Amex Offers Are NOT Dead!

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Amex Offers is by far my favorite money making deal. I write about them often, have spoken about them at conferences, and have saved/made thousands of dollars throughout the years with these offers. They are one of the reasons I keep many American Express credit cards around even though I do not receive many other benefits to justify the annual fee – the Amex Offers make up for it!

This morning I wrote about a bunch of new offers that popped up and shortly after I read a few blog posts by others that Amex Offers is essentially dead. It seems like some folks have reported that they are not able to save some offers on multiple American Express credit cards. I have had readers emailing me for the past two years telling me the same exact thing and it has never been the case. And it is still not the case. You absolutely CAN save offers of multiple American Express credit cards by using the multiple browser trick. Some times there are system glitches or user errors that do not allow the offer to be saved, but as a general rule of thumb, the system is still working as it always has. At least in my experience!

Just today I saved three offers to three different American Express accounts. I opened up three web browsers and saved the offers one after another. Some I did within seconds of each other while others I waited a few minutes. I wanted to really test the system to see if there was a lag or not. From my experience, all offers were saved. I then even logged out of my accounts and back in and saw all offers saved. I also use the new interface and did not face any issues.

Here are my three saved offers to three different cards:

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3:

Now, it could always be that American Express is limited accounts little by little. So from what I see, if you follow the multi-browser steps correctly, you hopefully are good to go – fingers crossed!. Based With all this being said, I would not be surprised if American Express does eventually limit the number of times you can take advantage of an offer and block all other accounts after it has been added the first time. They did get rid of the Twitter hashtag capabilities a few months ago and Facebook offers were removed a long time ago. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen across the board for awhile. And for now, just take advantage of as many offers as you can, if you are able to.

Feel free to comment below with your experience.

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  1. Well here’s a question for you… I saved the QT offer to my AMEX Gold card. I then went to add it to my AMEX Everyday card and it was already there. (I hadn’t already added it)
    Does this mean I can use the offer 3 times on each card or 3 times total regardless as to which card I use?

  2. Unfortunately, I saved staples offer to my 3 cards by using the browser trick, only 1 survived after checking back few hours later. Heartbreaking.

  3. I used the old url login with multiple tabs, loaded same offers to different cards. After logging out and login, the same offers were only showing up on 1 card. Happy you were able to get this done, but this method did not work for me and it’s possible that AMEX is limited accounts 1 by 1. Also, there’s no guarantee that AMEX will honor the same offer on multiple cards.

  4. all’s likely dead eventually…like the WM’s VGC pur with CC; the same WM’s store/system took CC for VGC earlier on Mon was dead…spitting out a paper stating cash/debit

  5. Even if you are able to add to every card, one use the offer on one card…the offer disappears from the other cards.

    • Exactly, the system is limiting adding to multiple cards and, worse, is unreliable now. It may not be “dead” but it’s no longer something people can rely on across multiple cards. That GREATLY reduces the value of Amex cards and makes me not want to pay their AFs while merchants also pay their steep fees. Wonder if cards were all enrolled in separate Amex logins if it would work?

      • I can speak on this as I have 7 cards with separate logins, and signing up for an offer on one kills it on all the others that had it available before. I think this is truly a “Stick a fork in it” situation. I will probably close or downgrade at least 4 of the cards.

  6. I see you in your examples you have only cash back. Are you finding any new membership reward offers? I find those usually much more valuable.

  7. If the offer is sticking for you on all your primary cards, then congratulations. But you are definitely the exception to this new rule. Most everyone is seeing the successfully added offer disappear from all but one of their cards after logging in to their accounts later.

    • It’s showing on both my cards and I didn’t even try the “trick”. I added to one and then it showed up on the other. And something else that is “strange” is that the have different expiration dates.

  8. I always use the multi browser method and it works; six cards with Best Buy $30/$300 deal last week. Not today. Staples only saved to my PRG. I read this and thought I’d try from a different computer and tried the Busch Gardens on two cards. Now it’s not showing on EITHER card and isn’t available for other cards it was showing as before. I also noticed when the Staple $5 attached to my PRG the 2X MR points at is now gone from that card alone. It’s still on my Every Day and Platinum cards.

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