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How I Earn the Southwest Companion Pass Year After Year

I’ve held the Southwest Companion Pass since 2008! That is 10 years where I’ve been able to have a friend or family member fly with me for almost FREE an UNLIMITED number of times on Southwest! I have truly saved thousands of dollars with this pass, which is amazing! It is by far my favorite benefit in…

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Easy Way to Earn Southwest Companion Pass for 2018 and 2019 – Fly for Free for 2 Years!

The Southwest Companion pass is probably my favorite benefit in the entire travel world! It allows a companion to fly with you for FREE an UNLIMITED number of times for the calendar year it is earned plus the following calendar year. Earn the pass now and you’ll get it for almost two years! While there are many ways to earn the pass, the easiest way is by signing up for their credit card (if you are okay with that and eligible for another Chase credit card).
The two Southwest personal cards just increased their sign up bonus to 50,000 points and the business card is still offering 60,000 points. I am a huge fan of Southwest and their Companion Pass – I’ve earned this pass for the past 10 years and it has saved me a ton of money!

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Increased 50,000-60,000 Point Southwest Credit Card Offers to Earn the AMAZING Companion Pass

Southwest just upped the sign up bonus for the two personal cards! While the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Business Premier Card (business version) of the card has been offering a 60,000 point offer for awhile now, the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Card and Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card (the two personal cards) are now offering 50,000 points! While there are still less enticing 40,000 point links out there, it seems like the only way to earn the increased 50,000 point offer is by signing up through a referral link. 

The BEST THING about the offer is that the points earned from the credit card sign up count towards the 110,000 point required for the Southwest Companion Pass. For those new to the Southwest Companion Pass, I want to quickly point out that this pass allows another passenger to fly with you for FREE an UNLIMITED number of times! I’ve gone into detail below about the actual offers, the value of the points earned, and the companion pass overall (which is AMAZING!!!). So you can sign up for one of the personal cards and the business card and off the bat you’ll earn the pass! Or if you are not eligible for the business card, but only the two personal cards that will earn you 100,000 points towards the pass, leaving you with just 10,000 more points to earn.

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Last Day for Southwest Companion Pass with 1 Credit Card [California Residents Only]

Early in October, Southwest launched an awesome promotion for those who reside in California – apply for 1 of their 3 co-branded Southwest credit cards (get approved and meet the minimum spend) and you’ll automatically earn the Southwest Companion Pass. This is an amazing opportunity for those looking to earn the pass! You can learn more…

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Save on New and Existing Southwest Flights – 3 Day Fare Sale!

Southwest is currently having a fare sale for flights flown between December 19, 2017-May 23, 2018. With fare sales I always double check flights that I’ve already booked to see if the price has gone down. I know many readers have been able to get a bunch of points back on flights previously booked during these fare sales!…

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Black Friday Promotion: Earn Double Miles by Shopping Online!

Many of the airline shopping portals are offering double points for your online shopping. You just need to go through their portal first to make your purchase and your transaction will be tracked in the background. This can really help you rack up some extra miles for your Black Friday online purchases through Sunday November…

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Last Chance at 14,000 Bonus Miles!

Earlier this month, I wrote about 5 shopping portal bonuses where you can earn up to 14,000 bonus points and miles for your online purchases! Four out of those five airline bonuses are ending today, with the fifth one ending tomorrow. If you have any purchases you are looking to make today, I highly suggest…

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