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This post may contain affiliate links from our advertising partners, such as American Express. Read my Advertiser Disclosure policy here. Additionally, some of the offers on this page may no longer be available through Deals We Like. is an online shopping portal where you get cash back for purchases made at partner merchants (You can read more about it here)u . It is one of my favorite cash back portals and I personally have had a good experience with them.

I was just on their site and noticed that if you “cash out” your payment to an Amazon gift card you’ll get a 5% bonus. Up until now the only payout options to receive your earned cash back was direct deposit into a bank account or transfer to a PayPal account. Both perfectly acceptable and easy options as you are getting cold card cash. There is no minimum amount required to get paid also, which I love! This is one of the advantages of this site versus some of the other cash back portals.

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Well, they just added a new payout option and you can redeem your earned amount for an Amazon gift card. With this option you’ll earn a 5% bonus! Depending on how must you use this site that could equal a nice little bonus. For those that use often, this is a great option. However, I personally like to purchase Amazon gift cards at Staples and use a Cash Ink card to get the 5x points (read more about this method here).

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  1. I love how no bloggers ever seem to have problems with TCB even though plenty of users report issues. I myself have never had a payout that I did not have to follow up on, and am still waiting on the resolution of a purchase I made through TCB in September! I am not sure if some of us are just unlucky (I have no issues with other portals) or if TCB is just really good at monitoring social media thought leaders’ accounts to make sure things go smoothly for them.

    • Danny:

      That is a really dramatic conclusion you come to. IMHO

      Sometimes these shopping portals work… Sometimes they don’t. That’s life

  2. I’ve had over 100 transactions with TCB and I have never had a single problem with them. Everything that I have expected to show up has. I feel that most all of this has to do with a person’s computer settings/antivirus. Also, I’ve had probably over 500-600 transactions with Chase UR and ever single one has posted (most being Kohls though).

  3. I have had significant trouble with TopCashBack, especially their Customer Service. When they work, they work. However, when your purchase does not post properly (and I’ve had a bunch of purchases not post without request), their CS is unresponsive and unhelpful. I simply cannot get paid on these transactions. I wouldn’t say they are a scam, but their Customer Service is one of the worst. Although I’ve had similar issues with many other cash back websites, when contacted they at least respond and ultimately credited my account when shown proper documentation. TopCashBack is the sole outlier. I do not recommend using them – the risk is too great. Should you run into trouble you will not get paid.

  4. as said, it’s easy to get paid by TCB- become a blogger and promote them thru a referral link (as in the one above).

    i’ve never heard of a non blogger who likes them. as for the browser/virus setting excuse… that’s their ‘the dog ate my homework’ cover story.

  5. I’m not a blogger and still have a mostly positive experience with TCB: most cash backs post automatically, a few didn’t at all and one of my (big) transactions didn’t move to payout. I followed up with customer service, firmly, and got the money. They were responsive, in a scripted kinda way, but got the job done.
    I haven’t tried any of the other portals, but the automated tracking is error prone for any provider, ie technology issues, user errors, etc. I look at this as (free) icing on the cake: if it works, great – free money. If it doesn’t, too bad, not worth getting my knickers in a twist, moving right along….

  6. I made a purchased in October 2013 and I’ve been waiting for several months for my cashback payment. TCB customer support is horrible. I’m still waiting for my cashback payment as of March 6th, 2014. Don’t use TCB services. Horrible!!!

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