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Listen to the “Miles to Go” Podcast and Learn a Ton About Travel!

The Miles to Go podcast series will allow you to listen to your favorite travel gurus discuss various travel related topics. You’ll learn anything from travel deals to hotel reviews to best airplanes to fly, as well as just general industry topics and news! These podcasts have been a huge hit and you can listen to them on a weekly basis.

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5 Hotels Where Purchasing IHG Points is Worth it!

IHG is currently running a promotion where you’ll receive a 100% bonus on purchasing points through March 22, 2018. While I typically do not recommend purchasing points, there are many scenarios where buying points is actually cheaper then paying the lowest advertised price directly at the hotel. This also works best if you are looking to travel…

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Earn Points/Miles and Even Money By Paying Your Bills with Plastiq and Chase Ink Preferred!

Plastiq is an awesome way to earn points and miles by using a credit card to pay bills where you typically couldn’t use a credit card to pay direct. These bills include rent, car loans, utilities, school tuition, taxes etc. Visa and Amex do not allow you to pay your mortgage through Plastiq, although MasterCard…

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