Club Carlson Big Night Giveaway Promotion Updates

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Most of you are already probably aware that the two Club Carlson promotions (Radisson and Country Inn & Suites) are live and available for registration! While I personally stayed up until 1am on Monday night/Tuesday morning, there was absolutely no need. A few of us had a good time on Twitter though enjoying the fun, so the only lost was some shut eye – no big deal! The promotion is valid for the first 100,000 accounts registered for Radisson and the first 35,000 accounts registered for Country Inn & Suites. As of this morning, neither promotion has hit their threshold, so if you have yet to register, go do it! I wrote more about the Club Carlson Big Night Getaway earlier this week if you want more details.

So prior to registration going live there was uncertainty whether or not reservations made prior to registration (thus May 15th) would count towards the promotion. This question was asked many times via Facebook and the Club Carlson correspondent eventually replied saying “Yes.” However, Club Carlson deleted their Facebook message and is now going back on their word. Luckily was able to capture a screen shot and shared it with me!

Via multiple attempts on Twitter, Facebook, and an email correspondence, Club Carlson keeps on saying that only reservations made after May 15th will count towards the promotion and they keep on directing me to the terms and conditions outlined on the registration page. I’ve taken an extremely detailed look on the website and have yet to see where these terms are mentioned. The only mention of this is:

“Guest must be present at the Participating Hotel at both the time of check-in and check-out, enrolled in Club Carlson at or before the time of check-in, and registered in the Promotion no later than the time of check-out.”

The way I read this is that you must have registered for the promotion prior to checking out of the hotel, not prior to making your reservation at the hotel or not after May 15th. Not once does it give the May 15th criteria. This affects those that have pre-paid reservations, where a hotel is book solid, or in the case of a rate increase from what was already booked.

I must admit, I am pretty disappointed in the way Club Carlson is handling this. I really really do love and support this promotion as it is AWESOME, but I think customer service should be a top priority for a hotel chain where it clearly is not in this case. I am still working to get further clarification. If you are planning on participating in this promotion, at this current time I’d suggest making a new reservation assuming the rate hasn’t changed and the cancellation policy allows for it. If you reservation isn’t till at least next week, I am hoping to have a solid answer and explanation from Club Carlson in the next few days. Maybe they’ll just get sick of my constant fight and give in?!

Have any of you that made your reservation prior to May 15th received your 50,000 bonus points if you happened to stay this week? I know it’s only been a few days since the promotion started, but any personal success stories would be appreciated!

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  1. […] So if you’ve been reading this blog the past week you are probably well aware that I am really excited for the recently announced Club Carlson Big Night Giveaway promotion. After the registration began on May 15th there was some confusion on whether or not existing reservations would count towards the promotion or if only new reservations qualified. Prior to the promotion start date, Club Carlson announced on Facebook that prior reservations would in fact count, but unfortunately went back on their word and once registration was available stated that only new reservations would qualify. While I understand that mistakes happen, I was pretty disappointed about the way it was handled and I expressed my opinion a few days ago on their lack of customer service. […]


  1. what about if i make a reservation for a park inn stay after the 15th but before the park inn promo is enabled on the 22cnd?

    • @Andrew – my assumption is that the terms will be different, thus requiring a reservation after the 22nd. But I really do not know.

  2. There is a line in there that gives me worry. I’ve emailed them about it as well but have yet to recieve a response. I booked a night using the 3day 25% sale… and now prices have skyrocketed. Thus I am hoping they honor previous reservations.

    “Promotion is not valid on existing reservations and is subject to availability.”

    • @av – I agree. But my question is not valid on existing reservations from when? How would a person know what date that means – right!

    • @Phil – I agree, this is a great promo! The problem is many people have pre-paid rates or reservations where the hotel is now sold out, so unfortunately cannot cancel and re-book, that’s the issue MANY readers are facing due to the emails I’ve received.

    • @SC – As of right now I really can’t find anything. There are some under $100 rates in NJ mid/southern. I am checking into an $89 Radisson hotel in DC when I am there.

  3. @Dealswelike, I am keeping an eye out on Radisson New Rochelle especially if any deals/promo codes comes out. Thanks.

    • @SC – My assumption is that we wont see anything so great in New Rochelle. It is also not a hotel you would want to stay at either. It is close to many country clubs where there are many summer weddings and it is really the only close hotel around. My friends wedding rate there two years ago was $170 which I thought was ridiculous!

    • @While I haven’t been to the hotel in Holyoke, western mass is a really nice area. There is a semi-run down mall in Holyoke 🙂 It could make for a nice day trip our to the Amherst area of the Berkshires.

  4. @Dealswelike, Ha time to crash one of those weddings, jk. Sucks for us NYC-ers. Thank you, will look in NJ area.

    • @SC – Haha. Take a look in the New Jersey area and the country inn & suites in long island city is not too too terrible at about $129 I think.

      Also remember that Cash & Point reservations count, so you might find some luck close by with those rates.

  5. I think if you think of it another way

    1. It is NOT valid on existing reservations, period
    I cancelled my 3-day-25%-off reservations and re-booked (for slightly more, one is $5 more, one is $23 more so I used Points+Cash)

    2. The “register before check-out” clause is for people who accidentally found out this promotion, after they check-in’ed, so you don’t want them to miss out either

    I know that doesn’t say “existing reservation” so much, but I am not willing to take chances to miss out 50K x 2

    • @Jerry – I agree, I wouldn’t take the chances either. Also, if you book through the site you’ll get 10% back which can make up for the extra amount laid out.

  6. So if we made reservations On the 15th

    The points are awarded after the completion of the stay, if done before the promotion ends ??

    My stay is on the 26th of May, and I got my confirmation on May 15th

    • @Jerry – Not 100% sure what you are asking, but essentially you needed to make a reservation after May 15th for a stay May 15h-July 15th. You must register for the promotion prior to your stay.

      So if you made a reservation on May 15th, registered on May 15th, and plan to stay on May 26th you are all set!

  7. A “Qualifying Stay” is defined as a stay of one or more consecutive nights in the same room at a Participating Hotel regardless of the number of check-ins or check-outs on a rate for which Gold Points are awarded in accordance with the Club Carlson Program Terms and Conditions.
    The gold points awards stays are the most costly???

  8. “Have any of you that made your reservation prior to May 15th received your 50,000 bonus points if you happened to stay this week?”

    The terms and conditions state, “Allow 6-8 weeks for the Bonus Gold Points to post to the member’s account.” So I would be surprised if any bonus points for this promotion have posted this quickly.

    • @FrugalTravelLawyer – Last year the bonus points posted pretty quickly, so hopefully the same will happen this year.

  9. I agree with Phil — just book a mattress run and be done with it! Is the incremental savings worth a bunch of time and effort?

    • @Gene – I agree. This actually does not affect me, just many readers who emailed me, so I am putting in the effort for those folks!

  10. I booked my stay at CIS last week during the 25% off promo and completed it the night of the 15th. Definitely going to email Club Carlson later and demand my points!

    • @KK – I personally would hold off bringing attention to it just yet and see if the bonus points post next week. I remember last year when they did this my bonus points posted within a week or two. See if the points show up and if not then demand your points!

      Keep me posted with that happens.

  11. I actually made a reservation based on the information provided on Facebook. I had an upcoming stay and feared that the rates might go up when the promo was launched.
    I would definitely have waited if I there had been some ambiguity on what would count as qualifying stays. I took the “yes” on Carlson Clubs faccebook page at face value. What’s your advice regarding my case?

  12. I think the point isn’t about not complaining and just paying say $5 – $23 more per room for rebooking a reservation to be compliant with the T&C terms. It’s about honoring what you communicate to your customers.

    I for one am still disappointed existing stays won’t count, especially since that’s what was communicated through an “official” Club Carlson channel. Simply deleting that comment and not replying to subsequent customer queries in the hopes of making customer displeasure go away? That’s not how customer service works in 2012.

    I’ll tell you what, I’ll still participate in the promo and stay a night each at a Radisson and a Country Inn. But Club Carlson is not going earn any other paid business from me this year.

    • @PRG – I agree, while I understand it was probably a mistake made on their part and it does not align with the T&C they should communicate that on their Facebook page, which is their official social media site.

    • @Eric – Ah, okay. I would suggest calling the hotel directly and ask to speak to the sales manager. Let them know you’d like to re-book for the same date and cancel the reservation. Typically, they will cancel your reservation after you make another reservation knowing that you are actually interested in staying at their hotel and not just trying to get out of a pre-paid reservation.

      Let me know how it works out.

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