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$225 Roundtrip US to New Zealand!

UPDATE: This is no longer available. Right now, roundtrip flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Auckland, New Zealand are pricing out at only $225! Fares seems to be available on Cheapoair.com for travel July, August, September October, and November and you must stay at minimum of 7 days. They seem to be non-stop flights for…

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$250 Flights to Europe!

On TAP Portugal you can fly from Boston, New York, and Miami to many European cities for about $250 roundtrip! On flights have a layover in Lisbon and then continue onto your desired European city. Some cities are more expensive then others, but it looks like everything is less then $300. Some cities include: London, Oslo, Brussels,…

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United’s London to US Fares are a No Go

I tweeted this out earlier today, but unfortunately the DOT has ruled that they are not enforcing United to honor the London to US fares that were about $75 in first class two weeks ago (related post). The day the mistake fare was released, United immediately stated that they weren’t going to honor the fares. The following day,…

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