Up to 50% off with AirBnB with Amex Offers!!

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A new Amex Offer just appeared in my account where you can essentially get 50% off your first $100 spent on an AirBnB rental. This new offer will give you a $50 statement when you spend $100 or more on a registered American Express credit card through December 31, 2015. The great thing about this offer is that it is available via Twitter so everyone is eligible. Not only that, you can register as many American Express credit cards that you have and take advantage multiple times! Twitter #AmexAirBnB

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 7.00.13 AMTo register for this offer: 

  • Sync every American Express credit card you have with Twitter. If you have not already done this, follow the directions outlined in this previous blog post.
  • Tweet #AmexAirBnB from EVERY twitter account. I personally use TweetDeck to simplify my life as I am able to just send off one tweet and it registers all my accounts! Just make sure you receive the confirmation tweet back from @AmexOffers.
  • or, you can register from your AmericanExpress.com account, you’ll just have to use the multi-browser trick to register multiple cards.
  • Make your $100+ AirBnB rental reservation by December 31, 2015. You do not actually need to stay by this date, but the transaction must hit your credit card by this date.

New to AirBnB?

If you are new to AirBnB you can also get a $20 credit by signing up through a referral. Go find s friend who is already a member!

Maximizing this Offer…maybe…

AirBnB does sell gift cards, HOWEVER, I do not know if a $100 gift card will trigger the statement credit. If it appears on your statement as a regular AirBnB charge then it will work. I’ll keep on top of this to see if I read any success stories. If gift card purchases so work, that will allow you to fully maximize this offer by getting $50 off every $100 of the house rental assuming you have multiple American Express credit cards. This will also allow you to purchase gift cards now to then redeem at a future time.


This is a great offer to rent a house for less! Enrollment is limited so I suggest registering now! Remember, these FREE money promotions are just for American Express credit card holders. Almost all Amex cards are eligible, including authorized users! Personal and business cards are eligible, as well as Serve and Bluebird. Only corporate cards prepaid cards, and Target REDCard will not work.

To learn more about these American Express offers, read this Amex Offers series:

You can also check all current American Express statement credit offers here.

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  1. It does say in the offer that gift cards are eligible. “Offer valid for approved bookings and gift cards purchased on Airbnb.com and the Airbnb mobile app”. That’s what I’ll plan on doing!

  2. How to maximize? I will not be doing this, but you could:

    1. List your home or apartment on AirBNB under one account
    2. Charge $94/night (make sure with AirBNB fee it’s at or just above $100/night)
    3. Book single nights for yourself with each registered Amex using a different AirBNB account

    Profit: about $41 (6% AirBNB fee on booking, 3% AirBNB fee on back-end)

    • @DaVe M – Interesting way to maximize. I like it! Now, how do you get the 6% fee on booking and 3% fee on the backend. To test this, I created a booking and had to set it at $88/night to get to $101 for the renter. So that is a low of $13. I also cannot find anywhere on the AirBnB site how much the person renting out their apt is charged. Thanks!

        • @Dave M – Thanks. I finally found it, but am seeing that the charge on the renters side is about 12%. In my experiment, a $88 rental will cost the renter $101. The person renting the place will then be charged close to $3 on the $88 profit. This means ultimately you are spending $101 and getting back $85 from AirBnB. That means a total gain of $35, correct? You also need to pay taxes on the $88. I’ve personally never rented or hosted with AirBnB, so am not 100% sure my math is accurate.

  3. The offer does state that gift cards are eligible, but I just made a purchase and the payment is NOT processed by airbnb and I didn’t receive a notification of successfully using the offer afterwards.

    • @K – Sometimes it takes a few days for the charge to go through correctly. Please let me know if it ends up working. Thanks!

  4. Limitation to using Airbnb is 1 GC per booking. Most booking have minimum stays. So almost impossible to get full advantage on this say 85 room($15ish Airbnb fee) X 5 separate bookings via GC.

    I wish this is possible or being able to use multiple GCs per booking but I dont think that is possible.

  5. Since you can’t e-mail a gift card to yourself, is there some way to buy gift cards for future use without friends & family buying gift cards for each other?

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