Okay, So Maybe Amex Offers are Dying

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Yesterday I wrote a post saying that Amex Offers were NOT dead. This post was in reaction to many reports saying that loading an offer on multiple Amex accounts was not working. For me though, it worked perfectly. There were three specific offers that I was able to successfully load on three different accounts using the multiple browser trick

But then later in the day I checked my accounts. And I checked again this morning. Even though they were successfully added, they were not all showing up anymore. While the Title Nine offer still appears on all three of my accounts, Staples and QuikTrip Stores only show on one. All three were new offers as of yesterday, so I am not sure why some stuck and others didn’t. Fortunately though, it seems like all offers that were added by July 31st are successfully showing on all cards.

So I go back on what I said yesterday. It looks like the amazing value that I’ve received from Amex Offers over many years is going by the wayside. Yes, you can absolutely still add these offers to at least one card so there is still some value, but having multiple cards amongst multiple accounts is no longer going to save you or make you the “big bucks”. I personally have held onto many American Express credit cards solely for the Amex Offers. I’ve always been able to earn my annual fee back, plus a lot more. And it was even better for the no annual fee Amex cards. There were times I was able to even save $1,000 in just a few months!

I will absolutely be monitoring this situation over the next few days, weeks, and months to see what is really going on. Will some offers stick to multiple accounts, while others won’t? I’ll then have to re-evaluate my American Express credit cards and unfortunately possibly some. Like many other things we’ve seen in the points, miles, and deal world, no good offer stays around forever, but I have to say this has been around for quite some time. I found my first ever post talking about these offers when it was initially announced. That was back in July 2011. At that time it was called “Link, Like, Love” offers and was only available via Facebook. At some point they changed the name to “American Express Sync”, and then eventually to “Amex Offers.” So to have a full 7 years with these offers is pretty amazing.

Comment below with what you are seeing in your account.

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  1. I have never been able to save much with these but I am liking the 10% of gas at Exxons with no limit and it goes on for several more months! I would rather have the shopping portal like before.

  2. I added the staples offer to my three cards yesterday. It showed as added in all three after I had logged out and logged back in. But today, it’s only on one card.

  3. I’ve noticed that some of the T&Cs for particular offers say only one enrolled card per card member. I hadn’t seen that before. That’s what was on my Staples offer so I only tried to put it on one card.

  4. Hmm I dont think amex offers are dying, just the cheating on it. As the ToS say that the offer is only valid for one card and that even years ago. Amex was nice enought to let the cheating go on so long. Well this is basically stealing…and because of that everything gets devalued. Its not because people maximize the system, they cheat it and abuse it.
    Thats why stuff gets shut down, changed, and so on. If you want to get rich, work for it. Its still possible, but not from just sitting and cheating a system. Now everyone crys because they cant use the cheats anymore? really?

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