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Compiled Car Rental Promos

Over the past month or two I’ve highlighted some great car rental promotions. While they are all available on the Promotions page of the blog, I wanted to remind you of these great deals and get them into one post so you can see which one works best for you, assuming you are looking to…

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Discounted Avis SUV Car Rental

While this probably isn’t as good as the Budget car rental deal I posted about last week, if you are in a location where there is no Budget and only Avis, this can still be a great deal. For an intermediate SUV, you can get $23/day (for weekend rentals) or $169/week. For a standard SUV,…

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Cheap Budget Car Rentals

A few weeks ago I shared a great car rental deal from Hertz for $13.49/day. Based on the comments, many people were able to utilize this cheap rate and actually save money based on already reserved reservations. While browsing around the Budget site, I was actually able to find a comparable deal to the Hertz…

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