Cheap Tickets to Israel – Act Now!

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UPDATE: Deal is dead. But I have a new problem – anyone have any suggestions: I booked a reservation for my parents and had a typo in my Dad’s first name. They will not change the name. Do you think this will be a problem? Trying to get through to a supervisor, but the line keeps on going dead. HELP!!!

Via Dans Deals I just found out that you can get tickets to Israel as low as $337 per person! Dates are from October 28 – March 19. I had the best luck with Expedia, but you can also try or While I believe Expedia’s cancellation policy is 24 hours from the time of booking, I am currently on hold with Expedia to double check this. Or, if you absolutely know the answer, please let me know! Best prices seem to be from JFK, but you might have luck from elsewhere.

I haven’t been to Israel since I was 16 on a teen tour and absolutely loved it! It is an amazing country with so much to do and sites to see. Book now, figure out the rest later!

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  1. We booked our return on March 24th. Outbound we’ll spend a day in ZRH, and returning we’ll spend overnight at ZRH. You take what you can get.

  2. Great deals out of Boston too. When is the best time of year to go? Is there any way to extend the layover if Paris?


  4. They SHOULD change the name because of a misspelling. I wouldn’t worry TOO much and keep trying to get a hold of someone.

  5. I would think the airline would fix this if you contacted them with the proper documentation. I had the wrong birthday on my BA account (not quite the same thing) and had to fax a bunch of supporting docs, but it got fixed pretty quick.

  6. Did you book via an agency or the airline directly? I know the airlines will generally be reasonable about changes like these, especially within the first 24 hours of booking if you simply say you made a mistake. I am afraid however that Orbitz, Expedia etc. may make this more difficult.

    For those who are saying they’ve traveled just fine with typos on the ticketed name, was that in the pre-Secure Flight era? I wouldn’t take that chance now.

  7. A typo or two, or name order swap, is generally no big deal. Even with the (In)Secure Flight stupidity, it remains no big deal in the main. While it may be a case of YMMV (depending on the exact nature of the typo), it is as much YMMV now as it was a decade or two ago and generally no big deal.

    If you were willing to take the chance two decades ago, continue to do so as nothing has changed in that regard since it is the agents of the operating carrier of the first flight on a sector that are the most likely stumbling block, if there is any substantive stumbling block whatsoever … and usually there isn’t.

  8. Ill never fly to Israel in coach especially on EL AL even for free, i travel to TLV 3-4 times a year in business class, i saw this deal ealy enough to go for but i passed.

  9. let me know if you get through – i swear i triple checked my parents names, but my dad’s name is missing the last two letters of the middle name, and my mom lost her middle name completely…

  10. I would wait until the confirm is ticketed before changing anything. I noticed when I book stuff on priceline, they mess around with the names on the record locators, but when you call the airline after it tickets, the names are fine. Just my two cents.

  11. I have been to Israel many times for work and pleasure.
    Make sure you tell them to stamp a piece of paper and not your passport. If you travel to non-friendly Israeli country in the future, they may deny you entry.
    I always have asked for the stamped paper.

    I have had mistakes in my name or middle name and it made no difference. It happens. My mom was even called Mr. and it was overlooked!

  12. Dealswelike,
    Last year I booked our tickets with Swissair and misspelled the last name of my husband. I called Swissair, they said it is ok to fly, they cannot change it. We didn’t have any problem.

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