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A Silver Lining to the Marriott Re-categorization – Some New Category 5 Properties

Last week I wrote about some major changes with Marriott’s annual re-categorization of hotel properties. Unfortunately, way more properties are going up a category then go down and the changes are overall negative. Surprise, surprise! While we can all dwell on the negative changes, I am trying to look at the silver lining here. There…

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All Deals in One Spot!

Here is a compiled list with all of the currently active deals in the points and miles world! Make sure to scroll through to check on any offers expiring soon that you need to act on! View all credit card offers here. Hotel Promos | Airline Promos | Car Rental Promos | Other Hotel Promotions: Starwood: Link…

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How I Earn the Southwest Companion Pass Year After Year

I’ve held the Southwest Companion Pass since 2008! That is 10 years where I’ve been able to have a friend or family member fly with me for almost FREE an UNLIMITED number of times on Southwest! I have truly saved thousands of dollars with this pass, which is amazing! It is by far my favorite benefit in…

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