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So it may already be common knowledge that the Deals family has expanded. Yes the Mrs. and I are super excited about the arrival of our granddaughter, baby deals. I like to call her Little Surfer Girl. While there is no doubt that Mr. Deals is already eyeing the appropriate progression of surfboard, longboard, snowboard and any other variety of boards that one rides, slides and does tricks on, one question remains. How long will it take granddaughter deals to achieve elite status as a flyer, hotel club member and any other point gathering endeavor there is out there? No doubt Mrs. Deals has a slew of applications lined up the day the ss card arrives to take advantage of new customer point bonuses, double points, miles, cash back etc. Should we do a survey? Will the little one surpass the Mr. and Mrs. by the time she is 3 months, 6 months, a year? Am I being too ambitious? What do you all think?

I do know one thing, that baby will be riding the waves somewhere on Long Island this August, and I’ll be proud to say “That is my granddaughter.” Hmmm, do they make wet suit onesies? Will she ride goofy or regular? Longboard, shortboard? How long before she does a cutback? All important questions.

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  • aadvantagegeek said,

    That’s great news, congratulations!

  • darryl said,

    Congratulations!!! Best wishes to the new parent, too!

  • DJ said,

    How old will she be when you use her SS number to apply for CC? Asking bc my son is 20 months old and haven’t taken advantage of applying for CC with his SS – would he even get approved?

  • Penn said,

    I hope you guys only mean as an AU on the cards and not applying for credit in your newborns name…if you’re going to give them a card, only do AU so it helps their credit, don’t risk leaving them with horrible credit because you were miles and points greedy.

  • dealswelike said,

    @DJ – agree with penn. adding a child as an authorized user helps them build their credit so when they are an adult they will have an easier time applying for a credit card on their own.

  • Penn said,

    All that being said, there ARE cards that give you a nice bonus for adding AU’s. I can think of 2 without even looking. The UA MPE and the VA each give you some bonus.

  • Hoopa said,

    No one has mentioned that babydeals is the most beautiful baby since her mother(‘s little sister)
    I am not related to this family but I am sure she is gorgeous.

  • dhammer53 said,

    Mazel tov!

  • GUWonder said,

    A relative’s then 2-month old child had Star Silver status and Star Gold status within 4 months, probably in large part because the father’s boarding passes were crediting to the infant’s account.

  • JustSaying said,


  • Hoopa said,

    Talia Rocks!!!!!

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