Spend $20 at Gap or Old Navy and Receive a $20 Gift Card!

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UPDATE: This promotion is over, but if you are new to Plink.com you can read this post to get an understanding of how to earn and redeem Plink points. Often time they have new member sign up promotions, so I suggest hold off on registering until one of these promotions comes available. You can search for the most recent Plink posts in the “Categories” section on the right hand side of this blog.

Just recently I was introduced to a new loyalty rewards website called Plink.com. Essentially, Plink allows you to earn rewards while making IN STORE purchases at various merchants (primarily restaurants and retail). Depending on the dollar value of the purchase, you’ll earn a certain number of “Plink” points which can be cashed out for a variety of gift cards (i.e., Amazon.com, Zappos, Walmart, etc.). It is a similar concept to the Airline/Hotel Dining Rewards program where you connect your credit card to the program and then earn points when using your registered credit card.

For a limited time, until April 14th to be exact, new Plink members who spend $20 or more at the Gap or Old Navy will earn 2,000 Plink points, which you can cash out for a $20 gift card. So if you shop often at one of the gift card redemption merchants, you can think of this as $20 in free apparel at the Gap or Old Navy! Or, if you were going to shop at the Gap or Old Navy by this date anyways, you can think of this as $20 free at one of the redemption merchants!

How this works:

  1. Sign up for Plink
  2. Link your credit card to your Plink account – I know many do not trust this concept so the choice is yours
  3. Add both the Gap and Old Navy to your Plink Wallet account
  4. Shop IN STORE at the Gap or Old Navy by April 14th (Sunday) and spend $20 or more in a single transaction on your registered credit card

The terms state that you will earn the points on April 18th. At this point you can cash out those points for a $20 gift card for the following: iTunes, Tango card (which can then be redeemed at many merchants such as: Target, Home Depot, Pottery Barn and REI, etc.), Amazon.com, Walmart, Kohl’s, Barnes & Nobles, Overstock.com, and Zappos.

There is an option to cash out on airline miles, but as the CMO of Plink wrote in the comments section, it a horrible redemption value. Here are the redemption values for miles/points

  • 1000 Plink Points = 240 airline miles/loyalty program points
  • 2500 Plink Points = 600 airline miles/loyalty points
  • 5000 Plink Points = 1200 airline miles/loyalty points
  • 10,000 Plink Points = 2400 airline miles/loyalty points

So the 2,000 points will get you 480 miles. Most would say that 480 miles is worth about $9.60, but it really depends on how you redeem. Unless you are able to get 5 cents per mile out of your airline redemption, I’d absolutely go with the gift card redemption!

Also, I was able to create another using a different email address (for a family member) and link it up to one of my credit cards even though it has the same billing address. The only thing is that you cannot use two of the same banks – for example, you cannot use two Chase cards. I also had problems registering with my American Express credit card, but that could have been an issue with my personal account.

Note: The Plink link listed is a referral link. While I would love for everyone to post their own referral links in the comments, I removed them as only specially created links by Plink are eligible for the promotion and not personal links – sorry!

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  1. I am having trouble seeing the special offer for new accounts, only see an offer for up to 1200 points.. suggestions?

  2. Here’s my referral link:
    Thanks for letting me post my referral link! I was comfortable linking my cc info. because of Plink’s positive reviews on the BBB site. I have already received my first AGC for $5 & received 300 points for a visit to Red Robin–150 for what we spent & 150 bonus just for going! (We used a free coupon for my hubby’s bday, so we really made out well!)

  3. Hi,

    Seems like a really good offer. I just signed up but I’m not seeing where you can get $20 for $20 spend at Gap.

    Is this offer unique to you? Can you point me in the right direction?


  4. Full disclosure, I am the Chief Marketing Officer of Plink (and a frequent reader of boardingarea & many other travel/mileage boards as well)

    A few things to address – first, personal referral links will not work for this $20 promo – it is a targeted offer based on specific links. If you do not see related copy on the Plink.com landing page (about the $20 Gift Card) when you click on the link, you will not be getting credited for the promotion. The link below will get you to the promo & give affiliate credit to boardingarea.com as well:


    We give all awards in Plink Points, which can then be redeemed (immediately) for gift cards. In the case of this Gap/Old Navy promotion, you will receive 2,000 Plink Points which are immediately redeemable for $20 Gift Cards.

    In answer to your question, one of the redemption options is for airline miles (through points.com). As a mile/point collector, the conversion rate for airline mileage isn’t very strong – you would be better off getting the gift cards. $25 worth of gift cards only translates to 600 airline miles.

    We are working on trying to come up with a better solution for airline miles. In the meantime, though, I’d get the gift cards.

    If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

    Marc Marin

  5. Quick question for Mr Marin,

    The language on the general offer page states that multiple rewards can be earned per period…my assumption is that is for general earning of rewards and not the $20 promo gift card award – or can that one be earned multiple times as well, or just once?


    • @SkyTigSop – I spoke to Marc and yes the general earning of rewards can be earned multiple times, NOT the $20 registration promo.

  6. Another question for Mr.Marc Marin.

    Why do you need our login information? Isn’t there some other way of doing what you do?

  7. We set out to create a reward model that both allowed you to earn rewards at offline properties (like this Gap/Old Navy promo) and make it seamless to receive those rewards (both for you & for the merchant). In order to grant the awards “behind the scenes” so that you don’t need to enter a code, take a picture, etc. we elected to use a secure system powered by Intuit (the folks that make Quicken/Quickbooks/TurboTax & own/power Mint.com as well). What you are granting us is the ability to see the transaction after it is made, and thus reward you for it. We never see an account number, nor do we want to. We don’t store your log-in info, all of that information is maintained by Intuit, a publicly traded company that (amongst other things) handles and stores hundreds of millions of tax returns (including the same information you are giving us). I can assure you that your information is safe, but I completely understand if you are skeptical. Hopefully, this (at least) answers the question. Thank you for taking the time to ask the question – it is appreciated. If there is anything further I can do, please let me know. (@memarin1)

  8. @Jason, we have already posted points for this promotion earlier today. If you haven’t already received them, please email me your contact info at marc at plink dot com.

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