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Use a MasterCard to Make Plastiq Payments and Ultimately Pay Only 1.25% in Fees

The bill payment site Plastiq is at it again with another Mastercard partnership promotion. With this promotion, any bills paid with a Mastercard will earn you Fee-Free Dollars (FFDs) to use on a future payment. This means you’ll be paying the 2.5% fee now for your bill payment, but for every dollar spent, you’ll earn 1…

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Earn Free Points and Money by Paying Your Bills with Plastiq and this Masterpass Promo!

Plastiq is an awesome way to earn points and miles by using a credit card to pay bills where you typically couldn’t use a credit card to pay direct. These bills include rent, car loans, utilities, school tuition, taxes etc. Note: Visa and Amex do not allow you to pay your mortgage through Plastiq, although MasterCard…

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