cards, I did not time it, but it definitely was beyond 6 weeks. Once we finally got them, they were $10 gift cards. So we called Amex, and after spending about 30 minutes on the phone, they admitted they made a mistake. About a week later, we each received $25 cards. So in the end, we each made an extra $10/card.

  4. This was a nightmare to get done. Waited 7 weeks on 2 cards and got no bonus, so I called. At first the CSR said they could not find any promotion associated with my cards. Then when I pushed she said that I did not qualify for the promo. When I pushed more and quoted her all the met requirements, she said the time for redeeming the promo had passed. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After a 15-minute hold, the supervisor said that the promo ended before I funded my cards (not true). Then she said that the minimum 6 weeks had not passed in order to receive the promo gift cards in the mail (not true, I quoted her the date money was removed from my bank account). She then said that she would send an email to the promotions department and that I should call back in 3-5 business days.

    I waited and called back, and again the CSR did not know what promo I was talking about. I asked her to look at the notes associated with the account. She still didn’t get it, so I asked for a supervisor again. The super could not find the promo I was calling about or any email to promotions. She put me on hold for another 15-minutes…and then came back and said she would just credit my 2 cards with $25 each. I stayed on the phone with her until the transactions were complete.

    It seems this call center is not located in the US and the CSR’s have no idea what promotions are running and when. Be authoritative with them and stand your ground. Hopefully things get worked out. I really think I wouldn’t have received any bonus unless I called.

  5. Thank you for the reminder! I also never received my $25 gift card (but I had forgotten about it). I called Amex today and they gave the $25 to me as an account credit. Much easier than waiting in the mail for a gift card! Also, they should have done it that way in the first place. 🙂

  6. As I posted before, I called and ended up with $35 in gift cards for each of the three prepaid cards I loaded with $200.

    Now I am in thailand, and find the gift cards don’t work here, and forthermore, after several trys I can not reload the prepaid cards from my bank account.

    what a waste of time and effort IMHO

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