Track It Back Out of Business???!

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I purchased two Track It Back stickers last year during the US Airways Grand Slam promotion. Each of these counted as a “hit” for me and the Mr. They are actually a decent concept where they are these little stickers/tags that you attach to your personal items (cell phone, luggage, wallet, etc.). Your personal information is hidden and if found, the person who reports the item receives some reward. Additionally, Track It Back handles the shipping and handling costs.

Well, I had yet to actually register these stickers with my personal information and apply them to anything I own. They’ve been sitting in my desk draw doing no good. Since I am pretty good at “misplacing” stuff, I figured it was time to put these bad boys to work. I went to the Track It Back website and found it is not working! The site is not down, it simply does not exist. I then called the phone number found on the stickers – out of order! I did a quick Google search and saw that since May of this year, others have reported the same issue. WTF!

These stupid little stickers were actually not too cheap at $20 a pop. While I got them for a points and miles purpose, I was hoping to get some value out of them as well. A note for those of you who actually have these stickers on your items, do not count on them anymore! This will no longer replace having your personal information on the item.

I am going to look into which credit card I used to make this purchase and see if there is any purchase protection. I am probably out of luck since this was about 8 months ago, however, if you’ve by chance purchased these now really stupid and useless stickers in the past 3 months, hopefully you have a card that includes purchase protection and you can get your money back.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I have stickers on my Kindle and Bose Headset, and I even bought luggage tags.

    I’m sorry to see them go, but that’s always a risk with a new business. I just wish there was an alternative out there.

  2. I noticed their website wasn’t working for a few weeks, but was hoping it would come back. They actually found a bag of ours which went missing in India, and earned me a lot of US Air miles.

    Thanks for the reminder to put our personal information on the item.

  3. Thank you for the update about Track It Back. They had a great mileage deal several years ago and I also bought more from them for the US Airways Grand Slam. Sorry to see them gone, it was a good service while it lasted.

  4. We are sorry to see Track it Back gone. Our website is similar in concept but we don’t return lost items, we notify the Owner where the item is when reported lost.

    • Well, that’s pretty useless, isn’t it? “Hello, Mr. Farmer? I’m calling to inform you that your luggage is in Jakarta. Have a nice day!”

      Maybe it’s just me, but I sure as shit wouldn’t pay a dime for that – ummm, do you even call it a “service”?

  5. Would be too bad.

    StuffBak is a competitor who has become bureaucratic and has been trying to get more revenue.

    Too many dotcoms do not have a viable business plan from basics. (Meetup was one that comes to mind.)

  6. TrackItBack customers can send in their trackitback stickers to AssetGuard, who run, a similar lost and found service, and receive a complimentary IDsticker for every Trackitback sticker they send in. You only have to pay for the S&H. Email with the subject line – TrackitBack Exchange for more information about the exchange.

    • @Nadine – Thanks so much for letting me know. Two bad I threw mine away 🙁

      I’ll update with this information.

  7. dealswelike – send them an email letting them know. I doubt they’ll do this for most folks, but they’ll likely be willing to help you out.

  8. @Gene: If TIB made millions, they would still be in business. US Air, Sprint and Sony would not have had partnerships with this company if they were a scam. It’s great to see a business like “” offering some assistance to TIB users. Hopefully their business plan is on solid ground.

  9. Since Track It Back is gone I’d like to respectfully suggest trying out a similar service, FoundIt!

    FoundIt! is based in academic research and provides a simple and elegant solution to getting your stuff back. You get an instant text message and email alert when your item has been found, and YOU are in control of how you want to arrange to get it back. This way your contact information is kept private.

    You can try out FoundIt! for a year for 30% when you enter the code TIB. For less than $1.50 a month you get 30+ stickers and 4-8 durable plastic tags!

  10. We offer a similar service and are offering free stickers to replace your now defunt TIB codes. Our service is fully automated and so works 24/7 anywhere in the world without the delay and hassle of routing items through a call handler. The finder and owner negotiate directly; most items are found within minutes of being lost. Visit our website and drop us an email telling us how many TIB stickers you need replacing.

  11. Thank you for the update. This was certainly not a scam. TIB had been in business for years. I think I was using them for around a decade. Since it wasn’t a subscription service, I suspect there came a time when they were not selling enough new stickers and therefore could not stay in business to service existing customers … not a sound business model. I appreciate the suggestions of other services, which I will now consider.

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