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Another post by Mr. Deals Mr. Deals’ Dad! Yes that is right. Mr. Deals has taken a break this weekend and his dad is stepping in! This should be interesting…

(You might want to listen to a standard 4 bar blues riff while reading this)

So a month or so ago Mrs. Deals was all over the special “mystery” coupon codes from Jet Blue.   Yeah I got one, and when Mrs. Deals Mother-in-Law and I looked at our schedules for the next several weeks we realized that current life priorities, for better or worse, kept us from making any plans that would allow us to take advantage of the code.   To make matters worse it was one of those coveted (by Mrs. Deals) 10 digit codes.

So Mr. and Mrs. Deals are in town for the holidays (Happy New Year to those of you who celebrate) and when Mrs. Deals found out I did not even check out how much the code was worth, well you got it, I got “yelled” at, just like she does to my poor son Mr. Deals when he uses the wrong credit card by mistake.  It doesn’t end there, it get’s worse.   As we prepared to go out to a restaurant, as we were treating them to dinner, Mrs. Deals Mother-in-Law asked if I had the ATM card to pay for dinner.

I thought I was going to need to get out the defibrillator for Mrs. Deals or be ready to catch her from collapsing on the floor.   Quickly I responded, don’t worry I have my credit cards.  She caught her breath and we had a nice dinner although the topic of the 10 digit code kept creeping back into the conversation no matter how I tried to change the topic.  Then the bill comes.   No one else reached for it, but when I put down my Marriott Rewards card, guess what.

Ehhhhh.  Wrong card.   Was I going to get yelled at again?   I only had 2 other cards in my wallet.   I know Mrs. Deals I am supposed to carry 20 or 30, but my pockets are only so large.   As it turns out according to Mrs Deals the Marriott card was the best choice of what I was carrying, though she was not thrilled.   So what is the point of all this.

If you are going out with someone you know is Mrs. Deals or is cut from the same mold, call the restaurant ahead of time and put down a deposit so she/he does not know how you paid.   Even better they might think you got the meal for free though I have learned that sometimes Mrs. Deals does not always like free because you can’t earn points.  Just be careful.   And check the value of your coupons whether you intend to use them or not.  If they are worth something call Mrs. Deals immediately, she will figure something out. I would like to say I guarantee it, but I won’t.

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