Israel 15 Years later

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Another blog post from Mr. Deals…

Shalom from Jerusalem. So with the ceasefire between Gaza & Israel in place, Mrs. Deals and I were able to actually make it to Israel on those $400 tickets Mrs. Deals snagged a few months back. Up until last week we didn’t think we were actually going to make it!

I will say, this is one incredible place and I’m appreciating it a lot more than I did when I was about 15 years old and much more interested in the 75 or so girls that were on my same trip. Mrs. Deals and I both experienced Israel through a summer trip through our camp. It’s sad to say, but we both have had a hard time remembering certain areas that we visited. It’s great to be back though, as there is so much to love about this country.

I’ll start with the history. I mean there is over 4000 years of history alone in Jerusalem. Today we visited parts of the Old City of Jerusalem that dated back 1700 years, I mean the whole place couldn’t hold up for 4000 years given the number of wars that have hit this region. But 1700 years is crazy and the fact that you can still walk on some of the same stones is incredible.

We’ve spent a lot of time in the Old City, did a free walking tour, which was fantastic and brought us to each of the four quarters of the city. It was amazing to see the influence religion has on each area of the city. While they all have their differences, the fact that they are able to live so close to one another is incredible.

Mrs. Deals and I also visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. I would put that up there as a must do if you are ever to visit. You could probably spend a couple days there with the stories and information they have on hand.

Now, the one thing I do remember about Israel from my days as a 15 year old was how good the food was here. Fresh falafel everywhere and bread stands every 5 feet. By the end of this I may never want to eat falafel or bread ever again. But for now, I’m happy to eat as much as I can get my hands on.

We are only a day and a half in, so more to share. Tomorrow we will eat our way through the Shuk and then probably get lost on our way back to the Old City to cap off our visit to Jerusalem with the light show by the Western Wall. If anyone has any tips of where to get the best falafel, share in the comments!

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  1. Make sure to get a shawarma from Halo Teiman. It is on the way out of jerusalem right next to the Paz gas station.
    IMO the most incredible shawarma in Israel.

  2. i am originally from Jerusalem, thought the falafel in west jerusalem is ok, it is nothing compare to 2 original places who have been doin humus and falafel for over a 100 years and paseed from one generation to the next
    Both are in East Jerusalem
    1. Al Ikermawi on Zahra street
    2. Abou Shukri in Beit Hanina very close to Pizgat Zeev
    Israelis from West Jerusalem and even Telaviv are regulars at these 2

  3. I’m not a huge falafel fan but my favorite restaurant in the city is Sami’s at 80 Agrippas. Order a meat or two and enjoy the best salads (sides) anywhere in the city. I’m glad you two were able to get in on that fantastic fare!

  4. LOVE shawarma and falafel in Israel, along with that frozen coffee drink that every shop seems to have. Wish it was here in the US.

    Yad V’shem is incredible, as is the old city. Make sure to check out Ben Yehuda street. Hope you get to other great cities like Tsvat, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Golan.

  5. Best falafel is Maoz at King George St. 19 . I’ve been going there since 1968. The children of the original owners run it.

    • @Reuven – that sounds great if timing works. We are leaving Jerusalem first thing tomorrow morning though and not sure when I’ll have Internet access again today though. I will check in when i can. Any recommendations in Israel would be great though!

  6. Shalom Falafel on Betzalel! And when you go to the shuk, take a little detour to explore the alleyways of the Nachlaot neihgborhood. Enjoy!

  7. I am happy that you will enjoy your trip however a post like this is never non-controversial. I have been to both the west bank and Israel. In addition to many other regional countries, many of which not possible to travel to today. The best Schwarma is in center of Ramallah, on one of the roads just away from the Stars & Bucks cafe. There is also a very good and reasonable restaurant in Nablus, itself a wonder as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of human civilizations. Note the posters of “martyrs” and all the separate lines for males under 40 and above 40, and women and children, none of which pose an issue for a USA passport holder.
    Israeli food is good, it is just very expensive and unfortunately not a deal given the nearby options, IMO given that this is a bargain travel blog.

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