When Mrs. Deals Forgets About Mr. Deals

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Post #2 compliments of Mr. Deals…

I was going to wait for this post, but the timing just couldn’t work out any better. If you follow the blog posts and decide to take part in some of the adventures Mrs. Deals promotes, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about in the next couple of sentences. For the past month or so I have been walking around my apartment referring to every point redemption activity as a “hit.” Actually pretty much anytime one of us bought something online or in a store I was thinking, ‘hmm, could this be a hit?’  I’m getting packages of Biscoff Spreads and international outlet adapters and getting all excited about these “hits”. Yes, Mrs. Deals has this sort of influence on me.

Now by the title of this post you can probably see where this story is going. It was November 10th. A mere 4 days before the US Airways Grand Slam promotion was set to end. I get home from work and of course we have a few more packages of stuff we simply don’t need (hits). Mrs. Deals says hello, and gets back to blogging. There’s no interrupting Mrs. Deals when a good promotion is around.  She begins to mutter to me that she has to stay up until midnight to register for some 50,000 promotion with Radisson. Of course she comes to find out after that she can really wait until the next day to register because it’s still going on (it may still be on now if you are interested). To be honest, I’m not so interested at this point and just figure she’ll register for me if she deems it worthwhile.

Later that night as she’s messing around online and checking the status of her hits posting, she comes to realize she never registered me for the Grand Slam promotion. I’m in bed asleep and of course I’m woken up: “Dont be mad…I never registered you for the Grand Slam Promotion, I was so focused on my own account.”  Half asleep, I didn’t really care at that point, but I started to the next day.  Then in typical Mrs. Deals fashion, she wants me to call customer service and see if we can finagle something.  Let me tell you right now, and I’m sure I’ll post on this, Mr. Deals HATES calling customer service.  But the things we do for love…(the call didn’t work out).

So you may be thinking, why does Mrs. Deals have to sign Mr. Deals up for a promotion, can’t he do it himself? Well of course I could, but why would I dare take the thrill of these promotions away from the Mrs.  She loves this stuff. Long story short, Mr. Deals had a lot of Biscoff Spread and no “hits.” Mrs. Deals had obsessed about this stuff for weeks, got me into it and even one of our friends who was constantly texting her to see if certain things could be hits. All was not lost (except about $100 – gulp), Mrs. Deals still pulled off a few hits and a fifteen thousand points for me, but did pretty well for her own account (of course she did not forget to register herself)!

Until next Sunday…

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  1. Ha.. this post literally made me LOL. My spouse feels the same way sometimes. You all deserve a special place in heaven for loving folks with this hobby 🙂

  2. I made the same mistake with my husband, but caught myself and fixed it after only about $45 spent…I don’t count the Amazon spend or the dining, which we would have done anyway. Similarly, my husband has agreed that he will say “whatever you want honey” to my points/miles obsession if I reply in kind to whatever electronics and telecommunications choices HE makes. He gets his newest iPhone, I make sure it’s through a miles-earning shopping portal, and we’re both happy!

    • @BunMama – Horrible, right?! I got so wrapped up in myself that I forgot about my husband! I am with you – my husband gets to go snowboarding/surfing whenever he wants and I do not make a peep as I know he deals with my points/mile craziness!

  3. Thanks again for the comments everyone!
    @carwag25 – Everyone thinks i am crazy for putting up with all this stuff sometimes, but I really can’t complain. The vacation benefits are fantastic!
    @bunmama – Your husband says exactly what I say when it comes to this stuff and it sounds like you let him get away with the same stuff I get away with!
    @mike – Sorry if you don’t enjoy the stories. I thought it would be fun for readers to hear stories from the other half. I mean I am getting a sweet deal with a wife that is obsessed with this stuff. Mrs. Deals (it’s not her real name though I think she would be ok with changing her name to it) takes care of all our travel planning, references for credit cards and pretty much any major purchase where she sees an opportunity to get a point bonus. It’s an obsession that allows me to go off surfing while she researches her next post, and enjoy vacations that cost next to nothing. I can’t complain about that! Let’s just say if there was no Mrs. Deals my life would be a lot more expensive. If you want to know more about her check this out: http://millionmilesecrets.com/2011/07/21/seeing-the-world-is-one-good-promotion-away/

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