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Southwest Thanksgiving Fare Sale – Save on New and Existing Flights!

Southwest is currently having a fare sale for flights around Thanksgiving. While you probably won’t be able to find an inexpensive flight for the day before thanksgiving, you might be able to find some reasonable leading up to the holiday or after the holiday. The fare sale includes flights for November 18, 20, 23, or…

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Southwest Credit Card Minimum Spend is More Then 3 Months!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing some popular articles on how to go about earning the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. For those of you who have missed them, here you go: Popular Ways to Earn the Southwest Companion Pass Earning the Southwest Companion Pass for 2018 and 2019 Strategic Timing for the Southwest…

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Strategic Timing for the Southwest Credit Cards – When to Apply and When to Spend

Yesterday I put together two different different blog posts detailing how to get the Southwest Companion Pass: Earning the Southwest Companion Pass for 2017 and 2018 and Many Ways to Earn the Southwest Companion Pass. For those not aware of the Southwest Companion Pass, it allows a companion (friend, family member, complete stranger, whoever!) to fly with you…

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Southwest Back to School Sale! Save on New and Existing Flights!

Southwest is currently having a fare sale for flights flown between September 19, 2017 and February 14, 2018. With fare sales I always double check flights that I’ve already booked to see if the price has gone down. I know many readers have been able to get a bunch of points back on flights previously booked during these…

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Only a Few More Days to Earn Bonus Points for Credit Card Spend

Many of the Chase co-branded credit cards are offering card members the opportunity to earn bonus points by spending a certain amount of money on their credit card. This is a great way to increase your point balance for these particular loyalty programs and might be worthwhile to switch the credit card you use over…

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Southwest Credit Cards Offering 60,000 Point Bonuses, But I Wouldn’t Apply Now!

All three versions of the Southwest credit cards just increased their sign up bonus and are now offering a 60,000 point offer. While this is the best offer you’ll see and I am typically extremely very excited when this heightened offer comes around, right now (August 2017) is definitely not the best time to apply. You’ll…

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