Welcome to another post of helping a reader travel! Sorry I’ve been slacking in this weekly series, but I promise to continue this as many have seemed to benefit from these reader tips. As I’ve mentioned before, I have not been to every destination (unfortunately), but do get questions from friends and other blog readers on all sort of travel destination questions. Thus far, we’ve been able to help other readers travel to Maui, The Greek Islands, Pacific Coast Highway, Argentina /Buenos Aires, Costa Rica, Cape Cod & The Islands, Iceland, Geneva, Canadian Rockies, Rome, Israel, Peru / Inca Trail , Stockholm,Chicago, Paris, Hanoi, Austin, Puerto Rico, Bruges, Salzburg, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Jamaica, India/Golden Triangle, Auckland, Singapore, Moscow, The Oregon Coast,Seattle, Portland, Hawaii Islands, Alaska Skiing, Brazil, Prague, Budapest, Paraguay, Cabo San Lucas, Edinburgh, San Diego, Hilton Head, Dubrovnik, Tanzania, and the Seychelles.

So this weeks travel destination includes Belize. I received the following email from reader Marty:

“I am looking to go to South America and a few friends have suggested Belize. While they have given me some recommendations I am really looking to gather some more information and see if I can use miles on the flight and points on my hotel stay. How long would you suggest going for? What hotels would you recommend? What are some daily activities and some not-to-miss restaurants? Thank you.”

If you’ve ever been to Belize and have any recommendations, let’s help out reader Marty by commenting below.

Also, if you have any upcoming travel where you need some help, feel free to email me at dealswelike@gmail.com to be a featured “Help a Reader Travel” Monday special. Thanks!

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  • Larry said,

    Belize, unless it recently detached and floated significantly southward, is in fact In Central American and not South America so your friends should probably look at a map :-). For a laid back vacation, I recommend Ambergris Caye and the town of San Pedro. Rent a golf cart and scoot around the island, which is far safer and nicer than the capital. You can take a ferry or puddle hopper over from the mainland

  • Denny said,

    There are two different Belizes; inland and the cayes. I would recommend staying away from inland, I found it grimey and with the exception of a few mayan ruis, uninteresting. I would definitely recommend heading to the cayes, specifically Caye Ambergris (more touristy/resorty) or Caye Caulker (more backpacker/local/non-touristy). As far as activities, Belize has some of the best reefs outside of australia, so scuba diving is a must. Fishing, snorkeling, and drinking Belikans are also must-do’s.

  • Walter White said,

    I’ll send you to Belize.

  • Toadhollow said,

    Check out Caye Caulker if you want laid back, quiet and no beach or Caye Ambergris if you want more excitement. My wife and I were in Belize a few years ago and there really is nothing to offer on the mainland unless you want to visit ruins. But do not, do not stay in Belize City!

  • Wandering Aramean said,

    If they’re divers then Ambergris Caye is a small slice of heaven. Snorkeling is OK in some of the areas, but diving is really where it is at. http://blog.wandr.me/2009/06/underwater-off-the-coast-of-ambergis-caye/

    We had a few very good meals in Ambergris as well. Details here: http://blog.wandr.me/2009/05/the-great-pupusas-war-and-other-san-pedro-dining-excellence/. That was 4 years ago but I’d bet it is similar today.

    If in Ambergris I’d stay closer to town rather than out at the resorts at the ends of the island. But I also hate being “stranded” on a resort property.

  • Karen said,

    Thanks for the postings, I’m hoping to go next year as well. Seth, what camera did you use for the underwater photos? They are great.

  • Cate said,

    What suggestions do folks have for flying there? We have friends who live on one of the Cayes, but need to get there.

  • Karen said,

    What airline has the best award redemptions to Belize?

  • John said,

    That’s a good question Karen
    Did you find out?

  • Karen said,

    Unfortunately not John.

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