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Southwest Sale Starting at $59 – Save on New and Existing Flights!

Southwest is currently having a fare sale for flights flown between October 31, 2017 and May 23, 2018. Although International travel and Puerto Rico are only from October 31-mid December, 2017 and mid January-March 1, 2018. With fare sales I always double check flights that I’ve already booked to see if the price has gone down. I…

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You Can Still Get the Southwest Companion Pass with 2 Credit Card Sign Ups!

Over the past month I wrote about a great way to earn the Southwest Companion Pass by signing up for two different Southwest credit cards. During that time, all three Southwest co-branded cards were offering 60,000 points. Since you only need 110,000 points to earn the pass, getting two bonus offers for a total of…

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Amazing Opportunity to Earn the Southwest Companion Pass for California Residents!

Southwest just came out with an unbelievable offer for California residents (sorry to those in every other state!) to earn the Southwest Companion Pass. All you have to do is apply for one of the Southwest Airlines credit cards, meet the minimum spend requirement, and the Companion Pass is yours! Typically, to earn the Southwest…

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Flight Price Gone Down? These 3 Airlines Will Give you a Price Adjustment!

One of the most frustrating things when booking flights is wondering if you are actually booking at the lowest possible price. It is like playing the lottery, but you always want to win. Well, if you book a flight and the price goes down, there are three airlines that will actually help you out! These…

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Last Chance for the Southwest Companion Pass with the Southwest Credit Card Offer!

This is a reminder that the 60,000 point sign up offer for the three Southwest Airlines credit cards is coming to an end TOMORROW October 4, 2017. This is only the 2nd time we’ve seen this high of an offer with the typically offer at 25,000 points. With that being said, we often do see increased offers…

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