Amazing Deal! 70% off Spafinder Gift Cards

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UPDATE: This is no longer available.

At Amazon, you can currently get an AMAZING deal on purchasing a Spafinder Wellness 365 gift card! At, you can get a $100 Spafinder gift card + a $20 Amazon gift card for only $50!!! Assuming you make purchases at Amazon often, this is like getting 70% off the Spafinder gift card. Even if you do not need the Amazon gift card, you are still getting 50% off the Spafinder gift card and can then resell the Amazon gift card if you’d like.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 5.19.18 PM

For this deal, it is only allowing me to add 1 quantity to my cart, but it looks like you can just keep on making multiple orders. So if you want 6 gift cards, for example, you’ll have to make 6 separate purchases. If you are interested in this deal, I suggest buying it NOW! No idea how long this will last or when it will sell out. I assume quickly! This is a huge discount and much cheaper then purchasing them at Costco. You can purchase this bundled gift card here.

Spafinder gift cards can be used on a ton of services, such as workout classes, massages, salons (haircuts, manicures/pedicures, etc.), laser treatment, acupuncture, teeth whiting, etc. There are MANY participating merchants worldwide, both locally in your home town or at resort destinations for your future vacation! These gift cards do not expire! The Amazon gift card can also be added to your account immediately to be used for a future purchase. You can check out all the locations here.


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    • @yy – how is the math off? just realized you can purchase multiple per account, just need each purchase to include 1 gift card.

      • Your math is off because a 70% discount off a combined $120 in gift cards would be implying you’re buying it for $36 (= $120 x (1 – 70%)). If you’re buying $120 in gift cards for $50, then you’re getting this at 41.7% (= $50 / $120) of the full price. This leads to a discount of roughly 58.3%, or 1 – 41.7%.

        I believe what you’re doing is assuming the value of the Amazon gift card is equal to cash and are subtracting that $20 from the cost of the combination to get you the appearance of buying $100 in gift cards for $30. This is only true if you would have normally purchased a $20 gift card even without this deal and then are looking at spending an incremental $30 to get $100 in a spafinder gift card.

        Discounts need to be viewed in totality or you run the risk of being deceptive. Let’s say there is a deal where you can buy a house for $300,000 but for $1 more, you can get a gift card worth $100. Would you then advertise that the gift card is 99% off and discount the initial investment required to get the deal? It gets into a slippery slope and ruins a fair bit of credibility if you don’t heavily caveat the numbers.

        Just my two cents…

  1. I place three orders – my $20 Amazon Gift Certificates will arrive today. However, the three Spafinder Cards were cancelled by Amazon. I just got off the phone with Amazon – she told me this deal was a pricing error, that is why it has been cancelled. She issued me a $5 promo card for the inconvenience.

    As to the Amazon cards, the Agent (English was not her native language), she didn’t understand what I was asking, so I don’t know what is going to happen with those yet.

    The Discover Charge I used hasn’t been charged so far – but, there are three $30 credits in “pending”

  2. I ordered three of these, each separate orders. The Amazon Gift cards will arrive today – however, the Spafinder gift cards were cancelled by Amazon. I called and they said they were cancelled due to a pricing error and offered me a $5 promo credit for my “inconvenience.”

    My Discover card was not charged, yet it is showing three $30 credits, so perhaps the $50 will go through, and the $20 will work.

    Was looking forward to a nice massage – guess I will take a relaxing (free) bath instead 🙂

  3. Amazon cancelled the spa gift cards due to price error, but not before they charged me and sent out the amazon gift cards. They should have never sent out the amazon cards if they can’t fulfill the bundle.

    • @kurt – I absolutely agree with you. While I understand they canceled due to the pricing error, they should have canceled the entire order instead of charging us $20 for a $20 Amazon gift card.

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