Can I Get the Sign Up Bonus for the Chase Ink Cards Again?

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Reader Michael recently commented on this blog post regarding the limited time increased Chase Ink credit cards sign up offer asking:

“I currently have a Ink Plus Mastercard. I wanted to apply for the Ink Plus Visa card to take advantage of the latest promo. I decided to call up Chase to ask them if I apply and get approved for the Visa card will I receive the current bonus. I talked with someone in customer service and a separate individual in applications. They both told me the same thing – no, I would not receive the bonus points as I already received bonus points with my initial Plus Mastercard and they said the same thing would apply even I were to be approved for a Bold card. Chase goes by your social security number in your applications.

So for those who have applied for a 2nd card and received a 2nd bonus I would like to know how you got around the above? Thanks in advance for your help.”

That is a great question and one I believe many have! I personally have the Mastercard version of the Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus and was able to get the sign up bonus for both cards. So from personal experience you absolutely can get the sign up bonus for both the Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus if approved.

However, in regards to getting the sign up bonus for the Visa version if you already have the Mastercard version I cannot yet comment from personal experience. I actually will be applying for the Visa version of the Plus card this week so can report back. But, I’ve read many reports and other blog readers have commented in the past that they HAVE received the sign up bonus for both versions of the card. Additionally, I’ve also read many success stories of folks being able to get the sign up bonus twice with two Mastercards and two Visa, but this has been the case when someone had two different businesses.

I will put it out there that many times customer service is not completely knowledgeable on how things actually work on the back end. That does not mean they are always wrong by any means, but it is always good to find out what has and has worked from other people’s personal experience.

So my best guest is that if approved you will receive the sign up bonus again. Remember though, these particular cards many times require a call to the reconsideration line as they need to find out more information. Be prepared to discuss why you need another version of the card. There are many valid reasons, such as you want the benefits that come along with the Visa card (such as the Visa Savings Edge program I wrote about the other day), you want to keep your expenses separate, etc.

If you’ve had any success with getting the sign up bonus for the Visa version while already having the Mastercard version, feel free to comment below.

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  1. If I open up one of these business cards and spend the $5000 to earn my 60,000 points, can I cancel the card after spending the points? Also, opening this as a business card, will it affect my personal credit score at all? Any downside to canceling a business account?

  2. Based on our experience, the answer is yes!

    We have 2 separate businesses. My wife and I each applied for and received an Ink Plus and an Ink Bold for each business (and got bonus points for all 4 cards).

    Starting last year, when Ink converted over to Visa, we’ve been “converting” our MC Ink into Visa Ink by submitting new applications. So far, we got 3 Ink Visa, and got the bonus on 2 of them. The third Visa was approved only 2 days ago, but I confirmed with the rep that the bonus is attached. We’ve been cancelling the MC right after the approval. I plan to submit the final Visa application towards the end of summer. Would love to submit it now since Ink is offering 60K bonus, but I just completed an app-o-rama a month ago (got several cards, including a chase personal and a chase business card).

    I should point out that both businesses have federal EIN and have yearly income tax returns. Haad to call reconsideration lines for the new applications and they asked questions — nature of business, and information from last 2 years tax return.

    For business A, I got Ink Bold and my wife got Ink Plus. For business B, I got Ink Plus and my wife got Ink Plus.

    For the Visa applications….
    For business A, I got Ink Plus while wife got Ink Bold.

    Did this so I can avoid being asked why I wanted to get an Ink Bold for Ink Bold. I typically tell them I prefer the charge/or credit option, depending on the application.

    Only once was I asked why I wanted the Visa, and I told them that I wanted the extra 1% rebate because of Visa Edge. Told them I spend at least $10k a year on the Ink MC, and by converting to Visa, I can save at least $100 a year….they were okay with that answer.

  3. I should point out that you need to submit a new application to get the bonus. If you just convert from MC to Visa with same card, the you wont get bonus.

  4. I have received the Ink Bold bonus twice. I did apply roughly two years after receiving the first card. It seems when applying for Chase UR points based cards, multiple bonuses can be earned. The two year data point has proven successful for me.

  5. I applied for the ink bold on May 1st. No instant approval but keep receiving pending review and i will know within 2 weeks. What should I do? I was denied 8 months ago so don’t feel like calling and being grilled. How long does it take for pending review? How many Chase personnel will look at this?

    • @jane – Since the Chase Ink card are business cards they typically take longer for the approval process. The only way to move the process forward quicker is by calling the reconsideration line.

  6. Can I get the chase sapphire preferred for a second time?
    It would be acceptable to me without receiving a second bonus, if required, as long as no annual fee for the first year.

    I got the card four years ago, paid one annual fee, cancelled two years ago and miss it. Do not remember but think I had both the MasterCard and visa versions as I requested a conversion.


  7. @Amanda – If you decide you no longer want the card you are able to cancel it. Applying for business cards hits your credit report differently.

  8. Hi,
    I currently have an Ink Plus (Mastercard) which I got 5/13. I just applied for and received an Ink Plus (Visa) with the 60K bonus. I applied one day and called reconsideration number the second day and was approved and the card was overnight mailed to me. So it is possible to get the bonus a second time.
    Also, Amanda, I had a Sapphire Preferred, cancelled it at one year when fee was due, a few months later applied and got the card plus got the sign up bonus again.
    I have a high credit score, not sure if that matters though.

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