Getting Your Priority Pass for Airport Lounges with Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card

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The Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPENOne of the perks of the popular Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card is a Priority Pass Select membership. This membership gives you unlimited access to participating airport lounges plus you are able to bring your guests with you as well! There is no fee for you or your guests at these lounges, although the individual lounge is able to limit the number of guests you bring in.

While this is a nice perk to have in your back pocket, it is important to know how you actually get access to the participating lounges. I have a few friends that have just showed up to the lounge, presented their Chase Sapphire Reserve card, and assumed they’d be let right in. Unfortunately, that is not the case! Once you are approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you need to manually request your Priority Pass Select pass. The card is not automatically sent to you in the mail and you must physically present the card at a participating airport lounge.

To request your Priority Pass Select card…

  • Log into your Chase account online and find the “Card Benefits” link. In the old site, click on “Go to Ultimate Rewards” first –> “Use Points” –> “Card Benefits”. In the new site, click on “Things you can do” –> “Card Benefits”


  • In the “Airport Lounge Access” benefit description, click “Activate now.”


Your Priority Pass Select membership with then be activated! You’ll probably receive the card in the mail within a week or so.

Things to know about Priority Pass Select membership…

There are approximately 1,000+ airport lounges where you can gain access with this membership card. You can search for all the participating lounges here. Unfortunately, they are not present in every terminal in every airport. On the Priority Pass site, you’ll be able to access terminal locations, hours, and any restrictions. For example, at Boston Logan Airport, the Air France lounge allows Priority Pass members, but you are limited to a 3 hour stay. I am not sure if that is actually enforced, but it is good to find out what lounges are accessible to you during your trip.

Key Links:

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve: 50,000 Chase Ultimate Reward points after you spend $4,000 on the card within the first three months.

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  1. This was covered extensively already by other bloggers last summer – is there a reason why you’re regurgitating this information now?

      • That’s a bit cocky to assume that your readers do not read any of the other travel blogs. Do you honestly believe that to be the case?

        Will tomorrow’s article be announcing the Chase Sapphire Reserve card’s perks? LOL

          • ^^^^THIS!^^^^

            I love your blog, and yes, I read some of the same things here that are on other blogs. How can you not report about a card that is this great! I honestly do not understand why there are so many idiots that feel the need to comment when they have absolutely nothing to offer. Maybe Linda would like to tell all of the cable news stations that she only wants to hear a news story on one of them, not all of them.

            ***Rolls eyes***

          • Linda Olsen if you do not find information posted on this site useful please get lost and stop attacking others who provide helpful info. Most of us read blogs from various sites. Have you gotten nothing better to do. How sad.

        • Not every reader that visits a blog is a regular. I’ve never been here and I stumbled across this blog when searching about the priority pass and guests. This is the only blog (on the first page of my google search) that showed up written this year about the topic. The others were, as you said, last summer. Policies change, and it’s nice to see more recent articles every now and then.

          By the way, I found the stick you lost.

          • Your response is awesome. Bravo, Matt. And yes, I get the last line. Touche.

      • i just joined chase sapphire–as a big promo was offered in late 2016/early 2017. i didn’t realize i needed a specific priority pass card–this posting (even though repeated somewhere else?) was exactly what i needed when i needed it. a lot of things change in a few months–so finding one dated early 2017 was perfect. thank you.

  2. Some of us work for a living and don’t have time to sit on our @$$ reading every blog known to mankind. Linda get a job and if you have one (obviously you’re not productive), get a hobby.

  3. I find this article very helpful..we just got the reserve card and my friends are traveling to China and was able to bring friends into many China airport lounges.. one of the attendance told her its subject to your bank if you have to pay for the extra guests she brings in.. I refer this article to her; it should be free of charge as the card membership says.. “you can bring your guests”.. but didn’t specify how many… T he article stated, its the discretion of the lounge to allow # of guests you bring in, but its free.

    I also agree with most of the readers, the same subjects can be discussed many times; others may have different experiences and/or didn’t read the previous discussions..

  4. Super helpful! I was looking for this info for the better part of 30 minutes from my phone. I’m flying out tomorrow and just activated my card. Hoping they still let me in!

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