Mrs. Deals – The Dictator

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Another blog post by Mr. Deals…

There’s no denying it, Mrs. Deals is in charge. Just when you think you are making a good decision with a points redemption or some promotion, Mrs. Deals swoops in and lays out a scenario infinitely better than what you just thought was so great. Mrs. Deals kicks you down to the ground and then finds a way to ensure that next time you will make sure she will be the one calling the shots.

Now most people do not have to deal with the wrath of Mrs. Deals, the Dictator. I am one of those lucky (sarcasm) individuals that is under this ruler (I mean I did make the decision to marry her so it is my fault). But this scenario is not about me, oh no. My brother in-law also gets to experience the wrath of Mrs. Deals from time to time and given that he is related by blood you’d think he would have years of training.

So just the other day, my brother in-law was excited to tell Mrs. Deals that he had cashed out some Chase Freedom points for a check to put some cash in his pocket. As I listened to the story, I thought to myself, ‘hmm that sounds pretty good.’ But as expected (not really, we had no idea how’d she react), the dictator wasn’t happy with the outcome and immediately was hounding my brother in-law to call and try to cancel the transaction. While she listened, he called customer service but what he did is something I rarely (never) do in these situations, he authorized Mrs. Deals to take over the call. This is something I won’t forget as I will likely try to employ this tactic next time I mess up a transaction (oh and this will absolutely happen, I have no doubts).

Anyway, when all was said and done the time had passed and the frustration of the dictator blew over. But of course, Mrs. Deals made sure that any future transactions were approved by her in advance. My brother-in-law thought he was doing good by making the decision on his own, boy was he wrong. Luckily I was a spectator for this event, but I’m sure next time I will be the one in trouble.

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  1. Methinks you should have a calm talk with MrsDeals with her best-use-of-points before it gets completely out of hand. Coming from someone who is a miles-junkie, I still contend that a redemption that makes one happy is one that is a potentially good redemption, even if it’s not always the best ‘use’ of miles. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Haha, my two brothers-in-law (not related by blood) know that they have to consult me before doing anything with their miles & points… I hope that Mrs. Deals succeeded in canceling the transaction, so her brother can later take advantage of one of the best features of UR points – free transfers among family and friends! I am on Mrs. Deals’ side… Sorry, Mr. Deals!

  3. Hey…this Mr. Deals and Mrs Deals stuff is getting to be a bit boring. Maybe it is time to cut the lame comedy track. Any body else here feels the same ?

  4. @dc – you have no idea 🙂

    @BOShappyflyer – YES! I agree with you. Finally, someone who understands.

    @Jimmy – She couldn’t cancel the transaction. Lesson learned (don’t tell Mrs. Deals about any redemption in the future)

    @Wildtrail – That’s unfortunate you don’t like my Sunday banter. Open to suggestions on what you’d like to hear about…

  5. @IPBrian – Glad you enjoy. And yes, point usage definitely is subjective. For me is subjective to how Mrs. Deals feels about it.

    @Ko – will do!

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