Another Opportunity to Earn Free Money and Points!

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PFS Buyers Club is coming out with another deal today that will allow to you make an easy profit and earn some points and miles along the way. There was actually a similar offer just a few weeks ago, so I am happy to see another opportunity come back so quickly! Related blog post.

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Every now and then, PFS sends out an email letting folks know that the US Mint will be releasing some limited edition coins. If you are able to purchase them, PFS will essentially buy the coins back from you and pay you a premium. Not only that, you can purchase the coins from the US Mint with a credit card and PFS sends you a check when they purchase the coins back from you. So not only are you earning a profit on your purchase, you are also earning free credit card points for the purchase. PFS also makes the transaction extremely seamless. Once you purchase the coins, you will put your order information on the PFS site and they send you a prepaid shipping label. Once the coins arrive on your doorstep, you attach the shipping label to the box, and drop it off at FedEx. Once PFS receives the coins, they will send you a check within a few weeks.

A New Deal Coming Today!

Today, September 8, 2016, the US Mint will be releasing a limited edition gold coin. The purchase is limited to one (1) coin per household. The coin will cost $485.00 and after the standard shipping of $4.95, your total order will be $489.95.

PFS will pay you $520.00 for the coin. This means you will profit $30.05. You’ll also earn points based on the credit card you use for the $489.95 purchase. Not a bad deal for not that much work!

Things to Know

I’ve taken advantage of this offer in the past and have found the process to be beyond easy. With that being said, it is important to follow the directions of the deal exactly as stated. If it states to purchase X number of coins, make sure to purchase that exact number. In this case, you purchase 1 coin. If it tells you to purchase all the coins in one order, make sure to do that. In this case, there is only 1 coin to purchase, so no issue there. If it tells you to not open the box of coins when you receive them at your house, do not open the box! As long as you follow the directions, you’ll be good to go. It really is a simple process, I promise!

Typically, the coins sell out fast, although for this offer it seems like anyone who has opted into the offer shouldn’t have a problem purchasing them. I do suggest, however, to be at your computer promptly at noon ET so ensure you do not miss out. You also will want to make sure to create a PFS account and “opt in” for the offer to be approved for reimbursement. If you do not register for the offer in advance, you will not be reimbursed. You can create a PFS account and register for this offer here. You’ll also want to create an account with the US Mint in advance, which you can do here.


This is a great offer to help you meet some minimum spend while also earning a quick and easy $30ish bucks! I know some folks feel like these offers are sometimes “too good to be true”, but I personally have taken advantage of them in the past and I know many readers have as well. I have never had one complaint from a reader.

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  1. Why did you remove my previous comment and you are not fair with your readers by mentioning that there is a referral link that goes to so they are aware.


    • @gabriel – I never removed your previous comment, but I need to manually approve all comments and am unfortunately not on my phone or computer every second to do that so sometimes there is a delay in approving.

      With that being said, this link, along with many links throughout my site have affiliate or referral links. By no means do you have to use them but it is always appreciative to help keep the blog going. I always also welcome others to include referral links.

      • Actually, and I’m sure Gabriel will be even more happy about this, but we (not you) can’t publish our referral links in comments sections of blogs or other sites (Dans Deals). YOU can, but we can’t. We get a one time referral, ya’ll get an actual code. It explained this in an email I received, explicitly giving an example of Dans Deals comments. From the referral email it basically sounds like they’re not wanting people to spam their referral codes all over the internet. For those like yourself who can refer a large number of people they provide the code.

        FWIW I’ve also sold to PFS and they’ve been great. Deals average every few months and its the best way to meet any minimum spending requirements (even outside of the profit).

  2. Hi Jen,
    I know you indicated you have had positive encounters with this company in the past. Besides prior history, are there any assurances that they will deliver on paying out other than good faith? I didn’t really see a Terms and Conditions page.

  3. Opted in, bought the coin. So far, very smooth. Admittedly, I’m quite nervous about this. Though, I trust this blog…so, I’m confident it will work as you said! Thanks!!!

    • @Steven – I bought one too so we are in it together. This is my 4th time buying and reselling a coin to them so am assuming it will be a smooth process like it has been in the past.

  4. Missed out on this last time and got in the deal this time around, although it took multiple attempts since the site was getting hammered.

    I have some questions:

    1. When the package arrives, can I open up the outside box it’s packaged in and not the actual package for the coin? This is just to verify the content or what I can see without opening up the packaging itself.

    2. Do either PFS or the US Mint website track your IP address? I want to do this for other family members as well who can’t do this at work. They will have their own credit card billing and shipping address.


    • @kevin – I personally wouldn’t open anything. Regarding another family member. I believe it is one per household ,so if this is for someone that lives at another address and has their own PFS and US Mint account I do not believe that will be an issue. I can ask the PFS team directly though.

      • Thanks Jen. That would be great if you can confirm. I’m more concerned if they track the IP address since I’m going to do it on their behalf.

  5. I spent almost a half an hour trying to purchase the coin once it went “live” at noon. The website must have been bombarded and there were lots of time-outs, error codes etc. I do think folks should be aware this doesn’t always happen quickly since it unexpectedly took most of my lunch time.

    • It took me multiple attempts but I did get through after like 5 minutes of constantly refreshing. Several times I was at the checkout page when it happened. I didn’t refresh my page there since it was right after I submitted the order (after the final review). I went back to the original link and made sure it was still showing 1 in my cart and I went through the steps again. Took some patience.

      Definitely not worth it for those who can’t spare the time. A good opportunity for those who need to meet minimum spend on their credit cards or just want to earn some extra points on the side with a small profit.

      • @Kevin – It seems like people that tried right away hard a hard time. I tried at about 12:30 on my computer and had no issues. Took maybe 2 minutes. Although I did try on my phone first and was having issues.

  6. Great tip! Thank you! The whole process was very smooth and I just got my $523 in my paypal account! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It helped with meeting that Chase Reserve min spend!

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