If a Southwest Flight Goes Down in Price…

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The Amex EveryDay® Credit Card from American ExpressYou get your money back! If you read this blog daily, you probably notice that I am writing about Southwest fare sales quite often! And while a fare sale is great for those looking to book future travel, it also comes in handy for those who already have booked reservations as you are able to get a credit back if the price of your flight goes down. Here are the detailed steps on how to go about this if a Southwest price decreases!

One thing to know, Southwest will NOT automatically credit your account if the fare goes down. You must take the initiative and go through the steps yourself. This is why I am on the Southwest site daily checking out current fare prices of already reserved flights. You can get a credit for the fare price multiple times up until the day of departure!

Step 1:

Sign into your Southwest account and access your upcoming trips. All future reservations will be listed. Click the “Change Reservation” link for the flight that has gone down in price.

If a Flight Goes Down in Price 1

**Note: If you booked your original reservation over the phone you will need to call Southwest and have them do this. Just remember though, Southwest agents are not able to see web-only fares.

Step 2: 

Click the checkbox for the passenger that you want to change the reservation for and click “Continue”. If the reservation included multiple passengers, you can select all passengers. Just remember that sometimes the lower fare is only available for one ticket, so in that case just select one passengers name).

If a Flight Goes Down in Price 2

Step 3: 

Your current flight itinerary will already be populated in the From, To, and Depart fields. Just click “Select New Flight”.

If a Flight Goes Down in Price 3

Step 4: 

Select your flight time and click “Continue”. It will give you the current fare in cash or points based on how you originally booked your reservation.

If a Flight Goes Down in Price 4

Step 5: 

You will the new and exchanged ticket total at the bottom of the page along with the difference. Make sure that the new ticket is less than the exchanged ticket! Assuming the information is correct, click “Continue”.

If a Flight Goes Down in Price 5

Step 6: 

The new ticket price will be listed. If you paid with points and kept the itinerary exactly the same there will be no additional amount due. If the flight information is correct click the “I Want To Make These Changes” button.

If a Flight Goes Down in Price 6

The process is really simple and takes no more then a minute or two. Here are the two scenarios on how you will get the fare difference back:

  • Paid Flight: If you paid for your flight you will receive a voucher for the difference in fare price to be used one year from the date the flight was originally purchased (NOT the date the change process took place). This voucher is non-transferable. The voucher will be tied to the confirmation number of the original flight. There is NO fee for this.
  • Using Points: If you booked your flight using points, the difference in points will go back into your account immediately. Again, there is NO fee for this. This is why I love booking Southwest flights using points!

One thing to note: If you have a companion pass tacked onto your existing reservation it gets a little trickier. The system will not allow you to change a reservation if you have a companion pass added onto the reservation. Assuming the flight still has plenty of seats left, you must first cancel your companions reservation and then change your flight itinerary. You will then need to remember to add your companion back onto your reservation. The major downfall with this is the system takes a few minutes to recognize that the companion’s reservation has been cancelled. Here you can learn more about the Southwest Rapid Reward loyalty program and Southwest Companion Pass.

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    • @rob – As long as you change your flight and do not cancel your flight, you will not lose the $12.50. Since the reservation number stays the same your early bird seating will stay in tack. They start assigning early board positions within 36 hours of the flight’s departure, so as long as you change your flight before this time you are good to go.

  1. Any price drop alert options for SWA similar to Yapta? I’m guessing manual is still the only way to check.

    @rob – I believe the EBS remains linked to the specific reservation, so it should remain if same #.

    See Q&A: http://www.southwest.com/html/customer-service/faqs.html?topic=earlybird_checkin

    “If an EarlyBird Check-In Customer chooses to change a flight, will the EarlyBird Check-In options transfer to the new flight?
    It depends. EarlyBird Check-In is tied to the Customer’s reservation for which the EarlyBird Check-In purchase was made and will be transferred to the Customer’s new flight if he/she changes the flight at least 25 hours prior to the original flight’s scheduled departure time and so long as the change is to a flight that will depart in more than 25 hours. Since EarlyBird Check-In is associated with a reservation, any changes must be made within the same reservation record (same confirmation number) in which the Customer purchased EarlyBird Check-In.”

  2. MP,

    In regards to canceling your companion booking and then rebooking. This was not my experience when I rebooked a flight at a lower rate about a month ago. Perhaps that is because I called in and handled the change of my original booking over the phone. I explained to the agent that the fare had dropped from what was on my original booking and that I wanted it changed to the new, lower fare. She handled that rather simply and it did not change my confirmation (record locator number) nor did it change anything about the companion booking. I was concerned about that latter part but the agent assured me several times that this change to my original booking would have no effect on the companion booking.

    I have checked several times and both my booking, with the lower fare, and the companion booking are still there with the same locator numbers.

    I expect that the difference is that I handled this by calling and getting a live agent.

    The only minor issue had to do with the payment of the $ 10 fee (this was booked with points.) Basically, they had to refund the fee I had paid earlier and immediately charge a new (same)fee. Net effect…..no change.

    Anyway, that was my experience and I thought this could be useful.

    • @James – When you change over the phone you are correct, the companion process is slightly easier. Online, you must cancel companion, change flight, then rebook companion.

  3. this is why ALL airlines should be required to follow SW programs. No penalty to change reservations, no penalty to
    change if fare goes down, etc., etc. Congress should mandate that ALL airlines follow SW consumer rules vs. thinking of them only.

  4. If I paid in cash, and am selecting a flight that is now cheaper – how is the credit refunded? Back to my Visa card?

  5. Does it give you the option to “change” or “rebook” to the exact same flight? For example, if I see that my 10 am flight price goes down $30, can I “change” to this exact same 10 am flight to get the $30 credit, or do I have to select a different flight?

      • Thank you for the advice!!! I just did this for a Cancun trip next weekend and “saved” (got back in SW credit) $350 per person!!!!! Thank you!!!!! I’m premier on United and fairly loyal but this sort of benefit with SW is so great.

      • @dealswelike – I went to go re-book to save about $60 a ticket but when I go through re-booking it doesn’t show the lower price. I went through just to see if it would show up on the final page but it doesn’t.

        Any suggestions?

      • We don’t fly much but have a family trip planned. Looking at southwest. If I book departing flight but not the return flight. And my departure flight goes down can I use it on the departure flight. Not sure we would travel again in the next year.

        • @Tamara – you can use the credit towards any new flight you’d like (just has to be under the same passengers name)

  6. Woo-hoo! I just got a $70 voucher! Thank you so much for the step by step instructions! With most other airlines and their fees for everything I was nervous to change my reservation. But just like you said, it was a simple easy process, and who couldn’t use $70 off their next flight?! Thank you again!

  7. How do you receive the voucher? I have rebooked twice and just assumed it went back to my credit card. Now, I see the ticket says I have unused travel funds. Is the voucher emailed? Thanks.

    • @Mercy – It is tied to the confirmation number of the ticket that went down in price. You will not receive an email with the voucher.

      The voucher number is essentially the confirmation number.

  8. Thank you for this posting! i booked a trip about a week ago and checked today to only see that prices had come way down! they gave me a refund which can be used on the next trip that i book! this is awesome!

  9. This isn’t working for me. One leg of my flight went down $30 (I searched the flight for two tickets just to make sure that there are indeed two tickets available at that price – I even have it open on another browser to be sure I’m looking at the correct price), but when I follow your instructions to change the flight and get all the way to the “select new flight” page, that flight has the old higher price on it. So I could book new tickets at the lower price and cancel the other ones for credit (theoretically – I haven’t actually tried it because I’m not certain that I will travel again this year and that seems like a huge risk for a $60 savings), but it seems that I cannot actually adjust my current ticket price.

    • @Becky – Are you making sure to select just the one-way leg for the flight that has gone down in price? You can always call Southwest and see if they can adjust it also.

  10. I booked a flight for 3 people on a single reservation. I went on Southwest to check and the fare for a single person is less than what I paid per person. When I logged in to modify the reservation I did not see an option to select a change for an individual passenger. I also noticed in the image on Step 2 under “Please Note” that it says that “Changes apply to all passengers on the reservation.” I called a customer service agent and his only recommendation was to cancel and re-book the flights individually at the lower fare. Seems like a good idea, but I am concerned that the fares might jump with each additional booking, thus negating the initial savings of the lower fare. Do you have any advice concerning how to modify the reservation for an individual on a group reservation to get the lower individual fare?

    • @JSK – Did the price go down for all three passengers, or just one passenger? If all three, then you can change to a lower price for all three. If for less than that I believe you might need to cancel and rebook. I’ve done this before but cannot recall. I always book as a single passenger due to this exact reason. If you call Southwest they will pull the fares that they see in their system which are not typically the lowest web fare.

      If you have the points in your account just rebook the passengers and then cancel. Then you won’t be in the dilemma of fares going up. Bit I am nt sure if you are using points or payin for the flights? I personally do not think the flights will change within a few minute timespan.

  11. I took advantage of a lower price leg on a flight to Las Vegas in May 2015. The re-booking date was Jan 2, 2015.

    When do I receive this voucher I have been reading about in this blog? Does it come in snail mail or is there a credit some where on my RR Account? I appreciate any information.

    • @Stan – The voucher number is your reservation number. You will not receive an email with the information. When you go to re-book you will use the Southwest reservation number to apply the credit.

  12. One thing worth noting in the case of speculative bookings.

    A few months ago I make a booking for this june using $60 of unused travel funds set to expire August 1st and $150 worth of gift certificates. I noticed the price had dropped, so I called and they credited me the difference, but that entire amount went toward the travel funds and will expire on August 1st.

    So if that doesn’t make sense… If you have a booking you may cancel and have unused travel funds, don’t use them unless you’re comfortable potentially adding to the amount of those funds without extending the expiration.

    • @Brenton – Thanks for pointing this out. This is one of my biggest gripes with Southwest. With that being said, I suggest calling customer relations and asking if it can be extended to not expire when the original travel funds expired but instead a year from when the flight was booked. Many times they are able to accommodate special requests. I just had a situation that they handled with no issue at all. The number is: 214-932-0333. Hours are M-F 7am-8pm CT.

      • I would call, but I have until Aug. 1st, and just today I got my companion pass from the Ritz 140k “Marriott flight and hotel package” transfer into southwest, so I’ll definitely use it before then… 🙂

  13. I just checked a flight I’ve booked, and it’s dropped $9. There’s a possibility I’ll need to change the departure date, but I haven’t made that decision yet. If I were to get this $9 credit now, and later decide to change to a different date, and if that flight ends up being higher, how would that affect this credit? Would I just pay the difference in fare from the original price, and lose the credit?

    • @Sherri – Essentially the credit is yours until you apply it to a further reservation. So if you have a flight booked that went down in price, you can claim the credit now. If you then need to change the flight and it ends up being a higher price you can either apply the credit to that booking or just pay the difference via credit card and still use the credit at a future time. You would never lose the credit.

  14. Where can I see how many points I originally used to purchase a flight? Looking in my confirmation emails, I cannot find that information. Do they “hide” it until you push to change the flight? I would rather just know if I can get any points back before clicking to change. Thanks! This article is really helpful 🙂

    • @Kelly – I know exactly what you mean! So while you have to go through the change process to see how many points you used, it will show you before you actually confirm the change. In screen shot 5 it shows where you can see whether or not there was a price decrease or increase. If there was an increase then you just cancel the change and your original reservation will stay in tact. If there is a price decrease, which will be noted by brackets around the difference then you can go ahead and confirm the change. So let’s say the difference says 1,000 pts that would mean an increase but (1,000) pts would mean a decrease.

      The only other way to know before you start the process is to call Southwest and they can tell you.

  15. Does this work with International flights as well? Trying to change my Cancun flight and get 6k back in points and it keeps giving me an error. Thanks!

    • @Erica – Yes it does. What you might need to do is re-book a new reservation and then cancel the old one.

      • Erica- What did you end up doing? I have an international flight price that dropped that i would like to have the difference back to me as well. let me know if you HAD to rebook?

  16. Hi. Thank you for this information! Can the “voucher” funds be used for anything other than a future flight reservation? Early Bird, drinks, etc.?

  17. How would this work for a situation where you have the companion booking and have paid for Early Bird? Since I have to cancel both reservations would I just lose the money I paid for EB on each? I have no option to just change the flights and keep the EB.

    • @devon – when you change a flight you will have to cancel the companion reservation and then rebook (which is very annoying). You’ll lose the money spent on early bird for your companion, but you should be fine with your reservation since you are just changing it and keeping the same confirmation number.

  18. My mom purchased tickets for a future flight & just called yesterday to get the cheaper offer we saw online. She was able to get that but she is unsure how the credit will come back. She knows it will be of course to use only for a future flight, but since she booked all the flights & paid using her credit card, will she get 1 voucher to use or will each individual get a voucher for their part of the credit? Thanks!

    • @amanda – The voucher is tied to the confirmation number for where the ticket was booked. When you go to purchase your future flight, you’ll need to select “Apply Travel Funds” and then enter the confirmation number and first/last name in the first section.

  19. I made changes and saved $10 & $9 in 2 bookings. Now I have credit in 2 confirmations, can these be used against a single booking.

  20. If my fare just changed to lower price and I use the “change” reservation, will my credit card be credited the difference? We don’t fly often so it doesn’t pay to have a credit for future flight, or will I have to re-book with my credit card?

    • @april – if you “change” or “cancel and rebook” you will still get a credit. Nothing, unfortunately, will go back to your credit card unless you booked a fully refundable fare OR booked within the past 24 hours.

  21. Does the credit need to be rebooked within a year or do the flights need to be completed within a year? Also can funds with one confirmation # but with two passenger names be used for a future ticket for just one passenger?

    • @debbie – flights need to be completed within the year.

      regarding one reservation for two passengers, I personally have never tried it, but I believe they might allocate the funds per passengers name and then those funds can only be used for that particular passenger.

  22. Thanks for this tip, i followed ur instructions and $54 difference, my question is how long it take to receive credit. Thanks in advance.

    • @Pradnya – Immediately. You just use your reservation number in the Travel Funds field during checkout.

  23. What happens if I book a round trip flight using points – and I selected the lowest points/fare available but I’m not too happy with the departure times. Can I go online and change my reservation for one leg of the trip at a more convienient time which happens to be more points, will I be charged the extra points? I assume so but wanted to ask just to be sure

    • @Gail – Yes. Even when you book a roundtrip you are able to change just one-way of the flight without affecting the other flight.

  24. Thank you for this great tip! Followed your instructions – so easy and so quick. I saved $45 for a Christmas flight reservations to/from Florida made a couple months ago. Does it matter when you book the Early Bird on Southwest? Should it always be done at the time of reservation? I hate to take the risk of losing that money if a change is made, so I always wait until a couple weeks before the flight. Suggestions for best time to add Early Bird?

    • @Mary – Glad you saved some money! I suggest not doing the early bird until a week prior to your flight to ensure you are not canceling it. If you cancel or change your flight you you do not get the money back.

  25. Do you have to actually have to “use” the credit within one year or can you book another flight within that year for a later time?

  26. If I book a flight using points and later find a different flight for less (or more) as well as on a different date, can I change without a penalty? If more pay difference, if less get points back? Question basically is what if flight and date is not like for like?

  27. I went through the process and received $200 back, however when I try to click on my reservation under my upcoming trips, it says “The page you requested cannot be found. It may have expired or been removed. You may wish to return to My Account.”

    I also see where it says I have an upcoming flight that’s not listed. When I enter in the information to find it, I get a message that says Oops! We were unable to retrieve your reservation from our database. Verify the following: The confirmation number is entered correctly. The passenger name on the reservation is entered correctly. The reservation was purchased online via southwest.com or swabiz.com or mobile.southwest.com or Southwest Vacations. Purchases made through Southwest Groups, Southwest ticket counters, or other Travel Agencies cannot be accessed on southwest.com.

    I am now very nervous that I do not have a reservation. Does it take a while to update?

  28. Does this also apply with the “I Wanna Get Away” flights/fares? I want to book but wasn’t sure if it would apply to those.

  29. Thanks to this post I just saved $312 on a round trip for 4 by rebooking – which for us Canadians is $436 due to crappy exchange rate! However I looked again and 1 seat is available at an even lower rate, I looked to change just 1 passenger to grab the rate but it doesn’t seem to allow you to do this any more?!

    • @john – you can always re-book that one passenger and then cancel the previously booked flight. however, if you didnt use points you’ll end up with a credit.

  30. So the flight using the credit has to be completed (not just purchased) within a year of the booking of the original flight? This doesn’t work for me – I got $113 back for my son’s spring break ticket, but I booked the flight November 4 of 2015. After spring break, he won’t be flying again until Thanksgiving 2016 (I drive him to & from school in the summer so he can bring all his stuff). So am I SOL with that $113?

    Would I be able to use that $113 credit for someone else to fly before the year deadline? Or does it have to be the person who the original flight was booked for? Doesn’t really seem fair, since I was the one who paid for it – I should get to use that money for a flight for myself if I wanted.

    • @Mom of a College Student – That is correct. The credit expires a year after it is purchased and can only be used for the person who the reservation was originally made for (regardless of who paid for it). However, I suggest calling Southwest’s customer service number and asking if there are any exceptions that can be made.

      • Thanks. I think I just have to suck it up and be disappointed that I can’t actually benefit at all this time around from the price dropping after I purchased his tickets.

        Knowing what I know now, though, next year I’ll be smarter about it. I’ll still purchase his Thanksgiving and Christmas break tickets early, but I’ll wait on the spring break ticket. That way I can use any credits from lowered ticket prices for the March flight.

        Live and learn. At least Southwest does have some mechanism for helping us recoup the price difference from dropped ticket prices, even if it doesn’t help me this year.

        Thanks for answering my questions!!

  31. Nice Tip but i am unable to see how to do it on only 3 of a reservation containing 4 passengers as price is lower for 3 passengers?

  32. I tried to read through all of the questions and I didn’t see this one, sorry if it’s a repeat.
    If I find a lower fare and receive a credit as explained above. Then next week it goes down again, can I receive another credit, or is it a one-time only? I know, sounds a little greedy. Not sure if I should wait to see if it goes down more. Thank you for making this post, it seems to have helped a lot of people save money : )

  33. If you booked your fare using points, and subsequently re-book (which refunds the points to your account) must the refunded points be used within that year period? I know the $$$ fare refunded must be used in the year since booked period, but what about points? The bank you have accumulated does not expire as long as long as you make an occasional purchase. Do the refunded points deposit into your bank with the old existing rules?

      • Indeed – I emailed SWA too and this was their response:

        “Whenever a Customer cancels a reservation booked with Rapid Rewards Points, he/she may choose to have the security fees refunded or held for future travel. The Rapid Rewards Points from the cancelled reservation will be returned to the Member’s account.”

        So my thinking is there is no gamble IF you purchase using points, should you re-book at a lower fare, as the points are credited back to your account, available for use anytime. Better (although you have to be enrolled in the program) than paying cash and having one year expiration “from the date of original booking.”

        Hope this helps!

  34. Thanks for this great information! I had bookmarked this page a while back and was able to get a refund of points today: a total of 3482 points on 2 one-way tickets. Thank you!!

  35. Thank you for the walk through steps, my friend and I both were able to get $60 credits to use toward a future flight!!

  36. In 2014 I “changed” all of our 5 tix to reprice at the lower rate for the same flight. No Problems!

    Today I tried to do the same for our Sept flight to MCO. After I changed one of our tix and tried to do the same process to the 2nd tic, I found the “price” went up 2000 points from the price I had JUST re-priced to with the 1st ticket.!! Still not up to the points I originally booked at but def up 2000 points. So I logged out and moved from using the laptop to the Ipad. Price back down to the points price I wished to re-book to. Changed the 2nd tic on our party. RR acct reflects these 2 changes were successful. Stayed on Ipad and attempted the same process for a 3rd tic on the same flight. Viola! the price was back UP again. What’s going on? Tried logging in using a desktop and a different laptop and the price was still at the higher amount. How is it that the price (in both points and dollars) goes up and down inside the time span of 1/2 hr?

    • @monica – I’m not sure for that exact scenario, but many times they will only have one ticket left at that lower price. So if you already snagged the lower price ticket, it will go up in price. Unlike some other airlines, southwest doesn’t show you how many seats are left at the current price.

  37. I have credit about to expire on August 10th, 2016. Do I have to use this for airfare or can I use it for hotel reservations or something else? Thank you.

  38. When I’m trying to change my reservation to get the benefit of price change, I’m unable to get through. When I search for the price without try to change my reservation, I see the price as $107. When I login and search for the same flight trying to change my reservation, I see the price as $119. I’m confused if this happened to anyone or just me? Will I be able to get the credit if I call the SW customer service?

    Thank you!

    • @KK –
      Some fares are webfares ony so unfortunately SW customer service might not be able to help. But, are you trying to search with the same number of passengers? If not, that might be why you are getting a different fare price?

      • I missed this :(. I was trying with different number of passengers. Is there a way I can cancel one person and re-book? If I have to cancel both my tickets I don’t think I can get it for $107, please confirm.

        Thank u!

  39. Thank you for the information!!! I was unaware of the fact that this was possible. I Did exactly what you said. I will check a couple of times after I book to see if airfare prices go down. Got credited for $54 for next flight. I thought it was best to book a month or so out. I checked 3 weeks out. 🙂

  40. I am experiencing the same thing Melissa did. When I go on southwest.com and see the exact flight I booked went down to 121…when I payed 149, I followed the steps to change my flight.. (one person at a time by the way)..It makes me log in to my account and then the same price of 149 pops up when I go to change it. I have even had this open in a separate window and it says 121 but when I actually log in to my account and change it – 149 keeps showing up. I have tried several times. Am I missing something?

    • @Amy W – That is extremely strange. Have you tried calling Southwest and asking them to credit you the difference. And inquire the price they are seeing?

  41. Hi, maybe you have more info on a situation we are currently dealing with. Be booked a flight from ELP to BUR 3 passengers for 304 usd, that was booked like 3 weeks ago, then on Tuesday October the 11th we booked LAX to ELP, 3 passengers for 380 usd. I checked my bank account and southwest made the charge for both flights, they got their money, then today I went to the bank and saw I had a refund of 235 usd from southwest. I checked my reservations and they are still valid, I Called southwest and they couldn’t find what’s going on, I’m not a member of the rapid rewards program. I’m not even registered on the website, I purchased as a guest. Southwest says our reservations are fine and don’t know what happened cause the amount we got back doesn’t even match what we paid for our flights. The strange thing is that I checked that they had made the charge on my account and they did, and today all of a sudden this money came back but no one knows why.

    • @Eric Mares – I am slightly confused. Essentially you got extra money from Southwest that you didn’t think you should get? If that is the case, great! You can always put your record locater number into the Southwest site to confirm the reservation is there.

      • Yes that’s the strange thing. We are still booked and they had already charged us but this money came back for no reason.

  42. i bought 2 tickets for my uncle and aunt paid 285 before. now price went down to 203 (for 2 tickets) i clicked changed reservation and selected same flight it said 82 credit (41+ 41 credit for future use

    my question its been 30 minuted i havent received any voucher

    also for future travel can i use the voucher or only the previous traveller can use it (uncle and aunt)

    • @james – you do not receive a voucher in your email. the voucher number is tied to the record locator for the flight that went down in price. so when you go to book a new flight you include the record locator of the other flight to apply to the new flight. i will put together a blog post detailing this.

      and yes, the travel voucher can only be used for the same names of the people who the original flight was booked for.

  43. Update the price of one ticket went down when I tried to do the change this is included

    “Changes apply to all passengers on the reservation”.

    Can not click on one passenger name
    Anyone else have this message pop up
    next time I will book separately so changes can be made

  44. This is great info! Just saved $20/ticket (4 tickets) for $80 savings! The SWA site was slammed due to all the traffic their “spring break sale” email generated. It took me like 8 tries to complete the process but it was worth it – haha. Thanks!

  45. Thanks so much! I just had a 4 passenger round trip flight from Orange County to Cabo drop in price. I followed your advice and was kicked back over 7,000 points for the flights going one way and $166 of SWA flight credits for the flights going the other way. It all took less than 5 minutes to modify both reservations, and would have been less than that, but I was being super careful to make sure the new flights were on the same date, etc.

    Thanks again!!

  46. Thank you so much for the information — like others on this comment thread, I also was able to change my reservations very quickly and painlessly. I’m honestly very impressed at just how swift the process was — I anticipated an hour on the phone and a lot of fuss to make this switch.

    Thanks for having the steps to do this online in an easy-to-read format! (Love the screen captures, especially).

  47. Sorry if this was covered before. I have a voucher from a flight I changed bc the price went down from April 29th 2016. Its only a 48 buck credit, but I wasnt planning on flyinh again until September of 2017. In order to use my voucher do I need to book it by the end of April or do I actually have to fly before the end of April?? Thanks!!!

    • @michele – you have 1 year from when the flight was originally booked to use the voucher (actually travel, not just book). For example, if on April 1, 2016 you booked a flight for April 29, 2016 and then received a credit due to the flight going down, you have until April 1, 2017 to book and fly using that credit. If you call southwest customer service there’s a chance they MIGHT extend it for you.

  48. Prices have dropped and want to do this but have a couple questions. 4 passengers on 1 confirmation used credit card, can I change them all at once? Also to use the voucher in the future do all 4 passengers have to be on 1 confirmation again?

    • @Holly – Yes, you can change them all at once. To use the voucher in the future, all four passengers do not need to be traveling (on 1 confirmation). But the voucher that is used is all tied to the original confirmation number. You’ll receive a voucher per person, which is non-transferable.

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