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Another Opportuity to Purchase AirBnB Gift Cards at a Discount

Earlier today I wrote about a ton of gift cards pricing in at a 20% discount at Amazon. However, I wanted to point out the discount on the AirBnB gift cards in particular as these are extremely popular and travel related. These gift cards have been discounted at 20% off throughout the week, but on and…

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Maximizing the 50% off AirBnB Amex Offers Promo

Yesterday I wrote about an extremely lucrative Amex Offer where you’ll receive a $50 statement credit on a $100 or more transaction at AirBnB. And the best part of this promotion is that it is available via Twitter so you can register EVERY SINGLE American Express credit card you have! Twitter hashtag: #AmexAirBnB. Based on my…

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