Hertz Car Rental for $13.49/Day

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This past weekend I needed to rent a car for three days. As we all know rental cars can add up especially when renting at an airport – those taxes/facility charges are a killer. I know many people will take a hotel shuttle to a nearby hotel and have an offsite rental car company pick them up there so they can rent off site and save on the taxes/facility fees, but in this scenario I did not have the option nor the time.

In the past I’ve had some great luck with Hertz as they quite often run promotions for $14.99/day for airport location pickups. I posted about this back in the Fall/Winter and at that time was actually able to get the Hertz rental car for $4.99/day after applying coupon codes. This time I didn’t have such luck, but still thought I got a pretty good deal.

Hertz $14.99 weekend rates

  • For participating airport and non-airport locations in the U.S. (not including NY Metro and HI), Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico, you can get a car rental for $14.99 per day (for Economy and Compact cars)
  • Valid for rental Thursday (noon) through Monday (noon)
  • Unlimited miles
  • Valid through June 15, 2013
  • Check rates and make reservations here (use RQ code: FRDM)

I was then able to apply a AAA code to receive an additional 10% off. CPD code: 1805452. While I personally do have a AAA card, they never checked at the counter. This brought my daily rate down to $13. 49/day.

I then tried to enter some additional AAA promotional codes, but none of them worked online. This happened to me last time and I figured I’d try my luck at the counter. I gave the representative a few different codes and none of them work. I question if I didn’t already get the 10% off, if these PC codes would have worked. The representative wouldn’t take off the 10% code to try for me, so I am not sure. Last time I did this, I was able to use a PC code (I didn’t have the 10% applied), and it worked great. What I’d probably suggest is getting the $14.99 rental and when you get to the counter try having the rep manually entering one of the codes listed below. If none work, then ask him/her to apply the 10% off discount. If only renting for the weekend, the PC codes will save you more money than the 10% off.

Additional coupons:

  • Receive the first day FREE on a three-day weekend rental, expires March 31, 2013 – PC #175711
  • Save $5/Day up to $15 on a Weekend Rental, expires December 31, 2013 – PC#176245 i

Let me know if you have any success!

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  1. I created a profile on Hertz.com, because my old number no longer was recognized. As the preferred auto type, I selected “Full size.” I noticed that the site did not show the prices for smaller vehicles.

    I went into my profile and changed the preferred auto type to “Economy.” Now I can see the prices for all types of vehicles.

  2. A Hertz Gold member would also receive an additional 10% off on top of the other discounts and coupons plus a complimentary upgrade (most of the time I can get 2-class upgrade from compact to standard).

    If you must reserve a larger size car, there seems to be a comparable AAA discount rate and one free day, which is not limted to compact size. Sometimes there is also a further discount for prepaid rate.

  3. I’ve got a question and hope you or a reader might have some experience I can learn from: I need to rent a car from Thursday till Monday, but I want to pick up at 10 am. This amazing rate shows from Thursday at 12 noon. If I book it for 10 am, the cost more than doubles. If I book it for 12 noon, and show up 2 hours early, will Hertz allow the lower weekend special rate??

    • @Carl – Great question actually. I am not 100% sure. I know I’ve picked up cars before/after needed, but never had a rate change. BUT, I do not know if I had actually booked that time if it would have been a difference in price anyways.

  4. @carl…you should be fine…I’ve never had problems before. I also use this trick in terms of returning cars. The late penalty is often much cheaper than having one more day at the end of your reservation.

    • I am looking to rent a car this weekend oct 11 thru oct 13. What is the cheapest rate. Had heard you had a $14.99 a day rental before do you still have it or any weekend rates

      Thank you
      Miss Williams

  5. @Carl

    I have some extra charges with National at KOA. I arrive 1 hour before the schedule pickup time and they charge me the amount equals half a daily rate plus a full day younger driver fee….

  6. Just tried the Hertz promotional using the FRDM code, putting it in the promotional code box. The box won’t take it and the one above appears to be for government employees only. Check it out and let us know which box we are supposed to be using.

  7. I’m flying into BWI for FTU in April, and I am only 21. Is there any way to get a good rate? The lowest I have been able to come up with is about $200 for Friday am – Sunday pm.

    • @Caroline- on the hertz site click on promotions and there is one for drivers under 25. See if that helps.

      Also, post on the milepoint forum to see if anyone is taking a taxi from DC. You can get from BWI to DC easily and cheaply.

  8. Best code available.CDP 1919848 saves 10-20% off ALL rentals ANY location Any car class ANY date.The code has saved me hundreds, and is for ANYONE to use.Can use with special deals and other codes. ENJOY! (Be sure to put in Discount/CDP/Club Code) 1919848

  9. For some reason when I put in the code combination, it will give me the $14.99 per day, but not the additional AAA discount – any help?

  10. Do you have any current codes (September 2013) for getting it this cheap? The cheapest I can come up with right now is $30/day.


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