Club Carlson Kept Me Up All Night

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There are some things Mr. Deals will never understand. One of those things happens to be something that some of you may have participated in this past week, something Mrs. Deals was enthusiastic about partaking in. Apparently it’s a big deal these days to register for a promotion right when it kicks off, no matter what time it happens to be. All the cool kids are doing it. I’m looking at you Mommy Points.

Now typically I don’t go to sleep at 1am on a “school night.” I shoot for 11:30 or earlier (Mr. Deals needs his beauty rest), but since Mrs. Deals has started this blog there are times where some promotion will keep  me up well past midnight. Monday night was one of those nights. It went like this. My mom was in town crashing on our couch and we were hanging out. I come to find out Mrs. Deals absolutely has to stay up till 1am to register for some promotion being released from Club Carlson (wtf is Club Carlson?) but since we have a couch guest she’ll do it in our bedroom. So I decide it’s time for some shuteye and make way to the bedroom. Mrs. Deals joins me shortly after, but not before rounding up her necessities, a computer, iphone, notepad with a hundred different numbers on it to register and of course a pen. I of course woke up the next morning on top of that damn pen. For the next 2+ hours I hear her typing away, tweeting, blogging, whatever she was doing, all for some promotion.

What I’m trying to figure out is why Mrs. Deals had to be one of the first to register for this thing? I mean I could’ve woken up the next morning and registered. I didn’t of course, Mrs. Deals took care of it for me, but there was no real urgency for this right?

And back to my first question, what’s Club Carlson? Is that like Club Med? I’ll go there…

Just kidding Mrs. Deals. Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. I set an alarm for midnight on the last one, but after it took weeks to fill up last time I decided to sleep.

  2. I had intended to stay up for that promotion, but I was so tired that I fell asleep. I’ve actually never stayed at a Club Carlson property, but I am planning an upcoming travel so I figured it was timely promotion to register for. I decided my sleep time was more important and just crashed. When I woke up the next morning, I registered without problems. So it ended up having no urgency…but you’d only know after the fact.

  3. Best thing to do it to move out here to the West. We can register in a leisurely fashion, have a nightcap and still get our beauty rest!

    • Little does Mr. Deals know that this will be happening all over again this Monday night with the Park Inn promotion!!

  4. @James – smart, very smart.

    @BOShappyflyer – Glad you got to sleep in. Looks like things worked out. Hope you enjoy your trip!

    @Jen – You know, I could be easily persuaded into a West Coast move…

    @mommypoints – you two are crazy!!

    @dealswelike – WHAT??!?!??!!!?!?

    @Ric Garrido – HA! I really had no idea. That’s hilarious!

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