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  1. Hi. I am booking my honey moon and it is going to run about $4,000. I have an American Express cash rewards card but it only gets me 1% back so I would get $40 for the purchase. I’d be paying off the transaction in October so my thought is I would end up paying more than $40 when all is said and done (interest). I was looking at some of your travel deals and it appears the chase sapphire preferred is my best option. I would strictly be signing up for the rewards, but am worried about the implications another card will have on my credit. Is it that bad? I haven’t had many inquiries at all, in fact when I called Amex they only did a soft hit to increase my credit line in preparation for booking my trip. Do I just stick with the card I have or go for the rewards? Decisions decisions!

    • @jamon – as you can see, the easiest way to earn points/cash back is on sign up bonuses. While $4,000 in spend is absolutely a lot of money you see that it doesn’t add up to a lot compared to the initial sign on bonus. In regards to signing up for a new credit card, new inquiries only hit your credit a few points and typically you go back up after a few months. You have to open a new card (or not) based on what you feel comfortable with.

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