Getting a Bump in Bonus with New Credit Card Offers

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You just recently applied for a credit card, and then that exact same card  announces an offer with a better bonus and better terms (like annual fee waived). Does that sound familiar? It is quite annoying, right?!

Just this week two new 50,000 point offers were announced: Citi ThankYou Premier CardChase Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa, and Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card. With these new offers, I received both emails and comments from readers asking: “I just applied for the card with a less offer, do you think I would you be able to get the better bonus or their annual fee waived?” Of course there is no set answer, and you might not get the same response as the next person, but it never hurts to try! With many offers coming out left and right, I always suggest calling and/or sending a secure message inuring about upping your past offer to the new terms. Additionally, I recommend doing it quickly before the higher up’s tell the agents not to allow the bump in bonus.

Reader deltagoldflyer commented on a post letting me know that although he applied for a different Citi ThankYou Premier offer a few months ago (where the annual fee was NOT waived), he was able to send a secure message to Citi requesting that his annual fee be waived due to the new offer that was just announced (where the annual fee IS waived). He received a message back stating that they would be happy to credit the $125 annual fee! He initially called the Citi bank rep and they said no. It sounds like with Citi, the way to get the best results is to send a secure message. It is always a good feeling to get back $125 that you already spent!

I also read many of the comments from another travel blog that I follow often (View from the Wing) where readers were able to get a bump in bonus for the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card. Comments suggest sending a secure message will get you the additional 20,000 points (from the previous 50,000 point offer to thew new 70,000 point offer).

I would highly suggest calling or sending a secure message if you have received a less offer with any credit card. Let the representative know that you applied recently and now see a better offer out there. Ask them (nicely!) if they will match the offer (explaining the bonus of the new offer) and let them know how much you would appreciate it. If they say no, ask to speak to a supervisor as many times they have a lot more pull. If they do not budge then send a secure message. Let them know that while you are so excited to use their credit card (they love that!) you are hoping that will match the offer to stay competitive in the marketplace. Also, let them know how valuable a customer you will be to them. Credit card companies hate losing customers.

Please comment on your experience for other readers to see. If you have any success stories on getting a bonus offer bumped or annual fee waived, please let us know!

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    • @Daraius – Always worth trying right! Same reason I made my husband to spend 10 minutes on the phone with Wyndham Rewards the other night (although he wanted to kill me)!

  1. Had similar experience with American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card. First offer was 50,000 bonus.Got that approved but before activating the card they targeted me for 75,000.Took 9 days but was eventually approved in form letter mailed to home.

    • @DGF – Unfortunately I will not be able to make it this weekend (although I would have LOVED to), but have a wedding to attend in Boston.

  2. I sent secure message to Chase Marriott and heard back in an hour or so that they would bump the 50,000 point card we got in Sept. to 70,000 points. Yeh!

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