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I posted a few months ago how the company Track It Back went out of business. They were these little stickers/ID tags that would track your luggage, electronics, personal items, etc. if they were lost. Many people purchased these stickers during a variety of promotion.

So since though the company packed up lock stock and barrel without any notification, these stickers will provide you no value! Luckily though, another similar company called posted a comment on Deals We Like saying they will to replace your Track It Back stickers for their ID Stickers. In my opinion, this is extremely nice that they are offering such a service, but it is also a smart way to get more customers and their name out.

So if you want to trade in your Track It Back sticker, email with the subject line – “TrackitBack Exchange for more information about the exchange.” You will have to pay shipping and handing, which I can’t imagine is too much.

How does ID Stickers work?

  1. Owners register their IDsticker and place it on their property
  2. Someone finds your item and contacts IDsticker by phone or on the website
  3. Our IDsticker agents facilitate recovery of the property quickly and safely
  4. Your property is returned and the finder is rewarded with $125 worth of IDstickers

Thank you ID Stickers!

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  1. A company like Track It Back that gave out so many miles per dollar was run by idiots and deserved to go out of business.

  2. Thanks for the info. I was wondering if there was another service like this out there. Also wondering what would replace track it back.

  3. Another alternative to Track It Back is FoundIt!.

    FoundIt! is a simple solution to getting back your lost items that is based an academic research. You get an instant text and email alert when your item has been found, and you are in control of how you want to get your stuff back. Your information is safe with FoundIt!.

    It’s about $1.50-$2 a month and you can get 30% off when you enter in the code FLYER.

  4. Will they offer a similar service for those like myself who ordered Track It Back and never even received the stickers?

  5. Shipping is $3.99 for up to 10 stickers and they will replace your stickers, or add $5 per sticker and they upgrade your stickers to platnum which includes shipping costs to return lost items.

    Also, you can return the stickers via mail, or email a photo of your old stickers and pay via paypal.

    Hope this company stays in business!

  6. I did some work for the owner of track it back and I can safely say he has a great family but he was the equivalent of a used car sales CROOK. And it does not suprise me he failed! CARMA HMMM?

  7. The concept of it is kind of silly anyway. A sticker with an alternate phone or your name and address is just as useful and free. At least the 1,600,000 US miles I got are still around.

  8. I used this exchange and it made me feel much better about getting ripped off by trackitback. IDsticker no longer exchanges them 1:1, as they were apparently getting people asking to replace large numbers of trackitback stickers. instead they gave me a promo code for 75% off my order. I replaced my five trackitback stickers with a six pack for less than $7 and they included a complimentary key tag. very nice touch.
    TravelerMSY – the reason i prefer to use these types of stickers is 1) they look a lot nicer than anything I can produce, 2) they advertise a reward, 3) I don’t have to pay the reward – they do, 4) I don’t have to deal with the finder – especially if it is my keys they find. I’d rather the finder not know who I am, just in case they have bad intentions.

  9. I used TrackItBack too, and it is not a silly idea at all. I had my expensive cell phone returned to me and it was well worth it. The benefit of using a service like this is that you don’t have to give out your personal information to strangers who may have less than honorable intentions. I wasn’t aware they had gone out of business, but now that I know I plan to switch to one of these other services.

  10. I used Trackitback as well in the past, now that they went out of business i switched to Returnmoi ( , they have some good products and been around for 6 years. I dont think idstickers is in business anymore, no one picks up their phone or answers their emails 🙁

  11. I bought my Track It Back sticker from Zellers between 2008 & 2011. Will it still be valid should I lose my phone?

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