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Earlier this week, another BoardingArea blogger Fly & Dine interviewed me on how to dine on a deal while traveling. Jason is a traveling food blogger so if any of you are foodies I suggest you check him out – here is his blog. Also, he is giving away a $50 Starbucks gift card on the interview post, but you must enter by this Sunday.

To spice things up a bit, I will also match his giveaway for a $50 Starbucks gift card. Enter on THIS blog post on the best food deal you’ve ever gotten while traveling and I’ll pick a winner a week from now on Saturday October 11, 2014. So comment below!

Here is the interview:

As a connoisseur of deals, what’s the best deal you’ve ever seen on airport food? Is there a specific food deal you think everyone should know about?

Ha. I do not think there is any good deal on airport food! But one tip when traveling is to always bring an empty water bottle so you can refill it after you go through security. This will save you on purchasing expensive bottled water. Many airports even have a water fountain made specifically for water bottles.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten in the air? 

My meal from JFK to Hong Kong in business class on Cathay was amazing! I cannot remember specifics, but they just kept on bringing out more and more food. Mr. Deals was psyched when I fell asleep as he then ate my food on top of his!

What’s a great lesson you’ve learned in regards to eating while you’re away from home?

Check to see if there is a nearby grocery store and stock up ahead of time. Sometimes I even have the cab driver make a pit stop on the way to the hotel from the airport. I usually grab a bunch of water, snacks, and breakfast bars. At hotels that have kitchenettes I’ve even purchased enough to make a full breakfast and lunch. Eating out every meal can get pricey, time consuming, and unhealthy!

Do you have a go-to meal when you’re eating in airports? In your opinion, which airport has the best food? 

I’ve been to the Northwest Arkansas airport (near Bentonville) probably more then any other airport in the US. My go-to meal there was the popcorn they gave out at the bar. It was pretty much the only option at that time! At other airports, I typically get a Naked (juice) and a bagel and I am good to go.

What gets you legitimately excited about a menu?

When it has a happy hour special!

Goodluck with winning the $50 Starbucks gift card!

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. Congrats to reader dubaych for winning the $50 Starbucks gift card! Please contact me at I used to select the winner.

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  1. I was at Love Field in Dallas a few months back and did a double-take when I walked Cru (a wine bar) offering made-to-order omelets for just $5. Delicious and a bargain, especially for an airport.

  2. I love to eat in my hometown airport Elephants Deli. They have great soups, salads and sandwiches (and a hot meal option that varies daily). One tip is to ask for “executive” soup special which is half tomato-orange and half Mama Leones chicken! Try it.

  3. My go-to airport food in Chicago is Frontera Grill…it’s pricey but not that much more than their regular restaurant, and for the same price you’d pay at other airport establishments the food is wayyy better.

  4. This best deal I received while traveling was dinner at a Miami restaurant personally prepared by the chef, Michael Reidt.

  5. With a companion I was given 2 bumps each way that included an overnight Hilton stay w/ food coming and going from the 1st CHICAGO DO.

  6. Best food by far was at La Place in Schiphol’s main terminal. A fabulous, colorful, beautifully presented buffet with tons of selections.

  7. Going to the restaurants/deli/bakery places in grocery stores for a meal. Their prices are reasonable and a much better deal than restaurants.

  8. The best deal I’ve gotten was probably the 22k/night Park Hyatt Paris and Tokyo stays before the award pricing changes

  9. Going into a lounge with a free day pass and filling up on oatmeal and other breakfast items before a flight in coach is the best deal I’ve gotten so far.

  10. My college roommate and I met in London for a short visit, and while staying on points at the Crowne Plaza the City, we were given free lounge access which gave us enough for a light dinner before a play, then a beautiful plate of truffles with a lace sugar canopy arched over top of it appeared in our room, providing us with an exotic and delicious dessert. We returned to the lounge for breakfast the next day. All free (except for the points for the room)!

  11. Near perfect storm of good luck: I was looking to renew my Chairman’s Preferred status last year and looked woefully short going into Q4. Lo and behold, US Airways rolled out a targeted triple EQM on flown miles which also coincided nicely with a few solid mileage run deals I took advantage of multiple times: $88 PHL-DFW; $128 PHL-LAS; PHL-ANC via PHX.

    Sadly, haven’t seen that same 3x EQM offer this year (though some lucky folks have confirmed receiving it).

  12. A Chili’s burger to which I could apply a discount coupon (discounted or, even better, free food somehow always tastes better).

  13. 14 dollar burrito at the airport in CHT while almost missing my flight, and then letting it get cold. Wait that wasn’t a good deal at all? HAHA

  14. DL gave me $600 voucher for giving up a seat on the last leg of my flight home in June. I spent an extra 1.5hrs having wine in the Sky Club (OK, “wine”) before boarding the 45min flight home.

  15. We scored multiple, hand-muddled fruity gin cocktails at heathrow in the Duty Free Shop. It didn’t matter that we were in coach for the flight home!

  16. Went to travel show that was open to the public. Not many attendees. A vendor said that he’d give me and a friend 3 nights at resort he represented in Puerto Vallarta. I thought he was joking, so I said, “Sounds good, but I can’t take anything less than one week”. He agreed. I went and had a really great time (he even comped all our food 🙂

  17. Free upgrade to BA First Class on a flight from Dulles to London after a flight attendant saw my luggage had ripped a huge hole in the side of it!

  18. everythinng at airports are more expensive than normal. From nuts and candy bars at Hudson News to McD’s. The only deal I found is Chipotle their prices are comparable to the outside world!

  19. took voluntary bump on a DL flight from ANC-ORD a couple years ago, which got us $800 DL certs and a voucher for free food in airport while we waited a few extra hours for next flight

  20. The best food deal that I have ever gotten while traveling occured in Valencia, Spain. My travel companion and I were in the mood for some paella as it is my favorite meal of all time. We stopped at an upscale (for us at least) restaurant and ate the most delicious paella valenciano that I have ever had! During dinner, our waiter overheard us talking and say, “It’s colder than a witches tit!” He was very curious about the saying and explained that he would love to know more phrases in English like this one. I laughed and said we would love to tell him some over dessert… Everytime he would come back to the table to “check on us” we would teach him a new saying. Colder than a witches tit, bat out of hell, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, raining cats and dogs, sharp as a marble, dumb as rocks, and so on. Anyhow, we got our check and to our surprise our desserts were comped for our willingness to teach our waiter some silly phrases. So, in exchange for some laughs we got two free desserts!

  21. I was traveling on Amtrak and due to a CSX derailment, our train was stopped in Toledo, OH and the passengers were all busses to Chicago. I had used points for the trip so figured I was SOL but I called customer service to check and they issued me a $100 voucher (and this was before they stopped letting you transfer them to other people) so, when my mom came to visit later that year, we got her business class trip from VA to MD for $6!!! 😉

  22. The BEST ever “travel deal” we got was an upgrade to Business Class on a flight from Toronto to Hong Kong!!! Its a 15 hour flight! Yay! We did not know it was an oversell situation but had “volunteered” for an upgrade if available!

    Loved EVERY minute of our flight!

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